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Brick Pizza Ovens from Portugal

Brick pizza oven on a backyard patio

Create an amazing sanctuary with a brick oven

Sip a glass of wine and laugh with friends as you cook dinner in a traditional brick wood-fired oven that is as much a work of art as the cuisine you are cooking.

There are thousands of these handmade wood-fired ovens in Europe and many more showcased in homes and restaurants in the USA. The brick oven for pizza is as common in Portugal as our BBQ grill.  Our goal is to introduce our American friends to these authentic backyard pizza ovens and the world of wood-fired cooking!

You've heard the phrase “often imitated, never duplicated” before and it has never been truer than with our brick ovens from Portugal.  These outdoor brick ovens are 100% handmade and hold the original patent for their dome-shape.  Don’t be fooled by imitations that claim to be “improved” or “upgraded.”

The oven makers at Impexfire in Northern Portugal have been making the best wood-fired pizza ovens by hand for generations, and the love, care, and skill is evident in their craftsmanship.  Watch this video on how the Portuguese Brick Pizza Oven is masterfully built.



Which oven is right for you?

To sum up our Authentic Brick Ovens collection below, they are all hand-crafted by the same craftsmen.  They are all perfect for cooking pizzas, meats, vegetables, bread, etc so their main difference is simply their style and appearance.

The taller ovens (ie, Lisboa, Famosi, Ventura):

(1) Higher dome - more room for cooking taller or larger items like turkeys
(2) Dutch door so you can open half or all of it - great for the rotisserie or for partial open-door cooking 
(3) Slightly smaller width door opening but the door is taller – some people like that for its ambiance to watch the fire burning
(4) Rotisserie-capable for cooking chicken or meat on a spit - can add optional manual rotisserie

The wider ovens (ie, Pizzaioli, Brazza, Buena Ventura):

(1) Wider dome - more room for cooking wider items like a rack of lamb
(2) Door opens down - customers like that it is more out of the way when cooking
(3) Slightly lower height door opening but the door is wider – some people like a wider door so they can put in larger dishes
(4) Most authentic look - some people like the traditional lower dome style

Traditional vs Premium - the traditional brick ovens have a STAINLESS STEEL chimney flue system and an IRON door. The premium ovens have an upgraded high-quality ALUMINUM chimney flue system and a black NON-RUST ALUMINUM door showcasing a high-heat window pane.

We recommend treating the traditional oven components with high-heat rust protectant if using in a humid location.  Otherwise, going with a Premium oven is suggested.

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What should you do now?

Look through our fabulous collection of traditional Portuguese outdoor brick pizza ovens below while you imagine sitting in your own backyard, baking authentic dishes in your beautiful, traditional pizza oven from Portugal!

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