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Pizzaioli Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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  • BONUS #1 - Pizza Oven Recipe eBook
  • BONUS #2 - Artisan Pizza Making Online Course
  • BONUS #3 - Box of Premier Cooking Wood
  • Cook 2 pizzas at once!
  • Includes Ceramic Baking Dish
  • Ships in 6-8 Weeks


Pizzaioli Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The flickering light of fire plays over your patio stone and the smell of a sweet fruit cobbler wafts through the summer air while you sip a glass of wine. No, this isn’t a dream - it can happen in your own backyard with the Traditional Pizzaioli Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven.  

Important Note: The Pizzaioli Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven is currently on backorder with additional ovens en route from Portugal. The next container carrying these beautiful ovens is scheduled to arrive in port in 6 - 8 weeks. This is an approximate date and may change. These ovens will be sold out well before their arrival in port so it is highly recommended that, if you are interested in purchasing one of these ovens, your order be placed very soon in order to be guaranteed an oven from this upcoming container.

Those orders placed after this container has sold out will be reserved an oven from the next container scheduled to arrive. We greatly appreciate your business as well as your patience.  Thank you!

Create a gathering place for delicious food, great conversation, and lasting memories when you add a brick oven to your backyard living space.


You will get decades of craftsmanship in this beautiful Portuguese handmade oven.  You can heat it up in 45 minutes to an hour giving you enough time to drink a glass of wine while you prepare your food.  Then, the Pizzaioli will hold the heat for many hours while you can cook many different kinds of food (don’t be fooled by the name - it isn’t just for pizza).


PREMIUM:  Upgraded Pizzaioli oven with a black NON-RUST ALUMINUM door showcasing a high-heat window pane allowing you to watch your food cook to perfection. You don't need to worry about rust with the upgraded high-quality ALUMINUM chimney flue system.  

RUSTIC:  The gorgeous new rustic Pizzaioli is bigger than the traditional Pizzaioli weighing in at close to 1850lbs.  The outside of the oven is 43"W x 43"D with a cooking space of 33"W x 29"D.

The patented design for all the Pizzaiolis combines 100% clay, refractory cement, and ROCKWOOL insulation to hold heat for up hours. This heat retention will allow you to use low temperature wood-fired cooking for many meats, including turkeys, chickens, and roasts.

This video showcases how the Pizzaioli Brick Oven is masterfully handmade by skilled craftsmen. (The video shows the Lisboa Mediterranean design front but the patented construction is the same for the Pizzaioli.)

This outdoor wood burning pizza oven cooks up to two 12" pizza pies in 90 seconds! Get the authentic taste and authentic cooking methods when you make a brick oven a part of your outdoor kitchen.

For a limited time, when you order the Pizzaioli Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven, you'll also get a FREE Clay Roasting Pan!  You can cook chicken, beef, fish, veggies, bread and so much more using this terracotta dish in your wood burning oven.

All our oven REQUIRE "all-weather" protection from rain, snow, sleet, fallen leaves and protection from the harsh elements when not in use. If you don't have a cover, you can purchase one of our brick pizza oven covers that will fit snugly over your brick oven and secures with a pull tie.  You are investing in a beautiful oven that is meant to last for a very long time, so please take care of it 

The base of the oven may appear to have some chips when you first receive it but do not worry because it is perfectly normal. It is not damaged. The base is designed to protect the oven itself especially while in transit. The chips can easily be painted using the Ultrafire Repair Kit once the oven has been placed in position and it will look good as new!

Pizzaioli Benefits

The Pizzaioli handmade brick oven comes straight from Lisbon, Portugal and is our number one traditional outdoor kitchen pizza oven choice!  

Included for FREE with your Pizzaioli:

  • Thermometer (0-932°F) - know when your oven is the right temperature for cooking your authentic pizzas
  • Ultrafire Patch Kit -  Your oven will be delivered with a special Ultrafire product patch kit to address superficial cracks that may develop. However, all of the ovens by Authentic Pizza Ovens are 100% insulated with ROCKWOOL and cracking will not affect your oven.

Pizzaioli Wood Fired Oven Features Include:

  • The door of the Pizzaioli opens down making it easier to put food into and take out of the oven. 
  • The oven is triple insulated which means the outside of the oven is cool to the touch while the inside is blazing hot!
  • 6” long spout with flu/damper - a 39" chimney with rain cap can be easily added to move smoke away from you and protect oven from rain.
  • Built on its own 3.15-inch concrete base - this means you only need to build 2 strong brick walls (or concrete) with each 6 inches wide, as a base for this oven.
  • The oven’s exterior may be painted or tiled to match your specific color and/or design needs.
  • The patented dome shape of the Pizzaioli creates intense yet non-damaging heat which is perfect for pizzas, bread, roasts, cooked dishes, grills, and others.
  • Can be used outdoor and indoor (with proper ventilation) - can be built-in or standalone
  • Dome and floor are completely built in refractory bricks
  • Can be built-in, painted, or tiled - simply cure first and use "high heat" products
  • Retains heat, with the door closed, more than 3 hours
  • Keeps its superb appearance even after many years of use
  • To simplify oven's shipping and prevent damages, the Pizzaioli oven is delivered with a wood frame protection
  • Oven uses approx. 5-6 lbs of wood per hour depending upon moisture and wood type. Aromatic hardwoods are recommended (pecan, walnut, apple, mesquite).

The lower dome of this outdoor pizza oven assures more direct heat reflection to the oven floor and the wider mouth of the Pizzaioli makes it ideal for your larger pizzas.

Don't delay - scroll back and click "add to cart" today before they sell out again! 


Pizzaioli Measurements:

  • External dimensions: width: 39in    depth: 39″   height 25″ (Rustic is 43"W x 43"D)
  • Internal dimensions: width: 28-32″   depth: 28-33″   interior height: 15″
  • Chimney outlet diameter: 5.5″ W
  • Oven door: width: 19.7″ width x 10.6″height
  • Weight: 995lbs (Traditional), 1500lbs (Stone), 1850lbs (Rustic)

Add-on Chimney and Cap:  

  • Measures 39.4” long x 5.5" wide

These unique ovens are hand-made so measurements are not exact.

Cook up to two 12" pizza pies in 90 seconds with this wood fired pizza oven!

  • Not only can the patented dome-shaped pizza oven bake delicious pizza and breads, it can also be used for cooking steak, fish, roasts, stews, and vegetables. 
  • All Authentic Pizza Ovens brick ovens are made with steel eyelets in each corner for hoisting into place. These can be easily cut off after it's put into position.

Pizzaioli Pizza Oven - How to Setup Your Brick Oven This quick FAQ will show you how to setup your Pizzaioli brick oven.


Authentic Pizza Ovens - Unique and Authentic!


Authentic Pizza Ovens is an importer of exceptional quality Traditional and Modern wood-fired ovens and warrants its ovens to be free from major defects in materials and craftsmanship on the structural components for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase.

Read Authentic Pizza Ovens Full Warranty Here

Authentic Pizza Ovens Authorized Dealer

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Todd G.

The oven itself is a piece of art. Being able to incorporate this into our cooking is like learning to walk. Going anywhere is possible. The staff are probably the best customer service team I have dealt with. Quick and informative responses to all my requests. You cannot ask for more. All I can say is just keep it up and you will be the best pizza oven go to place…period!

What a marvelous review Todd! What an absolute pleasure it truly is to read reviews like these from our customers! We are honored to work with such wonderful people and to be able to provide them with products like the Pizzaioli PREMIUM Brick Pizza Oven with Stone Finish. We stand behind every product on our site and strive to provide only the best for the best! And we hope to carry that through to our customer service. We're a small family here at Patio and Pizza, and aim to treat each and every one of you like our family too! We would LOVE to see some photos of you and your oven Todd! Please feel free to come back to this review and upload some, or share them with us on social media! You can find us @patioandpizza on both Facebook and Instagram. Seeing the delicious meals our family is making with these products is one of the best parts of the job! :-)

Brian P.
The Real Deal

Love the product! Arrived in perfect condition & it’s cooking as I had hoped. It’s a great addition to our backyard.

Wow Brian! Thank you so much for this fantastic review! Your Pizzaioli Rustic Arch Brick Pizza Oven looks BEAUTIFUL! We absolutely love it when our customers share photos of their ovens once they arrive! We would love to see some of the delicious meals you make in that in the future! Feel free to tag us (@patioandpizza on Facebook/Instagram) if you share any photos of your delicious food! Remember, we're always happy to help and are here if you ever need any assistance! We look forward to serving you for all your pizza oven needs!

Salvatore C.

This was the best thing I have purchased. The oven was exactly as advertised and beyond my expectations.

Thank you so much for this fabulous review Salvatore! We love hearing your Pizzaioli Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven goes above and beyond your expectations! And what a wonderful set-up you have!! We always appreciate when our customers leave photos with their reviews!! Remember, if you ever have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us! Our customer service team is always here to help!!

Keith B.
Excellent product and sevice

I purchased the Pizzioli authentic brick oven and couldn't be happier with my purchase. The oven is outstanding and so were the pizzas that we have made so far. Excellent product with great customer service!

Woo! Thank you so much for your wonderful 5 star review and photos Keith! We're delighted to know you're enjoying your Pizzaioli PREMIUM Brick Pizza Oven with Stone Arch! Make sure you tag us (@patioandpizza) in any content you share on Facebook/Instagram so we can stay updated with all your pizza oven goodness! And remember, we're always here to assist in any questions or concerns that may ever arise!

Robert M.
Pizzaioli Brick Oven is Awesome

From the order to fast shipping to great customer service to installation and enjoying our first pizza everything was simply easy and enjoyable for us. Highly recommend Patio & Pizza.

Wow! What a gorgeous setup! Thank you very much for the lovely pictures Robert; your Pizzaioli Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven looks absolutely beautiful! We work hard to provide our customers with the best experience possible but seeing pictures like this, really bring it full circle! Thank you!

Jeanne K.
Love it !

Oven was delivered very fast in perfect condition . It took some work to get it in place but worth it . My husband built this beautiful place for it and we are up and running 👍today we are smoking a pork roast ... smells amazing 😋

Jeanne! Wow! Your husband did a great job of installing your Pizzaioli Premium Brick Pizza Oven - thank you for the wonderfully detailed review and for the beautiful picture! Our Pizza ovens are not just for pizza (although the pizza is delicious also) - there are so many other dishes which can be whipped up in record time and we are sure your roast was marvelous!

lawrence m.
Wood burning Pizza Oven

We love the oven, easy to use and set up!!
High reconvened their products. Professionally built, high-quality products.

Thank you Lawrence! We are happy that you are loving your pizza oven. We would love to see pictures of it! :)

The Portuguese brick ovens we carry are hand-made in Lisbon, Portugal by brick-oven makers who have been perfecting their skills for generations. 

Watch how these incredible brick oven pizza ovens are masterfully built.  This full-length video shows exactly what goes into building these beautiful and authentic hand-crafted wood fired ovens from Authentic Pizza Ovens.

As shown in the video, after the cement base is poured, the floor is covered with natural yellow sand and terracotta tiles.

Brick Oven Terracotta Tiles

Next, the dome is built from natural kiln-fired rounded clay bricks. The dome shape is perfectly designed and insulated with rock wool for longer heat retention and reduced exterior temperatures (you can touch outside even when the fire is raging inside).  

Portuguese brick oven

Wire and high-quality refractory cement is smoothed over the rock wool and painted for a beautiful pizza oven. While these ovens are beautiful as is, you can easily enhance these brick pizza ovens to match your style by applying tiles, stucco, stone veneer, brick, or paint to them.

Pizzaioli brick pizza oven

Here's another short video from the factory showing a Lisboa oven being built: 


It's time for you to have your own authentic pizza oven like one of our favorite customers below! 

Cooking Foccacia in brick pizza oven

You can't go wrong when you choose one of the gorgeous oven styles from our collection of brick ovens.

Brick Pizza Ovens

Take a closer look at our full collection of brick wood fired pizza ovens!

What Makes Us The Best?  

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1. Better Business Bureau Approval - the BBB has accredited us with their seal of approval as an honest, trustworthy, and outstanding member of the community.

2. First Class Customer Service - We're here for you by phone, email, or chat! (see how other customers review us here)

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5. Post-Purchase Support & Warranty Assistance - Did you know some vendors send you to the manufacturer for after purchase support?  Not us.  You won't need to call the manufacturer because we will assist you with any after purchase questions.

6. Bundled Products That Save You $$$ - We know what you need so we created bundles to help you save your hard-earned money.

7. Appreciation Discounts for Military, First responders, Doctors & Nurses - We take care of you because you take care of us! Learn More!

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10. Norton Shopping Guarantee - For your peace of mind, the Norton Shopping Guarantee seal indicates that our identity, reputation, experience, financial stability, and ability to honor our sales terms have been verified. We are monitored daily assuring you a safe online shopping experience.  Plus, if our price drops within 30 days after you order, you can receive up to $100 back on the price difference!  

Norton Shopping Guarantee on all pizza ovens

What are you waiting for?  If you still don't feel confident ordering from us, contact us or give us a call at 888-671-2342 and let's talk through your concerns!  

We help homeowners who love entertaining create the perfect space focusing on friends, food, and fire! 

Patio & Pizza National Associations          

  • Would I be able to contro the temperature well enough to bake bread without burning it? How does the delivery work. Do you take the oven around the house to the backyard and set it up? What kind od access do you need? Thanks

    Yes, the Pizzaioli brick oven holds heat very well so once you reach the desired temperature, you can bake bread to perfection.  It does take some practice and experimentation when first starting out but we have many customers who bake bread in their oven.  The best way to determine the temperature is with an infrared thermometer.

    Regarding shipping, the oven will be delivered in a crate via Freight delivery with curbside lift-gate service. That means the delivery driver will take the oven off the truck and put it in your driveway.  They won't be able to move it to your backyard.  Most customers use either an engine hoist or have a contractor use a forklift to move the oven to its base.  You can read even more about our shipping policies here.  Let us know if we can assist further!

  • What tools do I need for my wood fire pizza oven?

    You will need a pizza peel to put your pizza pie in the oven, turn the pizza while in the oven, and pull out your scrumptious pizza when it's done. Next, we recommend a good infrared thermometer to measure the heat in your oven when cooking, an oven brush for brushing away the ashes, and an ash shovel to remove the ash after cooking. We have a great selection of pizza oven tools available here: https://www.patioandpizza.com/collections/pizza-oven-accessories.

  • What's the floor size of the brick ovens from Authentic Pizza Ovens?

    There is 5" from the bottom of the oven to the floor base. The base filled with Rockwood insulation is approximately 2.5" so the bricks are around 2.5" thick as well.

  • Will there be problems with Pizzaioli oven in winter?

    We have customers that have this oven in snow without any issues. We recommend covering when not in use.  

  • What's the heating time of stainless steel and brick ovens?

    Stainless steel pizza ovens will heat faster but they won't stay hot as long. Brick ovens take longer to completely heat but the heat will be retained in the oven for much longer cooking times.  

  • Do you sell anything to fill in the cracks on my oven?

    Yes!  We sell the Ultra Fire kit that ships with our Authentic Pizza Brick Ovens.  The Ultra Fire pizza oven repair solution can be used to fill any cracks. Click here to go the Ultra Fire Kit Product Page

  • Is the Pizzaioli oven suitable for a small commercial kitchen?

    Yes, it is suitable for a commercial kitchen. It is a great oven and keeps warm for many hours even after cooking.  

  • What are the features of PIZZAIOLI and BRAZZA ovens?

    These ovens are exactly the same with just a different face. The Pizzaioli has a traditional terracotta brick face and iron zinc plated door while the Brazza has a black/dark brown cast stone face with a black door to match.  

  • What would be required to install this oven indoors.

    Every indoor pizza oven installation will be different depending on your residence structure and your geographical location so make sure that your installation complies with your local building codes. The first step when considering purchasing an indoor pizza oven is to determine if there are any certifications needed for the pizza oven. Unfortunately, none of the Authentic Pizza Ovens (the brand) are certified for indoor use, therefore they can not be installed indoors.

  • What is the weight of the Pizzaioli Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven?

    995lbs (Traditional), 1500lbs (Stone), 1850lbs (Rustic)

  • My question is about delivery. I'm interested in the Pizzaioli Brick Wood Fired Pizza Ove. It weighs about 1500 lbs. Is the oven dropped off at my front door and it will be up to me to get it in the back yard on the table I built. Or will the crew that delivered it move it all the way to the backyard? Thank you, Dan, California

    When purchasing an oven from us, you get free lift-gate service included with your delivery. This means the carrier service will get the oven off the truck for you and will typically place it in a driveway or garage. It depends on the layout of your home and the driver of the carrier service on where exactly they will unload the oven. The carrier service will not place your oven on the table you built for it though. This will be up to you. In order to help you with this, we have a blog post about moving your oven to the base. This will be extremely useful information in this situation since the oven in the blog will be delivered exactly like the oven you see in the blog post. You can find the post here.

  • Hello, I am interested in the Pizzaioli oven. Wondering if I can use gas and wood?. Can it come with a rotating roaster pre build Inside ? Thx

    Thank you for your interest in our products! Our Pizzaioli ovens are all wood burning only. They cannot be converted to gas and, because they are handmade cannot be customized to include a rotating roaster. However, our Lisboa and Famosi wood burning ovens are designed so that a Spit/Rotisserie can be used with them.

  • Where is your choice of colors for the ovens. Do you have examples to look at?

    The Pizzaioli Brick Pizza Oven comes with the traditional white dome, a stone covered dome, or a brick covered dome.  For the traditional white dome, you can paint or tile the dome to the color of your choice. Here is a link to all the authentic brick ovens so you can see many different styles: https://www.patioandpizza.com/collections/brick-pizza-ovens-authentic

  • Do you deliver to the UK and wat are the prices for the pizza ovens

    Unfortunately, we only deliver to US. Thanks for the interest!

  • My oven has lots of cracks from curing it. When using the repair kit I understand it needs to be Hot. Do I repair it when the fire burns out or do I do so with a fire lit? Also when cooking a pizza what temperature do I need to get the oven to? Thank you!

    There is a great video on here for using the Ultrafire Brick Oven Repair Kit.  You just want to make sure the oven dome is hot.
    Also, Click here for the blog post on Pizza Oven Temperatures to use when cooking.  We typically cook our pizzas at around 700F - 800F.  Cooking at a higher temperature for quick pizzas is great for commercial use but, for residential cooking, it often leads to burnt pizzas unless you are watching and turning your pizzas quickly.  Experimenting is a great way to find what works best in your oven! 

  • Hello. I purchased the Lesboa from you all and and on my last day of curing it. Im loving it so far .When ready to cook pizzas what temperature do I need to get it too?

    Excellent question!  Here's a great blog post on Pizza Oven Temperatures to use when cooking.  We typically cook our pizzas at around 700F - 800F.  Cooking at a higher temperature for quick pizzas is great for commercial use but, for residential cooking, it often leads to burnt pizzas unless you are watching and turning your pizzas quickly.  Experimenting is a great way to find what works best in your oven!  Happy cooking!

  • Hello! I purchased a pizza oven last month and now need to buy wood. What kind of wood do I need to purchase? Thank you!

    That's a great question!  We wrote a blog post that talks about the type of wood to use in your wood-fired oven as well as some resources for finding the right wood.  You can read the "Wood for Pizza Oven" blog post here.

  • Does the oven come with a pre drilled whole for a thermostat? Also if i purchase your cover , is it a heavy duty cover because the winds where i live are very strong and always ripping up every cover i buy? What carrier do you use for the shipping and would they be able to drop off in my backyard rather then leaving it up front until I get my contractor to set it up for me?

    Yes, the Pizzaioli Brick Oven comes with a thermometer and there is a hole pre-drilled for that thermometer.  The custom cover that is made for these ovens are nylon.  Our customers that use the cover in all areas of the US tell us they work fine but you may need something super think if all of your other covers are tearing.   These brick ovens must ship via Freight so we use multiple freight carriers (ie, SAIA, RoadRunner, Estes) depending on where the oven is shipped.  We pay for shipping and curbside lift-gate service which means the delivery driver will take the oven off the truck and put it in your driveway (or close).  The delivery drivers do not have any method for moving the oven to your backyard so you'd need to work with your contractor to move the oven to the backyard and on its base.  The freight company will call you before delivering so you can schedule for a time when your contractor is available.  Let us know if you need any additional information!

  • How does this come shipped and what is the weight on this oven

    The Pizzaioli Brick Oven weighs around 995lbs.  The oven is shipped packed in a crate on a pallet so most customers use one of the following methods:
    1.  Move the entire crate using a forklift and then once opened, move the oven into place with either the forklift or engine hoist.  2.  Open the crate and move the oven with an engine hoist (attaching chains to the 4 eyelets on the corners of the oven).  3.  Open the crate and move the oven with a crane (attaching chains to the 4 eyelets on the corners of the oven) - believe it or not, in some areas you can get this done for under $200. 

    As we don't know the local contractors in your area, I'd recommend either asking the contractor doing your backyard work if they can provide one of the options mentioned above or checking on Angie's List to find a reliable local contractor.

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