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Lisboa PREMIUM Brick Pizza Oven with Stone Finish


Quick Specs

🔥 Fuel Type:  Wood

🍕 Capacity:  (2) 12-inch Pizzas At A Time!

📦 Weight: 1600lbs

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Transport to Portugal with the Stone Lisboa Pizza Oven

Lisboa. The name itself rolls off the tongue, and it’s befitting of a rolling, ornate city with a rich history and a storied contribution to the world of cooking. Nestled on the coast in lush Portugal, Lisbon was the artisan inspiration for this beautiful, handmade, brick oven.

What makes the Lisboa with stone finish so great?

Handcrafted artisan design

Expertly crafted in a village near Rio Maior, just north of Lisbon, this outdoor brick pizza oven combines rustic charm with jaw-dropping efficiency. You’ll fall in love with the way this cooks delicious pizza at unparalleled speeds, all without sacrificing its historical styling and traditional construction.

If you want a classic pizza oven for your backyard, the Lisboa is the right choice for you. Unparalleled insulation for heat retention

The brick dome of the Lisboa outdoor pizza oven is faithful to tradition; covered with an intriguing mixture of unique masonry shapes and fitted with a sturdy, yet stylish, stone door face. The Lisboa’s four layers of brick and insulation give it a unique appearance you won’t find anywhere else.

Brick pizza oven handmade

Brick oven rotisserie

 Cooking versatility

The Lisboa oven is surprisingly versatile, too. Equipped with a Dutch door, this oven has the capability of spit-fire rotisserie roasting of much more than pizza. Your imagination is the limit; we’ve seen delectable dishes that range from roasted chicken and turkey to vegetables, barbecue-inspired recipes, and so much more.

Superior craftsmanship

The Lisboa’s deep black, rust-resistant, and durable aluminum door is fitted with a heat-resistant window pane that gives you a front-row seat to the culinary magic that happens inside. You can watch your food roast to delicious perfection without opening the door; though we will advise you that staring at cooking food while hungry can drive you insane!

The flue chimney system on the Lisboa was designed to safely carry smoke out of the oven and up into the air, all while looking great at the same time. The aesthetic cues of the aluminum chimney were taken from classic Portuguese ovens, and that influence shows in this oven’s stellar looks and amazing cooking potential. It’s this world-class functionality and beautiful creative flourish that make the Lisboa one of our most popular ovens by far. 

The Lisboa Oven’s features

  • Dome and floor are completely built with heat-resistant, durable refractory bricks to guarantee a long-lasting oven and perfectly cooked food.
  • The dome’s interior is triple-insulated, keeping your fire’s heat contained within the oven. The outside of the dome is covered with refractory cement and 100% natural clay decorated with eye-catching stones that both look great and keep your oven hot.
  • The Lisboa can reach temperatures of up to 1000 degrees, making it perfectly suited to countless dishes. The Lisboa can handle pizza at 700 degrees, pies at 300, and beautiful chars at 900.
  • Built with its own 3.15-inch concrete base so you only need to build two strong brick or concrete walls (each minimum of 6 inches wide), to hold the Lisboa oven.

What’s included?

  • Celsius Thermometer (0-500°C) - This Celsius thermometer was designed for overall measurements of your oven’s temperatures, giving you peace of mind by ensuring your oven has reached the optimum temperature for any dish you want to cook inside of it.
  • Terracotta Baking DishCapable of far more than just pizza, the Lisboa includes a durable and heat-distributing terracotta dish suited to roasting and baking of just about anything that you can imagine.
  • Rotisserie-ready - The Lisboa has a small divot in the back of the oven, making rotisserie cooking as simple as placing the skewer in the oven.

Brick Oven Cooking

Lisboa Oven Measurements:

Note: Since each Lisboa oven is made by hand, the measurements of your oven may vary slightly. However, these measurements are highly accurate to each Lisboa oven and serve as the blueprints for the artisans who make them.

  • External dimensions: 39 inches wide, 39 inches deep, 31 inches tall.
  • Internal dimensions: 29-31 inches wide, 29-31 inches deep, 20 inches tall.
  • Chimney length: 6 inches.
  • Chimney outlet diameter: 5.5 inches.
  • Oven door: 15.5 inches wide, 12.5 inches tall.
  • Weight: 1600 pounds.
Brick pizza oven from Portugal with stone finish
Dimensions for the brick oven Lisboa with a stone finish

Add-on Chimney and Cap: 

  • Measures 38 inches long by 5.5 inches wide.
  • This chimney is custom made for the Lisboa.
  • This chimney uses the Portuguese standard of 5.5 inches wide rather than the American standard of 6 inches for authenticity and greater function.
  • If you choose to build your own chimney, you will need to find a custom converter to convert between the Portuguese and American sizes.

Lisboa Pizza Oven - How to Setup Your Brick Oven This quick FAQ will show you how to setup your Lisboa brick oven.

Concerned about how to move the brick oven into place?  Read this blog post showing options for moving a heavy oven.


Watch this video to see how the traditional brick ovens are handmade in Portugal.


All our oven REQUIRE "all-weather" protection from rain, snow, sleet, fallen leaves and protection from the harsh elements when not in use. If you don't have a cover, you can purchase one of our brick pizza oven covers that will fit snugly over your brick oven and secures with a pull tie.  You are investing in a beautiful oven that is meant to last for a very long time, so please take care of it. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Peter S.
Love my wood fire oven!

For very long time I wanted an oven like this. I had thought of building one my self but the time and cost to do it my self was to much. After surfing the web for information and locked at what people are doing I came across Patio & Pizza website. They way the oven was made I was sold. I placed my order with them and 10 weeks later it arrived.

I have done the initial seasoning of the oven and we made our first pizzas. AMAZING!

I can’t what for what is to come. Love this oven.

The only reason for not giving 5 stars was for the delivery experience. I know the company doesn’t have anything to do with that, but that’s the part of the experience.

Thank you for taking the time to leave this great review Peter! We truly appreciate it! We love to hear that your Lisboa PREMIUM Brick Pizza Oven Bundle was worth the wait. And it looks like you are whipping up some delicious pizzas with it! Thank you for the fantastic photos! We also want to thank you for your patience as we know the wait times associated with these ovens can seem like forever. Especially with all the new challenges associated with the pandemic.

Remember, we are always here to help and are more than happy to assist you with any and all pizza needs! Don't hesitate to reach out if there is ever anything you need! We look forward to serving you for many years to come. :)

Victoria K.
LOVE my new oven

WOW what a beautiful pizza oven. I was a bit worried about how it would arrive and how to get it in place. BUT it arrived safely, the chimney was crushed in transit but after sending a phot of it it was replaced quickly and without issue. After a week of curing my oven we cooked our first pizzas and they were amazing. Thank you to Patio and Pizza for all of your help.
Still working on the finishing touches.

Wow! What an amazing review Victoria! Your Lisboa PREMIUM Brick Pizza Oven with Stone Finish looks fantastic and it's not even finished yet! You guys did a fantastic job matching that stone finish to the oven!! Thank you so much for this photo! Please remember, if you ever have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out!

Tim M.
Enjoying our new pizza oven.

More than excited to get cooking in our new oven. Understandably the process took a little longer than anticipated due to CoVid. But the customer service department responded promptly to all our inquiries. We have cooked in our oven about five times sin e it late in our season. We have enjoyed each time.

Thank you for the wonderful 5 star review Tim! And thank you for being patient and understanding of the shipping delays. Between Covid and the holiday season, we are working twice as hard to try and keep everything on track. We're excited that you've received your oven and have it up and cooking! We would love to see how you set it up and what you're cooking with it! Have you considered adding photos to your review? You can also tag us (Facebook/Instagram @patioandpizza) in any content you share online. We love to be able to keep up with what our customers are doing and the amazing food they're making!

Robert S.
Great oven

Customer service was great Pam helped in every way. The oven is not only a fun and useful tool to use it is good looking also.

Thank you for the great review Robert! We are happy that you are enjoying your oven. Looks really good!

Loving this oven!

So happy with this purchase. Fires easy, heats fast, stays hot and cooks a mean pizza! Average cook time down to 90 seconds! Can’t wait to try breads and other dishes!

Thank you for the great review and wonderful pictures John! So glad you are loving your Lisboa pizza oven. It's one of our favorite brick ovens as well. Looking forward to seeing how your bread turns out! Let us know if you ever need any assistance!

Marco M.
Florida's home.

Excellent service, great oven, I'm very happy!!

Thank you for the great review Marco! We are happy that you are happy. :)

Excellent customer support

It took me over a year to decide on which pizza oven to purchase. During that time I had numerous questions. Patio & Pizza always responded immediately and treated each of my questions with enthusiasm and with importance. Great company with fantastic customer support.....

Thank you for the wonderful review Gailsey! We are glad to know that you had a wonderful experience with us. Let us know if you need any assistance in the future!


Ask a Question
  • What tools do I need for my wood-fired pizza oven?

    You will need a pizza peel to put your pizza pie in the oven, turn the pizza while in the oven, and pull out your scrumptious pizza when it's done. Next, we recommend a good infrared thermometer to measure the heat in your oven when cooking, an oven brush for brushing away the ashes, and an ash shovel to remove the ash after cooking. We have a great selection of pizza oven tools available here:

  • For the Lisboa, what's the door made of?

    It is made of steel which is a perfect material for heat retention and doesn't create a “dirty” look from repeated use like glass often does.  

  • What's the floor size of the brick ovens from Authentic Pizza Ovens?

    There is 5" from the bottom of the oven to the floor base. The base filled with Rockwood insulation is approximately 2.5" so the bricks are around 2.5" thick as well.  

  • Will there be problems with Lisboa oven in winter?

    We have customers that have this oven in snow without any issues. We recommend covering when not in use.  

  • What's the heating time of stainless steel and brick ovens?

    Stainless steel pizza ovens will heat faster but they won't stay hot as long. Brick ovens take longer to completely heat but the heat will be retained in the oven for much longer cooking times.  

  • Do you sell anything to fill in the cracks on my oven?

    Unfortunately, we do not. The Ultra Fire kit ships with our Authentic Pizza Brick Ovens to fill any future cracks but we don't sell it separately at this time.  

  • What is the difference between the LISBOA and FAMOSI ovens?

    These ovens are exactly the same with just a different face. The Lisboa has a traditional Mediterranean-style face while the Famosi has a unique handmade black brick face. Both of these pizza ovens have cooking areas of 31"w x 31"d x 20"h and have a rotisserie/spitfire option for grilling amazing meats.

  • Does the Lisboa pizza oven from Portugal only come with a stone finish?

    The Lisboa brick pizza oven comes in three different models.  The traditional Lisboa pizza oven has a plain white dome.  The second option is the gorgeous new stone feature which has the oven dome and door face covered with unique stone.  The third option for the Lisboa pizza oven is the new cork insulation layer which comes in three colors (Portuguese brick, Italian yellow, Tuscan black).  For the cork option, the pizza oven dome is sprayed with the cork which creates a 4th layer of insulation as a bonus.

  • What is the difference between the Lisboa and the Pizzaioli brick ovens from Authentic Pizza Ovens?

    The Lisboa and Pizzaioli wood-fired ovens are very similar pizza ovens.   The differences with the Lisboa pizza oven are as follows:   (1) It has a higher dome and taller door – some people like that for it's ambiance to watch the fire burning, (2) It has a dutch door so you can open half or all of it,  (3) It is rotisserie-capable for cooking chicken or meat on a spit - you can purchase the optional rotisserie from us :-), (4) It has a slightly smaller width door opening than the Pizzaioli but the door is taller.  It really just comes down to which style of wood-burning pizza oven you like and whether you may want to use a rotisserie for cooking different meats in your pizza oven.

  • I want to open a new pizza place in Guatemala wo dering I'd yiu can ship out to another countries

    It is usually too expensive to ship outside of the USA.  However, if you give us the address where you'd need the oven shipped, we can get a price for you. Feel free to reach out to us via or give us a call at 888-671-2342 so we can help you further.

  • What type of base should I set it on , what’s the weight

    The weight of the Lisboa Stone Finish Pizza Oven is approximately 1500lbs so you will need a base that can support that weight.  Many customers build their oven bases from cinder blocks or bricks.  If you want to send us an email at, we can provide some documents and pictures that could help you determine the best pizza oven base for you.

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