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Lume Largo PREMIUM Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Quick Specs

🔥 Fuel Type:  Wood

🍕 Capacity:  (2) 12-inch Pizzas At A Time!

📦 Weight: 1200lbs

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NEW PRODUCT! Lume Largo Premium Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Imagine sitting on the porch this summer, sipping brandy, while your meal is infused with amazing smoked flavoring in your new wood-fired oven. The authentic Lume Largo Premium Pizza Oven is 100% hand-made with a patented design in Lisbon, Portugal, and cooks up to two 12" pizza pies in 90 seconds!   

This is a brand new oven in our collection and it is the upgraded version of the Pizzaioli Premium Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven with Stone Arch.

Free Gift! Limited Time Only. $50 Value! Authentic Terracotta Dish is great for cooking chicken, beef, fish, veggies, bread and so much more in your wood-burning oven!

PREMIUM VERSION:  The Lume Largo PREMIUM has a NON-RUST ALUMINUM door and a high-quality ALUMINUM chimney flue.  The Lume Largo pull-down door also has a high-heat window pane allowing you to watch your food cook to perfection.

The Lume Largo Premium Oven was built on a 3.15-inch concrete base so you only need to build 2 strong concrete or brick walls each 6 inches wide, as a base for this brick oven. This base may also sometimes appear to have some chips when you first receive your oven but this is something that you shouldn't worry about because it is perfectly normal. The chips can easily be painted with the Ultrafire Repair Kit once the oven has been placed in position and it will look good as new!

All our ovens REQUIRE "all-weather" protection from rain, snow, sleet, and fallen leaves, and protection from the harsh elements when not in use. If you don't have a cover, you can purchase one of our brick pizza oven covers that will fit snugly over your brick oven and secure with a pull tie.  You are investing in a beautiful oven that is meant to last for a very long time, so please take care of it. 

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Oven Features

The Lume Largo handmade brick oven comes straight from Portugal and is our number one traditional outdoor kitchen pizza oven choice!  

  • The door of the Lume Largo opens down making it easier to put food into and take out of the oven.
  • An upgraded facade with a strong shade of gray smooth cast stone
  • The oven is triple insulated under the stone which means the outside of the oven is cool to the touch while the inside is blazing hot!
  • 6” long spout with flu/damper - a longer chimney with rain cap can be easily added to move smoke away from you and protect the oven from rain
  • The oven’s exterior may be painted or tiled to match your specific color and/or design needs.
  • The patented dome shape of the oven creates intense yet non-damaging heat which is perfect for pizzas, bread, roasts, cooked dishes, grills, and others.
  • Can be used outdoor and indoors (with proper ventilation)
  • Dome and floor are completely built-in refractory bricks
  • Retains heat, with the door closed, more than 3 hours
  • Keeps its superb appearance even after many years of use
  • To simplify the oven's shipping and prevent damage, the Lume Largo oven is delivered with a wood frame protection
  • The oven uses approx. 5-6 lbs of wood per hour depending upon moisture and wood type. Aromatic hardwoods are recommended (pecan, walnut, apple, mesquite).


Not only can the patented dome-shaped pizza oven bake delicious pizza and bread loaves, it can also be used for cooking steak, fish, roasts, stews, and vegetables. 

The design of the Portuguese Brick Oven allows for the entire oven to heat perfectly so there are no cold areas because the bricks radiate heat inside the oven at every possible angle.

The lower dome of this outdoor pizza oven assures more direct heat reflection to the oven floor and the wider mouth of the oven makes it ideal for your larger pizzas.

Lume Largo Premium Pizza Oven Measurements:




  • External: 39" W   x   39" D   x   26″ H
  • Internal: 33″ W   x   33" D   x   15" H
  • Chimney outlet: 5.5″ ø   x   6" H
  • Oven door: 19.7" W   x   10.6" H
  • Weight: 1200 lbs

These ovens are hand-made so the dimensions may vary and are not exact.

Steel Door: Authentic Pizza Ovens never uses a galvanized coating or zinc galvanizing coating on any of their products. The zinc coating is lead-free and has a minimum zinc content of 99%, and represents no health hazard from contact with food of any kind.



All Authentic Pizza Ovens brick ovens are made with steel eyelets in each corner for hoisting into place. These can be easily cut off after it's put into position.

Pizzaioli Pizza Oven - How to Setup Your Brick Oven Quick FAQ on How to Setup Your Brick Oven

Productivity: Cook up to two 12" pizza pies in 60-90 seconds with this wood fired pizza oven!

Your Lume Largo Oven will include:

  • Thermometer (0-932°F) - know when your oven is the right temperature for cooking your authentic pizzas
  • Authentic Clay Roasting Ceramic Dish - perfect for baking!
  • Ultrafire Patch Kit - all of the ovens by Authentic Pizza Ovens are 100% insulated with ROCKWOOL and cracking will not affect your oven. Your oven will be delivered with a special Ultrafire product patch kit to address superficial cracks that may develop. However, it is normal for authentic handmade ovens to crack, and is considered seasoned and most desired in Europe! Cracks do NOT affect the function of the oven and your pizzas will still be marvelous!

Other Accessories We Recommend:

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Watch this video on how this Brick Oven is masterfully built (the video shows the Mediterranean design front but the patented construction is the same for the Lume Largo)

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