DIY Outdoor Living Kits

Outdoor Living Kits for a DIY Kitchen

Save time and money building your outdoor entertaining area!


If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves to cook and entertain, DIY Outdoor Kitchen Kits are a great way to build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.  These kitchen and fireplace kits allow you to create an entertaining space in days rather than weeks!

The Necessories DIY Outdoor Kits come with precut blocks and granite or limestone countertops which make it easier and less expensive if you don't have the tools (or knowledge) to cut your own materials or know how to build in the sink, drawers, and storage space.

The Round Grove fireplace and pizza oven masonry kits are prefabricated so you can finish it when it is delivered.  Rather than spending months building a pizza oven or fireplace, you can have a completely manufactured ready-to-finish combo delivered and setup in a day.  Then, finish with the material of choice.  Fire up the fireplace and brick oven in days rather than months! 

Outdoor Kitchen Kits, Prefab Outdoor Bar Kits, DIY BBQ Islands, and Outdoor Fireplace Kits can be built quickly and easily in an afternoon or less. From the Outdoor Kitchen Island Kits to Outdoor Stone Bar Kits, the outdoor living kits are functional and unique additions to your outdoor entertaining area.  

Take 60 seconds to watch how this Round Grove fireplace with pizza oven is delivered and setup.

Watch this time-lapse video to see how quickly and easily the Grand Island Bar Corner Section can be installed.  At less than 1.5 hours, it's the perfect morning project!

This video shows how easy it is to build the Rockwood Necessories Grand Waterfall Kit in under an hour and 15 minutes!  Enjoy relaxing outside with the sound of the tranquil water flowing beside you.

Helpful Outdoor Living Kit Links

Building the Necessories DIY Island Kit

Building With A Fireplace Kit


See the full collection of DIY Outdoor Living Kits below to create your own outdoor paradise!

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