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One of our favorite memories when camping as a child was sitting around a blazing campfire, hanging out with family, cooking hotdogs and S'mores. Somewhere along the way, we grew up and things turned hectic with everyone going their separate ways.

We finally found a way to recapture the magic through our authentic wood-fired ovens and fire features! Our wood-fired oven allows us to turn dinner back into a social experience where family members and friends gather around the cooking fire, participating and enjoying each other's company.  The perfect way to spend football season and the holidays!

Rolling dough to make pizza in the wood fired pizza oven


Why should you trust Patio & Pizza? 

Great question!  Here’s why:

1. First and foremost, we partner with Symantec to give you the Norton Shopping Guarantee so you know you’ve made the right choice when shopping with us. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority so we guarantee identity theft protection, dispute resolution, and the lowest price guarantee - all completely free with your purchase!  

2. It’s simple. When you purchase anything from Patio & Pizza, you automatically receive all the benefits of the Norton Shopping Guarantee program.  Once your purchase is complete, you’ll receive your Norton Shopping Guarantee certificate—which you can use if you ever need to file a claim.  Enrollment is absolutely free and there is nothing extra to do on your end!

3. We have a price drop guarantee – Rather than cut corners to give you cheap products, we provide fair pricing that allows us to provide you with the best customer support, freight options, and post-purchase support. And, we have a price drop guarantee! If our price drops within 30 days after you order, you can receive up to $100 back on the price difference!

4. We are one of only a few authorized retailers trusted with several top brands of pizza ovens and kitchen islands including those made in the US, Italy, France, and Portugal. Why? Because we know our stuff and have 100% customer satisfaction. You won't find better quality, choices, or customer service anywhere else!  

Whether you want the an authentic handmade brick pizza oven from Portugal, one of the finest Chicago Brick Oven DIY pizza oven kits, or the gorgeous Rockwood Necessories Grand Island Bar and Grill, you came to the right place! 

5. We ship all our products as quickly as possible. If all goes as plans, you can have your brand new pizza oven or fireplace in place next week!  To save our customers money on freight, we have partners and warehouses for our authorized imported brands nationwide. 

6. We are certified dealers for more pizza oven brands than anyone else!  Why? Because we know our stuff and have 100% customer satisfaction.  You won't find better quality, choices, or customer service anywhere else!  

7. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible customer service before and after your purchase.  Heck, we'll even help you out if you don't buy from us!  We didn't become a leader in the outdoor living business without taking great care of our customers!

We help homeowners who love entertaining create the perfect space through affordable wood fired ovens and fire features.

While we see outdoor living companies popping up all the time, we keep our customers coming back because we've been in business for over 6 years and don't just sell outdoor living products, we enjoy ours every week!  It would be every day, but, you know, sometimes work gets in the way!!!    

Outdoor pizza party rolling dough


If you wonder what others think about us or our products, you should check out our reviews.

So, don't come to us to get sold...come to us so we can introduce you to the wonderful world of outdoor living and wood-fired cooking! We'd love to help you find the best products so you can live your dream like we are living ours!  More brands trust us than anyone else so you can too!

So, stop researching, and start entertaining!  

Whether you are searching for a bundled outdoor pizza oven kit, an indoor gas fireplace, or an outdoor fire pit, Patio & Pizza offers models to meet any project, size, or budget.  Shop Patio & Pizza's collections now!


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