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Authentic Brick Pizza Ovens

Brick pizza oven on a backyard patio

Create memories with the ones you love around a brick oven

Trying to cook a pizza in a regular oven is like trying to bake a cake in a microwave. It just doesn't work as well and you end up with an inferior product. But with a brick pizza oven, you'll feel like a real professional chef.

Whether you're enjoying a night in with family or entertaining guests, our Authentic Brick Ovens are the perfect way to make lasting memories - and delicious food! Made by hand using love & care from authentic craftsmen who have been crafting these unique dome-shaped ovens for generations.

You've heard the phrase “often imitated, never duplicated” before and it has never been truer than with our brick ovens from Portugal.  These outdoor brick ovens are 100% handmade in Rio Maior, Portugal, and hold the original patent for their dome-shape.  Don’t be fooled by imitations that claim to be “improved” or “upgraded.”  Our ovens are the REAL DEAL!

If you're still cooking on the grill for all the big holidays, it's time to step up your game!  You'll find the perfect authentic brick pizza oven below to give you instant backyard chef credibility. 

Authentic Pizza Ovens

Recipient for the Best Wood-Fired Oven Producer in the US! Awarded by LUXlife Magazine in 2022.

Traditional vs Premium

The traditional brick ovens have a STAINLESS STEEL chimney flue system and an IRON door. The premium ovens have an upgraded high-quality ALUMINUM chimney flue system and a black NON-RUST ALUMINUM door showcasing a high-heat window pane.

We recommend treating the traditional oven components with high-heat rust protectant if using in a humid location.  Otherwise, going with a Premium oven is suggested.

Which oven is right for you?

To sum up our Authentic Brick Ovens collection below, they are all hand-crafted by the same craftsmen.  They are all perfect for cooking pizzas, meats, vegetables, bread, etc so their main difference is simply their style and appearance.

The taller ovens (ie, Lisboa, Famosi, Ventura)

(1) Higher dome - more room for cooking taller or larger items like turkeys
(2) Dutch door so you can open half or all of it - great for the rotisserie or for partial open-door cooking 
(3) Slightly smaller width door opening but the door is taller – some people like that for its ambiance to watch the fire burning
(4) Rotisserie-capable for cooking chicken or meat on a spit - can add optional manual rotisserie

The wider ovens (ie, Pizzaioli, Brazza, Buena Ventura)

(1) Wider dome - more room for cooking wider items like a rack of lamb
(2) Door opens down - customers like that it is more out of the way when cooking
(3) Slightly lower height door opening but the door is wider – some people like a wider door so they can put in larger dishes(4) Most authentic look - some people like the traditional lower dome style

Feel Like A Real Chef

Adding a unique outdoor brick oven will make your outdoor space the talk of town! These authentic fire houses are perfect for cooking up Portuguese meals, meat, vegetables and pizza.

With 100% handmade workmanship that has been passed down through generations, these unique dome-shaped ovens provide an experience like no other. Not only do they add beauty to any landscape or setting but they are also perfect for cooking up a wood-fired feast.

They're available in a variety of styles to suit any taste, and their 100% handmade construction ensures that they'll last for years to come. Each one is made with love, care, and skill, and will make a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

Whether you're entertaining guests or just enjoying a night in with family, an Authentic Brick Oven from Impexfire is the perfect way to make lasting memories – and delicious food like pizzas, steaks, vegetables, cobblers and bread!

Our authentic brick pizza ovens are the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen. Look no further than our collection of 100% handmade ovens from Impexfire in Northern Portugal for a top quality, authentic brick oven to make amazing pizzas, breads, and vegetables. 

Isn't it time to step away from the BBQ grill and experience real wood-fired cooking?

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