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Pizzaioli Rustic Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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  • Cook 2 pizzas at once!
  • Includes Ceramic Baking Dish
  • Ships in 6-8 Weeks


Experience True Authentic Cooking with the Rustic Brick Oven

Countless tales have been told about the best backyards in history, whether they’re because of beautifully manicured lawns, topiary, or impressive orchards of trees. What we don’t often hear about, though, is the backyard that beats them all. No matter how many hours you spend trimming hedges and painting fences, no backyard will match the nonstop party of a yard with its own brick pizza oven.



For a similar oven, check out the Pizzaioli Rustic Arch Brick Oven.

Cookouts for days, delicious food for weeks, and memories that will last a lifetime all come with the territory of a backyard brick oven, and now that show-stopping potential can be all yours with the Pizzaioli Rustic Pizza Oven. 

What makes the Rustic so great?

Sturdy standards

Triple-layered Rockwool insulation, 100% clay refractory cement, and a healthy dose of traditional love hold this oven together in a design that will stand the test of heat and time. Non-rust components on metal pieces, like the aluminum door, give you peace of mind that everything on the Rustic will last for as long as you’re around to keep cooking inside of it. 

The Pizzaioli Rustic brick oven is built on a 3.15-inch concrete base so you only need to build 2 strong brick walls (or concrete) with each 6 inches wide, as a base for this oven.

Blazing-fast cook times

Capable of baking two pizzas to perfection in just 90 seconds, the Rustic guarantees you can keep a hungry pack satisfied, whether it’s your family, a party, or a cookout that’s gotten out of control. The revolutionary dome design traps heat inside the dome in a manner that keeps things toasty on the inside without needlessly burning the food you’ve placed on the cooking floor.

The Rustic holds onto heat for as long as 3 hours with its door shut, letting you walk away from the oven without worrying your cooking temperature will sink like a rock.

Timeless style

What’s old is new, and the Rustic is here to prove that once and for all. Constructed out of a traditionally-influenced brick exterior paired with the modern capabilities of refractory mason and aluminum, the Rustic is an oven capable of adding classic charm to any space without sacrificing quality or expediency.

Built brick by brick by Portuguese craftsmen, the Rustic is exactly what any outdoor space needs to truly become unique. What is it about the Rustic that makes it a must-have for any enthusiast of outdoor space or delicious food? Read on to find out!

Nothing complements an outdoor space and its array of earth tones, grays, and wood finishes like classic red brick. The Rustic breathes an air of comfort into any location you place it, whether it’s on a countertop on your patio, or in a stand on the corner of your outdoor living space. Touches of black and silver aluminum keep the oven looking modern, but not futuristic, making it a great choice for just about any home.

When you order the Rustic Brick Wood FIred Pizza Oven, we'll include a FREE Clay Roasting Pan for cooking fish, chicken, beef, veggies and much more in your oven.

Rustic Brick Oven Specifications

  • External dimensions: width: 43in    depth: 43″   height 27.17″
  • Internal dimensions: width: 33″   depth: 29″   interior height: 15″
  • Chimney flue outlet diameter: 5.5″ W x 6" H
  • Oven door: width: 19″ width x 9″ height
  • Weight: 1850lbs

These unique pizza ovens are hand-made so measurements are not exact.

Add-on Chimney and Cap:  

  • Measures 39.4” long x 5.5" wide

All Authentic Pizza Ovens brick ovens are made with steel eyelets in each corner for hoisting into place. These can be easily cut off after it's put into position.

Rustic Oven Benefits

The Rustic brick oven is handmade near Lisbon, Portugal and is becoming a favorite choice of outdoor kitchen pizza ovens!  

Included for FREE with your Rustic Oven:

  • Thermometer (0-932°F) - know when your oven is the right temperature for cooking your authentic pizzas
  • Ultrafire Patch Kit -  Your oven will be delivered with a special Ultrafire product patch kit to address superficial cracks that may develop. However, all of the ovens by Authentic Pizza Ovens are 100% insulated with ROCKWOOL and cracking will not affect your oven.

Rustic Wood Fired Oven Features Include:

  • The door opens down making it easier to put food into and take out of the oven. 
  • The oven is triple insulated which means the outside of the oven is cool to the touch while the inside is blazing hot!
  • 6” long stainless steel spout with flu/damper - a 39" chimney with rain cap can be easily added to move smoke away from you and protect the oven from rain
  • The patented dome shape creates intense yet non-damaging heat which is perfect for pizzas, bread, roasts, cooked dishes, grills, and others.
  • Can be used outdoor and indoor (with proper ventilation) - can be built-in or standalone
  • Dome and floor are completely built in refractory bricks
  • Retains heat, with the door closed, more than 3 hours
  • Keeps its superb appearance even after many years of use
  • The Rustic brick oven is delivered with a wood frame crate to protect it during shipping

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      Pizzaioli Pizza Oven - How to Setup Your Brick Oven This quick FAQ will show you how to setup your Rustic brick oven.

      All our brick ovens REQUIRE "all-weather" protection from rain, snow, sleet, fallen leaves and protection from the harsh elements when not in use. If you don't have a cover, you can purchase one of our brick pizza oven covers that will fit snugly over your brick oven and secures with a pull tie.  You are investing in a beautiful oven that is meant to last for a very long time, so please take care of it. 

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      Read Authentic Pizza Ovens Warranty here

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      Pizzaioli PREMIUM Brick Pizza Oven

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 37 reviews
      Excellent product and sevice
      Woo! Thank you so much for your wonderful 5 star review and photos Keith! We're delighted to know you're enjoying your Pizzaioli PREMIUM Brick Pizza Oven with Stone Arch! Make sure you tag us (@patioandpizza) in any content you share on Facebook/Instagram so we can stay updated with all your pizza oven goodness! And remember, we're always here to assist in any questions or concerns that may ever arise!
      Pizzaioli Brick Oven is Awesome
      Wow! What a gorgeous setup! Thank you very much for the lovely pictures Robert; your Pizzaioli Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven looks absolutely beautiful! We work hard to provide our customers with the best experience possible but seeing pictures like this, really bring it full circle! Thank you!
      Love it !
      Jeanne! Wow! Your husband did a great job of installing your Pizzaioli Premium Brick Pizza Oven - thank you for the wonderfully detailed review and for the beautiful picture! Our Pizza ovens are not just for pizza (although the pizza is delicious also) - there are so many other dishes which can be whipped up in record time and we are sure your roast was marvelous!
      Wood burning Pizza Oven
      Thank you Lawrence! We are happy that you are loving your pizza oven. We would love to see pictures of it! :)
      Pizzaiolo Brick Pizza Oven

      Thank you for the wonderful review John! We really appreciate it. Your oven looks really good! We are happy that you are enjoying it. Let us know if you need anything else in the future.

      Easy to setup and first pizzas were fantastic!
      We made our first pizzas this past weekend and they were fantastic!

      The Portuguese brick ovens we carry are hand-made in Lisbon, Portugal by brick-oven makers who have been perfecting their skills for generations. 

      Watch how these incredible brick oven pizza ovens are masterfully built.  This full-length video shows exactly what goes into building these beautiful and authentic hand-crafted wood fired ovens from Authentic Pizza Ovens.

      As shown in the video, after the cement base is poured, the floor is covered with natural yellow sand and terracotta tiles.

      Brick Oven Terracotta Tiles

      Next, the dome is built from natural kiln-fired rounded clay bricks. The dome shape is perfectly designed and insulated with rock wool for longer heat retention and reduced exterior temperatures (you can touch outside even when the fire is raging inside).  

      Portuguese brick oven

      Wire and high-quality refractory cement is smoothed over the rock wool and painted for a beautiful pizza oven. While these ovens are beautiful as is, you can easily enhance these brick pizza ovens to match your style by applying tiles, stucco, stone veneer, brick, or paint to them.

      Pizzaioli brick pizza oven

      Here's another short video from the factory showing a Lisboa oven being built: 


      It's time for you to have your own authentic pizza oven like one of our favorite customers below! 

      Cooking Foccacia in brick pizza oven

      You can't go wrong when you choose one of the gorgeous oven styles from our collection of brick ovens.

      Brick Pizza Ovens

      Take a closer look at our full collection of brick wood fired pizza ovens!

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      Norton Shopping Guarantee on all pizza ovens

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      We understand your love of fire and can help turn a boring backyard into an outdoor paradise focusing on friends, food, and fire! 

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      QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Ask a Question
      • Looking to order the rustic pizzaiolo oven in a week or so, are they in stock? Probably wanting to order some accessories at the same time. Thank you!

        Yes, at this time the rustic Pizzaiolis are in stock.  However, they are a popular oven, so if you really want one, please order sooner than later.  We can always hold the shipping until you are ready.  We have plenty of cooking accessories for you also that you can find here.

      • Hi Do you deliver or have a dealer in CANADA ?

        We do have a warehouse in Canada from which we ship several of our oven models.  However, the Rustic wood-fired oven currently ships from the Arizona warehouse.  If you can send your address to hello@PatioandPizza.com, we can give you an estimate for shipping to Canada.

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