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Just some of our actual customer's reviews along with pictures of their pizza ovens and outdoor kitchen areas! Join the Patio & Pizza Outdoor Furnishings family by adding your own pictures to our site!
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The Real Deal

Love the product! Arrived in perfect condition & it’s cooking as I had hoped. It’s a great addition to our backyard.

Wow Brian! Thank you so much for this fantastic review! Your Pizzaioli Rustic Arch Brick Pizza Oven looks BEAUTIFUL! We absolutely love it when our customers share photos of their ovens once they arrive! We would love to see some of the delicious meals you make in that in the future! Feel free to tag us (@patioandpizza on Facebook/Instagram) if you share any photos of your delicious food! Remember, we're always happy to help and are here if you ever need any assistance! We look forward to serving you for all your pizza oven needs!

Pizza oven

We love our pizza oven we’re working on mastering a special pizza though. We want one with great flavor. Our brick fire pizza oven though it’s so cool we love it. Our first pizza party we cook 10 pizzas and under 45 minutes. We’re all personalized for each individual so we only cook them one at a time had a great time

Thank you for this wonderful review Thomas! We too think the Buena Ventura Black PREMIUM Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven is super cool! We know you will enjoy it for many pizza parties to come! Your setup looks amazing! Thank you SO MUCH for the photos!! We love reviews with photos!! Remember, if you ever need any help, we're always happy to assist! :)

Good product overall, and good customer service.

My shipment took nearly 2 months to arrive, and upon arrival, was found to have some significant structural damage (think: dents, cracked bricks, torn insulation blanket). Patio and Pizza was kind enough to provide me with a cover and replacement bricks, along with some instructions for how to repair the dents. Aside from the shipping issues, the product works great overall and I've really enjoyed learning how to build and maintain the fire, and cook some great food!

Your setup looks great Jordan! Thank you so much for this honest review! We've faced many challenges through this unprecedented time; shipping delays being the largest. We truly appreciate your kindness and understanding through the entire process. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need any help along your pizza making journey! We look forward to helping you with any of your pizza oven needs!

Pizza time!!!

Love our pizza oven. Just the right size for our family and small gatherings!

Wow Marco! Thank you for the photo and review! Your Maximus Arena Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven looks FANTASTIC on it's base! What a beautiful color combo! We know you're cooking up delicious meals for your friends and family!!

Highly recommended!

The customer service was excellent, they responded very quickly to all of my questions. The Maximus Prime pizza oven is a great addition to my backyard.

Thanks for this awesome review Amy! We greatly appreciate it! It's always great to hear that you are truly enjoying your Maximus Prime Large Pizza Oven! We are sure it will be a staple part of your backyard that you enjoy for many years! :-)

Excellent Customer Service

I purchased my oven in the tail end of the pandemic, there was nothing but delays all around and beyond P&P control which lead to even more delays in furfilling my order, your customer service department was nothing but extraordinary. They held my hand, answered my emails, and followed up day after day until the very end. I even received a phone call from Michelle after I finished setting up my oven to make sure everything was ok and I was happy.

Wow! Thank you SO much for this wonderful review John! Working with you has been a delight! We truly thank you over and over again for being so understanding and patient through this process! We have had to face many hurtles along the way, and were eager and willing to clear them to the best of our abilities! We are more than happy to ALWAYS help our customers through every process, whether it is the beginning of the process, or the end. We look forward to serving you for all your Pizza and Patio needs!

Fabulous purchase!

We love our oven. We’ve baked pizza, salmon, chicken and bread is next on the list. We researched ovens and decided on the Maximus because it was the best value. We chose to buy it from Patio & Pizza Outdoor Furnishings because the reviews on their service were great. Our experience was ideal and I highly recommend both the oven and the retailer.

Thank you so much for this fantastic review Elizabeth! It always warms our hearts to hear our customers are truly enjoying their ovens, and it really sounds like your Maximus Arena Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven was a great purchase for your family! We would LOVE to see all this delicious food you are cooking! Please feel free to tag us in any content you post about it on Facebook/Instagram (@PatioandPizza) or come back to this review and upload some photos! And remember, we're always happy to help! So please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you ever need it!! (Although it sounds like you're already a pro!)

Maximus Arena

Great oven ! I love it. Also great feedback from the employees I talked to. Highly recommend

Thank you SO much for this fantastic review John!! We love love LOVE when our customers provide photos with their feedback and boy does your Maximus Arena Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven look great! Seems like you're making some extra delicious treats with it as well! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any point if you ever have questions or concerns about your oven! We're always happy to help!

LOVE my new oven

WOW what a beautiful pizza oven. I was a bit worried about how it would arrive and how to get it in place. BUT it arrived safely, the chimney was crushed in transit but after sending a phot of it it was replaced quickly and without issue. After a week of curing my oven we cooked our first pizzas and they were amazing. Thank you to Patio and Pizza for all of your help.
Still working on the finishing touches.

Wow! What an amazing review Victoria! Your Lisboa PREMIUM Brick Pizza Oven with Stone Finish looks fantastic and it's not even finished yet! You guys did a fantastic job matching that stone finish to the oven!! Thank you so much for this photo! Please remember, if you ever have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out!



We always appreciate a lovely review Anthony! Thanks! We're so happy to hear you're truly enjoying your Tuscan GX-CM Deluxe Family Countertop Pizza Oven! Please remember to never hesitate to reach out if you ever have any questions or concerns! We're always happy to help!

Pizza Heaven

Customer service is fantastic, I’ve had many questions and inquiries and all the responses have been quick and informative. I feel like I’ve joined a club.

Regarding the pizza oven, I’m at week 5 and have been primarily focused on pizzas, it’s definitely an art and science, Ive burnt several, tried different flours (00 is the best) and have used YouTube and the pizza bible as my teachers.

Beyond pizzas, I’ve done a few crisps, salmon, and veggies and they’ve all turned out amazing. The key is good ingredients and patience. Oh I almost forgot, my pretzels turned out amazing!

Wow! Thank you so much for this AMAZING review about the Buena Ventura Red PREMIUM Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven, David! These photos are fantastic and your oven looks beautiful! Not to mention, that pizza looks delicious!

You didn't join a club, you joined a family! :-) You've been a fantastic customer and it's been such a pleasure helping you every chance we've been given. We look forward to having a long and lasting relationship with you!


So happy with my Maximus pizza oven. Great customer service. Excellent company. I highly recommend them

Thank you so much for this awesome review Frank! We are so happy we could help you find a pizza oven you love, and it sounds like the Maximus Prime Large Pizza Oven is treating you well! We would LOVE if you shared some photos with us if you get a chance! Please feel free to tag us (@patioandpizza) on Instagram or Facebook!

Pizza oven repair mortar

Was great and did a great job sealing the oven. Going to order another can or 2 and cover the whole thing after I remove all the tile

Thank you so much for the fantastic 5 star review Christina! We love seeing the transformation projects that come along with the UltraFire Pizza Oven Repair Kits!

Great stuff!

My wood fired pizza oven had some severe deep cracks, especially in the area of the stove pipe. The outer dome is a plaster-based product. I was quite worried if it was repairable. I used Patio & Pizza Outdoor Furnishings' Ultrafire Pizza Oven Repair Kit on the cracks. I was surprised as to how well it worked. It is not, at least doesn't seem to be, a plaster-based product. It's more of an extremely thick paint-like product with elasticity for extreme heat expansion compensation. Over a few days, I applied it several times until the cracks fully filled-in, blended and matched the rest of the oven surface. I made some other minor repairs but you get the idea. Now that it's finished, I don't think anybody could tell there was ever a repair. Time to repaint the dome red. Great stuff!

Wow! Thank you so much for this fantastic and informative review Robert! Seeing our products like this in action really excites us! Your oven looks fantastic! I wouldn't be able to tell you ever repaired it! You really did a superb job! And so did the UltraFire Pizza Oven Repair Kit!

Wood burning pizza oven.

We are so happy with our purchase. We just got into place and are starting to cure it. Can’t wait to use it for pizza bread and meat.

Thank you so much for this amazing 5 star review Donna! Your Buena Ventura Black PREMIUM Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven looks fantastic!! We LOVE when we get to see how our customers set their ovens up!! We can't wait to see what awesome things you cook in it!! Remember, we have an entire blog on things you can cook inside a pizza oven!


The folks at Patio & Pizza had exactly what I needed. My DIY pizza oven came out great, but little did I know about the need for a high heat resistant waterproof seal. The Ultrafire product sold by Patio & Pizza as well as their informative video was all I needed to ensure a long and productive life to my beautiful oven.

Thank you so much for this superb 5 star review F. Bowling!! Your oven looks FANTASTIC! (We seriously love it when our customers share photos with us!) We're happy to be able to provide you with the best information and strive to make sure we can help in any situation! We wish you many wonderful years with your pizza oven and look forward to seeing the amazing recipes you are putting out!

Love the oven

Love the oven. Was disappointed when the metal threshold came off after a week. Patio & Pizza have been excellent in getting this corrected. Was disappointed when the manufacturer sent me Liquid Nails to fix. Now I am waiting for the correct adhesive from the manufacturer.

Thank you so much for the review Peter! We always appreciate such honesty. We really were disappointed to hear that you experienced the issue with the metal plate, but were eager to help you resolve it. We strive to provide the highest customer service and diligently work to be able to provide it. A happy customer is the best customer! Thank you for being so understanding through this process!


This was the best thing I have purchased. The oven was exactly as advertised and beyond my expectations.

Thank you so much for this fabulous review Salvatore! We love hearing your Pizzaioli Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven goes above and beyond your expectations! And what a wonderful set-up you have!! We always appreciate when our customers leave photos with their reviews!! Remember, if you ever have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us! Our customer service team is always here to help!!

Chimney extensions worked great!

The chimney extensions are perfect for extending our Maximus Prime pizza oven’s chimney through the roof of our newly built covered patio!

Thank you so much for the excellent review Pam! We're so happy that hear that your Double-wall 6' Chimney for Brick Ovens | Duravent 6DT-24SSCF works perfectly with your Maximus Prime!

Outstanding support

This is a fantastic company with phenomenal customer support. I will certainly buy from them again. Thank you!!!!

<p>Thank you SO MUCH for the lovely words Christian! :-) You have been such a delight to work with and we absolutely look forward to hearing from you again! We're ecstatic to hear you've got your Alfa One set and see that you are making delicious pizza with it! We're more than happy to always help and strive to provide the best customer support that we possibly can. Reviews like this let us know that we're doing something right and achieving goals as a company. We wish you the happiest of holidays and a successful New Year!</p>

Enjoying our new pizza oven.

More than excited to get cooking in our new oven. Understandably the process took a little longer than anticipated due to CoVid. But the customer service department responded promptly to all our inquiries. We have cooked in our oven about five times sin e it late in our season. We have enjoyed each time.

Thank you for the wonderful 5 star review Tim! And thank you for being patient and understanding of the shipping delays. Between Covid and the holiday season, we are working twice as hard to try and keep everything on track. We're excited that you've received your oven and have it up and cooking! We would love to see how you set it up and what you're cooking with it! Have you considered adding photos to your review? You can also tag us (Facebook/Instagram @patioandpizza) in any content you share online. We love to be able to keep up with what our customers are doing and the amazing food they're making!

Excellent product and sevice

I purchased the Pizzioli authentic brick oven and couldn't be happier with my purchase. The oven is outstanding and so were the pizzas that we have made so far. Excellent product with great customer service!

Woo! Thank you so much for your wonderful 5 star review and photos Keith! We're delighted to know you're enjoying your Pizzaioli PREMIUM Brick Pizza Oven with Stone Arch! Make sure you tag us (@patioandpizza) in any content you share on Facebook/Instagram so we can stay updated with all your pizza oven goodness! And remember, we're always here to assist in any questions or concerns that may ever arise!

Excellent Customer Service

I was initially concerned about buy a pizza oven with the issues around COVID19 causing import delays. However, the shipping timeline forecast at the time of my order was accurate. I even inquired about the shipping schedule just to keep me at ease, and the customer service reps answered me right away and were very open about the process and shipping.
Once the pizza oven arrived, the delivery company employees were conscientious and handled the oven carefully. The oven had no damage or defects.
I will absolutely buy here again!

<p></p><p>Wow Kevin! Thank you for such amazingly kind words! :-) We're elated to have provided you such a superb experience! Being open and honest about our process here is part of our customer service foundation. We will always answer any questions you might have and strive to provide the best and most informative answers there are. We treat our customers how we would want to be treated and hope we continuously do so. We're ecstatic that the delivery company handled your Alfa Ciao Wood Fired Pizza Oven with care. We LOVE your photos! Please tag us (@patioandpizza) in any content you share on Facebook/Instagram in the future so we can enjoy more with you! Can't wait to hear from you again Kevin! If you ever have any questions or concerns, or even just want to update us on how much you love your new oven, please reach out to us!</p>

Recent Pizza Oven Purchase

Recently I received my pizza oven and it looked as great as the pictures online. I cannot wait to fire it up for pizzas. Customer service was fantastic with updating me through the Covid-19 shipping delays.

You've been such a pleasure to work with Tyler! Thank you so much for the kind words and fantastic 5 star review! We also can't wait for you to get your Maximus Arena Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven going and making some delicious pizzas! With it making pizzas in only 2 minutes, you'll be able to make SO many and SO quickly! Honestly, who doesn't want a delicious wood-fired pizza? I know I sure love them! We'd LOVE to see anything you make with that bad boy! Please tag us (@patioandpizza) in any content you share on Facebook/Instagram so we can enjoy it with you!

Love the Alpha 5 Minuti

Patio and Pizza was great to work with!! They answered all my questions and check availability before I placed my order. Referred a friend to order their pizza oven from them as well. Awesome service!!

Thanks for the wonderful review Richard! So happy you enjoyed your experience with us. Your pizza and bread look DELICIOUS! Can't wait to see what more you cook with your Alfa 5 Minuti Wood Fired Countertop Pizza Oven. =)

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