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Alfa Quattro Pro Commercial Oven on Base

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  • BONUS Wood-Fired Recipe eBook!
  • Cook 3 pizzas at once!
  • Perfect for Pizzerias and Restaurants!
  • UL Certified for Commercial use

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Elevate Your Cooking Skills With An Oven Designed By Artisans

Few other commercial pizza ovens boast the same impressive specifications as the Quattro without sacrificing mobility or quality. An oven designed by artisans, for artisans, the Alfa Quattro Pro is the commercial oven for consummate professionals and eager novices alike.

What makes the Quattro so special?

Unrivaled versatility

The Quattro is a rarity in the world of commercial pizza ovens. Capable of cooking up to (60) 12" pizzas or (120) 10" pizzas an hour with its high heat retention, quick preheat times, and generous capacity of (3) 12" pizzas, the Quattro is a kitchen workhorse that isn’t bound to one spot.

Fitted on its own rolling base, the Quattro can be wheeled into any space that you need to cook pizza in, making it the perfect choice for mobile businesses, catering, or intense cookouts.

Available in multiple fuel configurations

Whether you’re a wood-burning purist or a gas-fired futurist, the Quattro is available in both, so there’s no need to make sacrifices by choosing a different model available in the fuel configuration that works best for your business.

Choose between rustic, wood-fired comfort, or speedy gas-powered efficiency, or include both in your repertoire to add uncommon diversity to your menu.

Surprisingly light

The Quattro manages to pack all of its punch into one sleek, 528-pound package, opening up new avenues for transporting it to and from different sites without worrying about special arrangements. It’s wieldy, too; the ergonomic base design allows you to move the Quattro both on and off its wheels with ease.

Beautiful design and finish

Alfa, an Italian company, takes both tradition and contemporary design to heart when constructing these fantastic ovens. You’ll find a design that has been tempered by time while remaining true to spirit, with a sleek modernist finish that both your kitchen staff and customers would be impressed by.

The Quattro Pro pizza oven is super fast, reaching 450°C / 840°F in just 30 minutes. The refractory floor is 8 cm thick and retains heat very well.  Due to its heat retention and ability to release heat slowly for hours, you could have the floor at 150°C / 300°F even the day after you've been cooking! 

 Alfa Quattro Pro Pizza Oven Specs

Wood model cooking floor dimensions 90 x 60 cm / 35.7 x 23.8 in
Gas model cooking floor dimensions 78 x 60 cm / 30.9 x 23.8 in
Cooking floor height 110.4 cm / 43.5 in
Heating time 20 minutes to reach 200°C / 400°F
Heating time 30 minutes to reach 450°C / 840°F
Bread capacity 4 kg / 8.8 lbs
Pizza capacity 3 pizzas
Number of Pizzas every 60 minutes 60
Average wood consumption 4.5 kg / 10 lbs per hour
Average gas consumption, LPG model 1.35 kg / 2.9 lbs per hour
Average gas consumption, methane model 1.8 m3 / 5.9 ft3 per hour
Maximum temperature 450°C / 850°F
Chimney dimension Ø 18 cm / Ø 7.14 in
Weight 240 kg / 528 lbs
Color  Gorgeous Corten Finish

The Quattro Pro oven is guaranteed with a 2 (two) year warranty.  

Buy the Alfa Quattro Pro Commercial Oven today and get fired up over your new pizza business!

Alfa Quattro Pro LPG Commercial Oven Spec Sheet

Quattro Pro Commercial Gas Pizza Oven User Manual

Alfa Quattro Pro Wood Commercial Oven User Manual

Quattro Pro Commercial Pizza Oven User Manual

 Alfa Quattro Pro LPG Commercial Oven User Manual

Quattro Pro Commercial Gas Pizza Oven User Manual

Alfa Quattro Pro Wood Commercial Oven on Base Specification Guide

Alfa Quattro Pro Wood Commercial Oven on Base Specification Guide

Alfa Quattro Pro LPG Commercial Oven on Base Specification Guide

Alfa Quattro Pro LPG Commercial Oven on Base Specification Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Really satisfied with this product and its performances

At Authentica (my gourmet pizza parlour) I used an Alfa oven that has been retrofitted to cook pizza according to my needs. Since inaugurating it, a year ago, I have used the Alfa Quattro Pro oven and I’m really satisfied with this product and its performances.

Working really good

Hibiscus restaurant inside the luxury Tikal Futura in Ciudad de Guatemala choose our commercial pizza oven Quattro Pro top.

I look at this as a true outdoor oven

Though the name implies that this is a pizza oven, the Italian-made Alfa oven line does way more than produce pizza and calzones. I look at this as a true outdoor oven which would be the perfect vessel to make steaks, chicken or lamb in a cast-iron pan as well as turn out artisanal bread and desserts. The difference is that the Alfa burns wood which gives the food a natural smoked accent that elevates it to the next level. And unlike other wood burning pizza ovens, the Alfa does not take 1-2 hours to heat up, as its proprietary flue system combined with Italian refractory bricks lend to a quicker heat up. Note: Alfa also offers a hybrid gas/wood burning oven called the Stone oven for those who want the convenience of gas as well.

Great for family gatherings

We are loving this oven! Our family parties have never been so fun! Thanks again for recommending this oven.

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We understand your love of fire and can help turn a boring backyard into an outdoor paradise focusing on friends, food, and fire! 

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