Chicago Brick Oven CBO-1000 Wood Burning Pizza Oven Kit

CBO-1000-BUNDLE Chicago Brick Oven
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CBO-1000 DIY Pizza Oven Kit

Chicago Brick Oven Authorized DealerAs the largest pizza oven we carry, this one-of-a-kind outdoor oven is a great investment!  If you are in the hospitality industry, this pizza oven can pay for itself in a week!

With this DIY outdoor kitchen oven kit, installation is straight-forward and you can finish in your style and with the materials of your choice making this oven the focal point for your residential or commercial patio. Perfect for restaurants, bakeries, outdoor kitchens, and pizzerias!

Don't believe it?  Just ask Guy Fieri or Rachael Ray... they also love the Chicago Brick Oven pizza oven's superior cooking performance!

Limited Offer:  Purchase the CBO-1000 Bundle today and get a FREE Bonus Cooking Kit.  Kit includes a Pizza Peel, Infrared Thermometer Gun, and an Oven Cleaning Brush. Over $155 value!

Note:  As this oven is made just for you, it sometimes takes 5-7 days to ship... so, that gives you plenty of time to prepare your area for it's arrival and setup! (it'll be worth the wait, we promise!)

      CBO-1000 DIY Pizza Oven Kit Specifications

      The CBO-1000 provides 1,600 square inches of cooking surface which means it can easily handle multiple pizzas, breads, meats, and desserts for a full meal from your wood fired oven. 

      • This outdoor pizza oven has a low, igloo-like design to create concentrated heat and high temperatures.
      • Because of this unique design, you’ll be able to use convection cooking, radiant heat, and conduction interchangeably to create gourmet meals, whether you’re an at-home chef or a professional restaurateur!
      • The patented design of this oven produces a Flame Roll that not only generates temps as high as 100°F but is also eye catching and amazing to watch.

      Have more questions?  Give us a call!

      Chicago Brick Oven User Manual CBO-750 Specification Guide

      CBO-1000 DIY Pizza Oven Kit Features

      If you're an architect, designer, or masonry contractor, this pizza oven kit gives you the basis for a new customer offering.

      • Type: DIY / Ready To Finish - Design and build the oven of your dreams!
      • Construction: Refractory Cement Reinforced with Stainless Steel Fibers for durability and long-term strength - MADE RIGHT HERE IN THE USA!
      • Fuel Type: Wood - Excellent Heat Retention to Minimize Constant Refueling
      • Clearance to Combustibles: 10" to Sides | 18" to Ceiling | 30" from Door
      • Certification: NSF Rated | UL Listed - The CBO-1000 Wood Burning Model Conforms To UL STD 2162 & NSF STD 4, Certified to ULC/ORD STD C2162
      • Refractory Oven Components Included: 2-Piece Dome, 3-Piece Hearth, Arch, Insulating Door (for closed-door cooking), Duravent Flue Anchor Plate
      • Installation Kit Included: Insulating Board, Insulating Blanket, Steel Plate, Mortar

      This indoor or outdoor pizza oven kit can be put together in 60 minutes; then, you can use your expertise to create a unique pizza oven masterpiece using your own design, materials, and vision.  Your customers will be so happy, they'll have their friends lined up to do more business with you! 

      Don't hesitate - Add To Cart now to get your own Chicago Brick Oven CBO-1000 Pizza Oven bundle!

      While watching these videos, just image how this oven could be built into your existing outdoor entertaining space.  If you can imagine it, you can build it!

      Benefits of a Chicago Brick Oven

      The design of the CBO-1000 allows them to reach temperatures over 1000°F.  But, that's not the only reason why you should get a Chicago Brick Oven.  Watch this video to learn even more reasons:

      Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit Time-Lapse Installation

      Building a custom outdoor oven is easy when starting with a Chicago Brick Oven CBO-1000 bundled kit.  Watch this video to see just how easy it can be done: 

      Lighting and Heating Your Chicago Brick Oven

      Getting your CBO-1000 wood fired oven up to the correct temperature isn't hard but there are some good tricks you'll learn through experimentation.  This video will get you started and show you how to light your oven easily:


      Curing Your CBO-1000 Chicago Brick Oven

       Curing your CBO-1000 oven simply means starting several small temperature fires over time to allow all moisture to leave the brick.  Below is a great method for curing your oven.

      Limited Warranty

      Qualifications to the Warranty

      The complete Warranty is further subject to the following qualifications.

        1. The oven must be installed in accordance with CBO installation instructions and local building codes
        2. Moisture can cause significant damage to the oven/hearth. Therefore, the enclosure/shroud (stone, brick, stucco, etc.) that surrounds the oven/hearth must be sealed and waterproof. Failure to do so will void this warranty.
        3. The oven is subjected to normal use, including burning such natural wood fuels as non-treated wood. Fuel products with abnormal burning characteristics including, but not limited to, fuel such as driftwood, coal or plywood and wood products using a binder, may burn at excessive temperatures and may cause damage to the oven or may cause damage to the oven or may cause it to function improperly. CBO does not warrant the oven when such fuels have been used.
        4. This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear. Note that all refractory materials will form small cracks over time. These cracks will not affect the performance of the oven.
        5. This warranty does not apply to any cracking caused by over-firing or the failure to follow a proper curing schedule as outlined in the User Manual supplied with your oven or found online at
        6. All CBO ovens are shipped FOB Factory by a third-party carrier. It is the recipient's responsibility to inspect the product(s) for damages before accepting/singing for the delivery. Damages incurred during shipment must be addressed with the carrier at the time of delivery.
        7. A certain amount of pitting naturally occurs during the vibration and screeding (leveling and smoothing) techniques used in manufacturing refractory precast shapes. Also, due to the blending of minerals used to create refractory and the high temperatures used to kiln-fire the oven's dome, hearth and arch, some color variation may occur. These cosmetic variations are not detrimental to the function of the oven.
        8. Any alterations made to prefabricated ovens without written approval from Chicago Brick Oven, will void warranty.

        Limitation on Liability

        It is expressly agreed and understood that CBO's sole obligation and purchaser's exclusive remedy under this warranty, under any other warranty, expressed or implied, otherwise, shall be limited to replacement, repair, or refund, as specified above. In no event shall CBO be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages caused by defects in its products, whether such damage occurs or is discovered before or after replacement or repair, and whether or not such damage is caused by CBO's negligence. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation or incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. the duration of any implied warranty with respect to this oven is limited to the duration of the foregoing warranty. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above may not apply to you.

        Investigation of Claims Against Warranty

        CBO reserves the right to investigate any and all claims against this warranty and to decide upon the method of settlement.

        Questions About Your Oven

        How do I clean my wood fired oven?

        Good news… you don’t! Once the fire is out and cools, you just sweep it out and it’s ready for the next time!

        What is curing and do I need to do this?

        Curing simply means removing the moisture in the mortar. Curing will significantly help to protect the cooking ability and the life of your oven.  Just as with the authentic ovens of Europe, it is highly recommended that you “break in” your oven by making a small fire (low heat) to dry out any moisture in the oven.  

        So, yes you need to cure your traditional brick and terracotta ovens (not necessary for portable ovens). It is recommended that before you begin you let your oven sit for about a week. You will be starting small fires and repeating daily for 5 days.

        Start a small fire and let it burn throughout the day (4-5 hours) maintaining temperature:

        Day 1. 140F/60C Day

        Day 2. Repeat 215F/100C

        Day 3. Repeat 300F/ 150C

        Day 4. Repeat 400F/200C Day

        Day 5. Repeat 480F/250C

        Make sure that you close the oven door each night, which will keep in the heat and protect moisture from getting in until the curing process is complete.  A visual inspection of your oven will provide you with the best clue as to its readiness; the brick surfaces transition from black to white as the charcoal is burned off the oven walls.


        Will my brick oven crack?

        Sometimes our customers get so excited when their new oven arrives that they immediately create blazing hot fires for their first pizzas.  Unfortunately, this can lead to cracking if the curing process is not done first.   Cracks are completely normal for all hand-made terracotta and brick wood-burning ovens and won’t affect the cooking in any way.   However, you can minimize any cracking by going through a proper curing process as recommended above.

        In the future, if you do have any superficial cracking in our brick ovens from Authentic Pizza Ovens, you can cover it with the included patch kit.   Here is a link to our website showing how to use it:


        Where do I start the fire in the oven?

        The fire is started right on the oven floor. First, you build the fire close to the opening of the oven. When it’s burning well, you move it to the middle of the oven floor. When the oven is hot and ready for cooking, you move the fire to the side so your cooking space is available for your culinary masterpieces. Alternatively, you can take the coals out completely but it’s not nearly as fun!


        How long does a wood-fired oven take to heat up?

        It depends on the oven. Typically, when prepared correctly, the oven will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half to get to the right temperature to bake your delicious pizzas.


        What kind of wood should I use?

        Use hard, dry, aged wood such as oak, arbor, walnut, beech, apple, mesquite, maple fruitwood (peach, plum), avocado, olive, pecan, or eucalyptus. Avoid the use of resinous wood such as spruce or pine as they can be dangerous to your health.



        Pizza and Cooking Questions

        What tools do I need for my wood fire pizza oven?

        You will definitely need a pizza peel.  In Pizza aficionado language, a peel is what you use to put your pizza in the oven, turn the pizza while in the oven, and pull it out when it’s done.  They look like a paddle with a long stick attached and come in wood or metal.

        Some people like to use a small handled wood peel to prepare and put the pizza in the oven.  Then, they use a long handled aluminum peel to take out and place the pizza back on the wood one to cut and serve it.

        There are different kinds of pizza peels. Long, short, wood, metal and combination of both.  If you don’t have a shovel or brush for your pizza oven, you will need them also.

        For pizza tools, visit our website at 


        What else can I cook in this oven?

        If you can think of it, you can probably cook it in your oven! Naturally, our ovens bake the most delicious home-made pizzas!  But, you can try your hand with breads, fish, steak, burgers, lamb, desserts and more.  Some of our ovens even allow for a rotisserie add-on that allow you to create mouth-watering chicken and turkey! 

        Typically, food will cook a bit faster (15 minutes approx.) in a wood burning oven than it does in a regular kitchen oven.

        Check out Patio & Pizza's Facebook and Patio & Pizza's Pinterest pages for recipes! 


        What kind of flour should I use?

        Excellent pizza is all about the crust! We recommend several kinds of flour:

        • King Arthur Flour
        • Hayden Flour Mills
        • Caputo’s 00 (low in gluten)

        Questions About Your Oven Delivery

        What is the expected delivery time?

        Depending upon where you live you should receive it within 4-10 days. We will give you shipping information and instructions once the freight company has confirmed pick up. We usually arrange pick up within 1-2 business days of purchase.

        What if my oven is damaged when it arrives?

        All ovens will be shipped without any damages and packed securely. It is important that you inspect your shipment with the driver when it arrives. In the rare event that there is damage, please have the driver note it on the freight bill PRIOR to the delivery truck leaving.

        Do you offer a warranty?

        We want you to be happy with your product!   All of our products come with their manufacturer warranties.  

        Regarding pizza ovens, our ovens are quality checked before being shipped to our customers. That being said, traditional wood burning ovens may develop small cracks either inside or outside as described above. This is normal and you should expect it to happen.  As you do your research, you will find that this is the case with all handmade European wood fire ovens. Therefore, there is not a return warranty on our traditional ovens due to any cracking. Personally, we think it adds character and is recognized in Europe as a sign of a well-seasoned oven.


        Patio & Pizza's Price Match Guarantee

        At Patio & Pizza, we work very hard to ensure that we offer the absolute best prices (and customer satisfaction!) online.  We are committed to upholding our Vendors minimum advertised pricing and want you to feel confident that you are getting the absolute best price for the product you are ordering.

        If you find another online store that offers a lower price than us, please let us know and we will work hard to match their price to earn your business! 

        We know purchasing a pizza oven is a big deal and we want to make it easy for you (and your wallet)!

        We don't just sell pizza ovens... we cook in our pizza ovens! Need advice?  Call us! 1-888-671-2342

        Related Items

        Shipping Information

        SHIPPING AND LIFT-GATE SERVICES ARE FREE FOR ALL PURCHASES OVER $790 within the Contiguous US.  All other shipping only $12.99.  If you are in Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico, please contact us for a shipping quote.  No tax added when shipping outside of Florida.

        Not quite ready to receive your oven or kitchen island yet?  Don't worry - you can purchase now to reserve your product and lock in pricing .  We will delay delivery until you are ready!

        At Patio & Pizza, we want you to be confident that your order will reach you safely and quickly.  We've outlined the order and shipping processes below for your convenience:

        Order Confirmation

        When you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail outlining the product you purchased.  This tells you we received your order and pre-authorized your credit card for the purchase.  As soon as we receive your order, we automatically confirm that it is available for immediate shipment.  

        If your item is available for immediate shipment (within 5 business days), we will process the charges and submit the order for shipment.  If your item is on back-order or unavailable (and was not a pre-purchase), we will void the credit card pre-authorization and reach out to you via e-mail or phone to discuss options.  

        Order Shipment

        If your order is in stock and we process the charges to your credit card, the product(s) will ship within five business days (usually by next day) from the date of your order. 

        Due to weight of the some of the items, we may contact you to determine appropriate freight shipping requirements. If the item is over 150lbs and you do not have a fork-lift to get it off the truck, you need Lift-Gate service at delivery.  The good news?  WE PAY IT FOR YOU!  :-)  But, we need to know you need it!   See additional Lift-Gate Information further down.

        Depending on delivery requirements, there may be a freight handling charge for special residential, lift-gate requirements, or requests (ie, white glove treatment) at your delivery location. 

        Once your item ships, we will send tracking information to the e-mail address provided when checking out.  If you do not receive tracking information from us within 6 business days of your order, feel free to follow up with us at


        Pizza Ovens are heavy and take careful preparation to ship successfully.  We want yours to arrive safely at your destination.  Please inspect the packaging of your oven or accessories when they arrive.  If you notice any damage, you must make note of it when signing for delivery.  In the unfortunate event that the delivery company damages your item, write "damaged" on the driver's bill, send photos to, and give us a call so we can process an insurance claim on your behalf and correct the situation.


        Frequently Asked Lift-Gate Questions

        Many of our outdoor pizza ovens, kitchen island kits, and outdoor kitchen components are extremely heavy and take special consideration when delivering to your location.   When ordering, it is important to note whether you need a lift gate upon delivery of your order to your residence or business.

        Below are answers to our most frequently asked lift gate questions so you can make the right decision on your needs.  

        How will my order be delivered?

        Freight is used only when shipments are over 120lbs or are over-sized.The standard Freight shipping delivery method is typically called “curb-side delivery”.   Curb-side delivery is the method used on all our freight shipments unless other arrangements are made.

        We will schedule delivery date for you but the delivery company should give you a call a day or two ahead of time to schedule and confirm the delivery timeframe.   

        Your delivery will be made with a full size Semi-Truck ranging from 20 to 53 feet in length. The truck WILL NOT be a box truck like a UPS or FedEx truck.  We typically cannot request a certain length of truck for final delivery, so please assume it will be a long truck.  The driver is only obligated to deliver curbside at the end of your driveway so it will be your responsibility to move it from there.

        We have found that most drivers will deliver up your driveway when possible but it is up to them to decide.  That being said, sometimes the drivers will help but they are not obligated to help in any way once the freight is off the truck. If the truck does not have a lift gate, you would be responsible for getting the item off the back of the semi truck.

        What do I need to know regarding my delivery?

        What is a Lift-gate?

        A lift-gate is basically a hydraulic lift used to raise and lower items from ground level to the level of a delivery truck or trailer. Most freight companies deliver items on a truck which are usually designed to load and unload at a loading dock or with a fork-lift.

        If your delivery location (ie, residence) does not have a loading dock or fork-lift and the item is too heavy to remove from the trailer by hand, then you would need a lift-gate. 

        Do I need lift-gate delivery?

        If the individual items in your shipment are light enough for you to remove from the truck, you do not need a lift-gate. If your item is over 120 lbs and you live in a residential location, you will need a lift-gate.

        If your delivery location has a loading dock or a forklift, you do not need a lift-gate. If you are willing to drive to the closest terminal and pick up the freight from the delivery terminal, you do not need a lift-gate.

        People often ask “how does the delivery company expect residential customers to get the heavy freight off the truck?” Unfortunately, the answer is: “they expect you to pay for a lift-gate delivery”. You don’t want a delivery truck trying to deliver without a lift-gate and then not have a way to get it off the back of the truck.

        If you can’t get the freight off the truck, there will be a re-delivery fee on top of the full retail lift gate fee.

        *Please note: In some area’s freight companies may require lift-gate delivery for liability reasons.

        Is lift-gate delivery always available?

        No. The availability of a lift-gate varies by carrier and type of truck used for delivery. Therefore, it is very important to notify us in advance if you will require lift-gate delivery since most trucks are not equipment with a lift-gate.

        How much does lift-gate delivery cost?

        The charge for lift-gate service from the Freight company is $65.00.  The good news?  WE PAY IT FOR YOU!  :-)  Just make sure you let us know you need it!

        How do I request lift-gate service?

        We make it easy for you to request the lift-gate service when ordering your oven.  Simply select "Free US Shipping - Residential/Lift-Gate Freight Delivery Charge" when checking out and the lift gate service will be added at checkout.