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Chicago Brick Oven 1000 Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit

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  • BONUS Wood-Fired Recipe eBook!
  • Free Pizza Tool Kit
  • LARGE 51.5"D x 40"W Cooking Floor
  • Made in the USA
  • Ships in 5-10 Business Days

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CBO-1000 DIY Pizza Oven Kit

If you're an architect, designer, or masonry contractor, the CBO-1000 brick pizza oven kit gives you the basis for a new customer offering.  This huge pizza oven kit with a 51.5"D x 40"W cooking space is a great outdoor oven investment!  If you are in the hospitality industry, this pizza oven can pay for itself in a week!

The CBO-1000 DIY pizza oven is also perfect for backyard entertaining and neighborhood clubs where your friends will be FIRED UP about your parties for years to come!

With this DIY outdoor kitchen oven kit, installation is straight-forward and you can finish in your style and with the materials of your choice making this oven the focal point for your residential or commercial patio. Perfect for restaurants, bakeries, outdoor kitchens, and pizzerias!

Don't believe it?  Just ask Guy Fieri or Rachael Ray... they also love the Chicago Brick Oven pizza oven's superior cooking performance!

Limited Offer:  Purchase the CBO-1000 Bundle today and get a FREE Bonus Cooking Kit.  Kit includes a Pizza Peel, Infrared Thermometer Gun, and an Oven Cleaning Brush. Over $155 value!

Note:  As this oven is made just for you, it sometimes takes 3-5 days to ship... so, that gives you plenty of time to prepare your area for its arrival and setup! (it'll be worth the wait, we promise!)

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CBO-1000 DIY Pizza Oven Kit Specifications

The CBO-1000 provides over 1,600 square inches of cooking surface (51.5"D x 40"W) which means it can easily handle multiple pizzas, loaves of bread, meats, and desserts for a full meal from your wood fired oven. 

  • Type: DIY / Ready To Finish - Design and build the oven of your dreams!
  • Construction: Refractory Cement Reinforced with Stainless Steel Fibers for durability and long-term strength - MADE RIGHT HERE IN THE USA!
  • Fuel Type: Wood - Excellent Heat Retention to Minimize Constant Refueling
  • Insulation Boards: The SUPER-1100 E calcium silicate boards are designed for maximum temperatures of 1100°C (1832°F) to help keep your oven hot for hours! 
  • Clearance to Combustibles: 10" to Sides | 18" to Ceiling | 30" from Door
  • Certification: NSF Rated | UL Listed - The CBO-1000 Wood Burning Model Conforms To UL STD 2162 & NSF STD 4, Certified to ULC/ORD STD C2162
  • Refractory Oven Components Included: 2-Piece Dome, 3-Piece Hearth, Arch, Insulating Door (for closed-door cooking), Duravent Flue Anchor Plate
  • Installation Kit Included: Insulating Board, Insulating Blanket, Steel Plate, Mortar
  • DuraVent 6" Anchor Plate (6DT-AP) - Will connect to DuraTech 6" Class "A" Double Wall Pipe (Venting Pipe and Termination Cap NOT INCLUDED)

Have more questions?  Give us a call!

Chicago Brick Oven User Manual 


CBO-750 Specification Guide

CBO-1000 DIY Pizza Oven Kit

This indoor or outdoor pizza oven kit can be put together in 60 minutes; then, you can use your expertise to create a unique pizza oven masterpiece using your own design, materials, and vision.  Your customers will be so happy, they'll have their friends lined up to do more business with you! 

    • This outdoor pizza oven has a low, igloo-like design to create concentrated heat and high temperatures.
    • Because of this unique design, you’ll be able to use convection cooking, radiant heat, and conduction interchangeably to create gourmet meals, whether you’re an at-home chef or a professional restaurateur!
    • The patented design of this oven produces a Flame Roll that not only generates temps as high as 100°F but is also eye catching and amazing to watch.

Don't hesitate - Add To Cart now to get your own Chicago Brick Oven CBO-1000 Pizza Oven bundle!


While watching these videos, just image how this oven could be built into your existing outdoor entertaining space.  If you can imagine it, you can build it!

Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit Time-Lapse Installation

Building a custom outdoor oven is easy when starting with a Chicago Brick Oven CBO-1000 bundled kit.  Watch this video to see just how easy it can be done: 

Lighting and Heating Your Chicago Brick Oven

Getting your CBO-1000 wood fired oven up to the correct temperature isn't hard but there are some good tricks you'll learn through experimentation.  This video will get you started and show you how to light your oven easily:

Curing Your CBO-1000 Chicago Brick Oven

 Curing your CBO-1000 oven simply means starting several small temperature fires over time to allow all moisture to leave the brick.  Below is a great method for curing your oven.


Chicago Brick Oven has a limited warranty that warrants their products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three (3) years from the date of shipment.

Local regulations about wood burning equipment should be consulted.


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Love it!

Love it! It can cook some amazing food! I went with the 750 and it's perfect for our family. It has become the centerpiece of our backyard.

“My oven is finally finished and it looks great!

“My oven is finally finished and it looks great! When my contractor started in the fall, my only stipulation was that it be finished by Thanksgiving, so I could cook part of my meal in the oven. They finished the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving, and it started snowing that day. I had spent the prior week curing the oven while the final pieces of the stone were put on the exterior. So, on Thanksgiving morning I was outside first thing in the morning shoveling the path to the oven and starting my fire! I cooked Turkey Roulades and roasted vegetables in the oven and it performed perfectly. We have done several Pizzas as well and they have been fantastic. We look forward to spring and the chance to do more cooking in our CBO. Thanks Guys!”- David A. Queensburg, NY

I first discovered wood-fired brick ovens on a cooking show a few years ago.

I first discovered wood-fired brick ovens on a cooking show a few years ago. I have always wanted one since then. I did some research looking for the best one and the same company kept coming up, Chicago Brick Oven. I got my oven in April 2015 and started cooking right away, after I Installed, making sure to follow the instructions that were included. The oven and the pizzas I cooked became the sensation of my small town! We had pizza parties every weekend and then I started experimenting! We have made pizza, steaks, fish, baked potatoes, cookies, pumpkin seeds, Mac n' Cheese, calzones, stuffed peppers, and my favorite, fresh pita bread. I have had no complaints about my oven and can't wait to cook something new with it every weekend. I highly recommend Chicago Brick Oven to everyone that has a passion for cooking great food.- Joe N.

I absolutely love my CBO!

I absolutely love my CBO! It has become the centerpiece to my Backyard Kitchen. The best part… I can now cook my Famous Neapolitan Tomato and Sausage Pie in my CBO instead of a conventional oven. And, the CBO team was with me throughout the entire installation process! Great customer service guys. -Mike C.

Attached are pictures of the pizza oven in our outdoor kitchen at our community center.

Attached are pictures of the pizza oven in our outdoor kitchen at our community center. It looks absolutely perfect and we are very happy with it!\n\nThanks for working with me in ordering this and having it delivered.\n\nHope you are having a wonderful day!!\n

We love out Chicago Brick Oven Pizza!

We love out Chicago Brick Oven Pizza!! We use it all year round and love the fact that it was made in the USA. The flame roll looks magnificent at night and is the center piece of our backyard. We wouldn't have considered any other oven than a CBO!

Our oven has been a BIG hit with family and friends.

Our oven has been a BIG hit with family and friends. We have been cooking up a storm over here! Not only is the pizza fantastic, so are some of our favorites like Sausage and Peppers and Soft Shell Crab! Thanks for a great product!

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We understand your love of fire and can help turn a boring backyard into an outdoor paradise focusing on friends, food, and fire! 

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  • What's the heating time of stainless steel and brick ovens?

    Stainless steel pizza ovens will heat faster but they won't stay hot as long. Brick ovens take longer to completely heat but the heat will be retained in the oven for much longer cooking times.  

  • What are the features of Chicago Brick Ovens?

    These ovens are certified to UL and NSF4 Standards for safe indoor/outdoor installations. They have a proprietary low dome design and flue system which creates a dynamic Flame roll - not only does it look great but it generates temps as high as 1000 degrees for true wood-fired taste. You can purchase the base kit and then customize using your own design. We also have many celebrities using the CBO ovens such as Guy Fieri, Rachael Ray, and Iron Chef Restaurateurs, Edward Lee and Tim Love.  

  • What are the features of CBO-500 and CBO-750 kits?

    The CBO-500 is a kit that comes in 3 pieces with the prefabricated dome totally complete. Then, you can finish in the material (stone, brick, etc.) of your choice. The cooking space of the CBO-500 is 26 ¾" w x 23"d. If you a really serious in this investment, there is a larger CBO-750 kit which has a cooking space of 40"d x 27 ½"w. You get a pizza peel, oven cleaning brush, and infrared thermometer gun with the CBO kits.

  • I am installing it in an outdoor kitchen, but the kitchen is capable of being totally enclosed so I will need to pipe the flue out about 8' or so, is that possible?

    Yes, you can easily extend the flue. We carry the Duravent chimney pipe that works great for extending the flue. You can also re-route the chimney if necessary - you just need to have the first 24" straight up from the oven. After that, you can turn if necessary. We've had some customers go as far as 30' without any drafting issues. It's really up to you (or any local guidelines) as to whether you want to go up through the roof or through a sidewall. Some people even put in just a hood and then have their oven and/or grill underneath the hood directing the smoke through it.

  • Where do the Chicago Brick Pizza ovens ship from?

    These ovens are manufactured and ship from Chicago.  

  • Is There A Max Length Of Pizza Oven Chimney Vent Pipe Allowed?

    We have seen 30 feet of venting used without drafting issues with our Chicago Brick Ovens.

  • What Type Of Pipe Do I Need To Use Chimney Vent Wall Piping?

    We recommend Duravent double wall pipe. We carry the Duravent pipe and can work with you to get the lengths you need. Just shoot a quick email to and let us know what you are planning.

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