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Enjoy authentic flavors in your own kitchen

If you're a home chef who loves to cook, you know that a good indoor pizza oven is essential.  Imagine the smell of traditional pizzas, loaves of bread, or sweet cobbler wafting through your kitchen.

With an indoor wood-fired or gas pizza oven, you not only increase the value of your home, but, more importantly, increase the fun in your dinners.

There are different certifications required for an indoor pizza oven installation depending on whether you are installing in a residence or in a commercial location. When a pizza oven has the appropriate UL and ULC listed certifications, it means they will pass a home or commercial inspection.

Installing a non-certified home pizza oven may not be approved by your inspector. The ovens in this collection are certified for commercial and/or residential indoor use. This means they may be safely installed indoors as long as you ventilate the chimney properly and follow your local building ordinances.  

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Whether you're looking for a wood-fired option or a gas model, we've got you covered. Find the perfect pizza oven below and start planning for your next dinner party!

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Most definitely! Unlike a conventional oven, a pizza oven provides a combination of smoking, baking, and roasting that results in healthy, mouth-watering dishes filled with flavor.  Pizza ovens are great for the home chef who loves to try new techniques like baking bread. 

Every indoor pizza oven installation will be different depending on your residence structure and your geographical location.  The main concern is to make sure your installation complies with your local building codes.    Here is a great guide for indoor pizza oven installations.

Yes, an indoor pizza oven must have a way for the heat and smoke to exit the kitchen.  Excellent ventilation for your pizza oven is a priority. Venting through chimney extensions or range hoods are the most common methods for venting a pizza oven indoors.   A powerful range hood can ensure that your kitchen won't be consumed by smoke, strong odors, or soot covering your walls, ceiling, and cabinets.

Yes, there are many homes with indoor wood fired pizza ovens.  If you're a true chef who wants to make pizzas and unique cuisine on a weekly basis, you'll want to invest in a high-quality indoor wood pizza oven that will give you years of enjoyment.

Imagine the smell of fresh, hot pizza pies baking in your very own kitchen – it’s an experience you have to try to believe.  Indoor wood-fired ovens are the perfect way to get that amazing pizzeria taste without ever having to leave your home.

You need to buy a pizza oven that is certified for residential use. This means they may be safely installed indoors as long as you ventilate the chimney properly and follow your local building ordinances. When installing a pizza oven indoors, the main priority is to maintain appropriate clearances away from any combustible materials and vent the oven properly. 

Look for an indoor pizza oven like the Earthstone Cafe wood burning oven that has the proper certification for indoor installation.

Trying to turn an existing fireplace into a pizza oven usually doesn't work very well.  Fireplaces are vented with large chimneys to allow a large amount of smoke and heat to leave the home while a well designed pizza oven will maintain heat as much as possible.  Also, the door of fireplaces are usually at a much lower height than you'd want the door of your pizza oven. 

If building from scratch or renovating, it's best to use a fireplace with pizza oven kit so you meet all the certifications and venting requirements.

A gas pizza oven is fueled by natural gas or propane and can be used to cook pizza indoors. It is a great option for those who want to make their own pizzas and other meals at home without having to use a wood-fired or coal-fired oven. Indoor gas pizza ovens are becoming more popular in homes as people become more interested in cooking their own pizzas, bread, desserts, and more.

There are a few things to consider when choosing an indoor gas pizza oven for your home.

1. The first is the size of the oven. You will need to choose an oven that is big enough to accommodate the meals you want to make. Whether your décor is rustic, modern, traditional or eclectic, your gas pizza oven will greatly enhance the appearance of your indoor kitchen. Choosing one that is big enough for future needs is a wise investment all-around for the aesthetic, cooking and entertaining perks it offers.

2. The second is the type of fuelyou want to use. Natural gas is the most common type of fuel, but you can also choose to use propane.  One of the main things to consider when choosing an indoor pizza oven is how quickly it heats up. Gas pizza ovens heat up quickly so you are cooking in less time.  

3. The third is the price. Indoor gas pizza ovens are typically more expensive than outdoor gas ovens because they have additional certifications that allow an indoor installation. The indoor ovens we sell are certified for residential and/or commercial indoor installations for new buildings as well as renovations.  

An indoor gas pizza oven must have plenty of ventilation to avoid smoke and odors from filling your kitchen. A powerful range hood will ensure that you don't get consumed by its immersive heat or dangerous air. Here is a great article that explains how indoor pizza ovens should be installed.