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Improving Your Home’s Value With an Outdoor Oven

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A pizza oven is an upgrade you'll enjoy year-round!

Your home is your biggest investment, both in plain old financial terms and in how important it is to you and your family. Improving your home’s value can be a tricky task, but there is one proven method to boost your home’s realty appeal: It’s a backyard oven!

Backyard ovens are a desirable addition

In Brooklyn, one of the most cramped real estate markets in the country, Franco Facili owned a less-than-intriguing building on a lot underneath the elevated Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. It was impossible to find anyone interested in renting the space, given its unfortunate location. However, after knocking down a wall in his building and finding an old, brick pizza oven, prospective tenants started lining up at the door!

In Facili’s case, even the lackluster position of his building wasn’t enough of a drawback for artisans looking to make a splash with hand-crafted, brick-oven baked pizza.

Baking pizzas in an authentic brick pizza oven

The same can be true for your home; people get so excited about a pizza oven that they’re willing to look over potential deal breakers, such as a home on a strange lot, or one further away from some amenities.

Unique home improvements increase the appeal

When undertaking a project, many people are considering how much it might add to their home’s value. According to Realtor, some of these projects can fall a bit short of expectations when it comes time to sell the house; for example, a bathroom remodel usually only recoups about 50% of its project cost. People looking to buy a house are more willing to pay for improvements that they can’t find anywhere else.

Outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven

That’s where a pizza oven comes in; it’s a home feature that you don’t often see when browsing through real estate listings. For many families, a house with a pizza oven is nothing short of a dream home!  Even better is a pizza oven combined with a fireplace like the Round Grove Fiesta Combo that creates the ultimate entertaining space.

The icing on the cake

On houses with plenty of unique amenities and luxury finishes, a pizza oven can be the final touch that gives the house boosted value and more interested buyers. A Realtor has a short list of houses on the market, alongside the handsome price they command, that feature a pizza oven in addition to touches like hot tubs, heated barns, and patio furnishings.

Belforno outdoor brick pizza oven

It’s easy to find homes that are chock full of luxury options, but it’s not easy to find one that comes with all of those and a pizza oven. 

The Round Grove combo pizza oven and fireplace, featured on This Old House, eliminates the requirement to build from scratch on site by offering prefabricated solutions.


If you’re ready to give your own house a lift in its value, then why not install your own outdoor brick oven? It’s an investment that will more than pay for itself, both in terms of your home’s value and the delicious memories you can make over the fire.

Ready to get started? Take a look at our collection of brick ovens to see which would work best in your own backyard.