Patio & Pizza Authorized Brands

Patio & Pizza Outdoor Furnishings is a leading authorized retailer for many top brands in the Outdoor Living and Fire Feature niche.  For years, we've maintained great relationships with our favorite brands listed below. 

We build lasting relationships with the manufacturers and distributors so we can answer your questions and assist when needed.  To view a brand's collection of products, click on their logo below.

Alfa Ovens Pizza Ovens

Alfresco Pizza Ovens

American Fyre firepits and fireplaces


Authentic Pizza Ovens pizza ovens

Belforno Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

Bison fire starters

Brickwood Ovens pizza ovens

Bromic Heating outdoor heaters

Chicago Brick Oven pizza ovens

Dimplex fireplaces

DuraVent brick oven chimney

Earthstone Ovens

Empire Comfort Systems fireplaces

Fire Pit Art

Grand Effects Fire and Water Elements

Ignis Products fireplaces

Loveless Ash pizza oven accessories

Lovin' Flame fire pits tables

Memphis Wood Fire Grills

Modern Flames fireplaces

Necessories Outdoor Living

Real Fyre Premium Gas Logs

Round Grove Fireplaces with Pizza Ovens


Summit Appliance

Superior Fireplaces

The Baker's Board

The Outer Greatroom Company

The Outdoor Plus

Touchstone fireplaces

True Flame fire bowls

Tuscan Chef pizza ovens

Vamparossa gas burners

Browse the collection of pizza ovens, fire features, and outdoor kitchen furnishing below or use the filter menu to find a specific brand's collection.

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