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Mason-Lite Wood Burning Fireplace

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Enjoy an indoor or outdoor fireplace year-round!

Whether you dream of having an indoor traditional fireplace in your upstairs master bedroom retreat or on your outdoor patio, you can accomplish it without major building infrastructure reinforcement. This is because the Mason-Lite Lightweight Masonry Fireplace is half the weight and half the cost of traditional masonry fireplaces.

These modular concrete fireboxes are the lightest in weight in their class with the highest heat resistant strength on the market. A key advantage of prefab outdoor fireplace kits is the rapid installation. Often, you can install these fireplace models right away, which means you can start using and enjoying them promptly after purchase.

Fireplace Kit Specs

  • Mason-Lite factory-built fireplaces are available in five different sizes of 33″, 39″, 44″, 49″, and 63″
  • The fireplace façade can be finished with brick, marble, tile or stone, typically at a thickness of 1¼”: 
  • The exterior may be finished with the same noncombustible products, including wood siding as long as proper clearances from combustible materials are adhered to according to the installation instructions.
  • The prefabricated fireplace system meets or exceed all federal, state, and local construction building code requirements and are certified for both indoor and outdoor installation

Fireplace Kit Features

  • Indoor/Outdoor Installation - the advantages of the Mason-Lite fireplace system are its lightweight, ease of installation, quality construction and lack of inherent problems commonly found in traditional metal fireplace inserts.
  • Complies with UL 127 & UL 103 chimney component standards
  • All kits come complete with refractory mortar, rebar and T-Bar
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Heat resistant fire tested up to 1,700° F
  • 50% cheaper than traditional hand-built masonry fireplaces
  • Energy efficient with a wider heat radiant
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Optional Firebrick Panels

To ensure the longevity of your fireplace all of our Mason-Lite units require a firebrick liner. The firebrick panels add a classic look to your fireplace and efficiently reflect more heat into your living space.  A typical firebrick lining takes a Mason five to eight hours of labor to install but the Mason-Lite prefabricated firebrick panels install easily in a matter of minutes.


Full Running firebrick panel

Full Running Firebrick Panel Kit

 Herringbone firebrick panel

Herringbone Firebrick Panel Kit

The optional prefabricated firebrick panels are available in full running bond, split running bond, and a split herringbone. These prefabricated panels are lightweight, durable panels that are installed on site. Unlike others faux brick panels, Mason-Lite panels are made with real firebrick. The set consists of two sides, a back and a bottom that fit the standard firebox sizes of 33″-63″.

Chimney Design

The Mason-Lite fireplace construction has been tested with both a masonry chimney, manufactured by MFI, and a Class A listed metal chimney. Either chimney system will work.

When installed, the maximum overall height of the Mason-Lite fireplace design is 40 feet. The minimum chimney installation height is 14 feet, given that the chimney is straight. If the chimney is not straight, the minimum installation height is 17 feet.

Masonry Fireplace Sizes

Model Size Product Dimensions  Venting Dimensions
33"  37"W x 28"D x 54 1/4"H 12"
39"  43"W x 28"D x 62 1/4"H  12"
44"  48"W x 28"D x 62 1/4"H  12"
49"   53"W x 28"D x 62 1/4"H 14"
63"  67"W x 28"D x 70 1/4"H 16"
75"  75"W x 28"D x 32 3/4"H 16"

Fireplace Framing Sizes

Model Size Framing Dimensions  Finished Opening Dimensions
33"  41"W x 30"D x 56 1/4"H 30”W x 22.5”H
39"  47"W x 30"D x 64 1/4"H 36”W x 30.5”H
44"  52"W x 30"D x 64 1/4"H 41”W x 30.5”H
49"  57"W x 30"D x 64 1/4"H 46”W x 30.5”H
 63"  71"W x 30"D x 72 1/4"H 60”W x 30.5”H
75"  82"W x 30"D x 72 1/4"H 72”W x 30.5”H


The full 33-inch fireplace includes components to build firebox with a 33-inch wide by 24-inch high fireplace opening and two feet of masonry chimney, plus a bag of mortar.

Similarly, the 39-inch, 44-inch, 49-inch, and 63-inch kits come with all the key pieces you need to build a modular fireplace anywhere in your home. Each of these fireplaces comes with materials to build essential fireplace components, including hearths, walls, lintels, steel supports, rating plates, all-thread bars and rebars.

Note: If you want a gas fireplace, we offer the Mason-Lite Gas B Vent System which comes with gas logs.  Contact us for additional information.

Mason-Lite Wood Burning Fireplace Manual

Mason-Lite Wood Burning Fireplace Manual


Mason-Lite 33” Specification Guide

Mason-Lite 33 Specification Guide


Mason-Lite 39” Specification Guide

Mason-Lite 39 Specification Guide


Mason-Lite 44” Specification Guide

Mason-Lite 44 Specification Guide


Mason-Lite 49” Specification Guide

Mason-Lite 49 Specification Guide


Mason-Lite 63” Specification Guide

Mason-Lite 63 Specification Guide

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  • Does the 44" come with the firebrick insert shown in the 3rd picture above? it isnt mentioned whether it comes with it or not?

    The brick liner is not included

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