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Why do we love the Belforno Wood Fired Pizza Ovens brand?


Belforno's founder, Frank Shepherdson, spent many summers in France and Italy and wanted to bring his experiences to evryone's backyard. As a result, the ovens Belforno builds make it possible to cook not only the perfect pizza, but also roasted meats, loaves of bread, desserts and much more — right in your own back yard.

5 Reasons For Buying a Belforno Wood-Fired Oven Kit 

1.  Belforno ovens make it possible, time after time, to cook not only the perfect pizza, but also roasted meats, breads, vegetables and much more — right in your own back yard.
2.  Take the guess-work out of building a correctly-proportioned oven making it easy to enjoy the benefits of a wood-fired pizza oven through superior craftsmanship, competitive price point and excellent customer service. 
3.  Made in the Italian tradition using only the finest refractory ceramic materials therefore maintaining the authenticity and superior cooking results of an original Italian wood-burning ovens
4.  Oven kits are conveniently delivered in a palletized crate to your home ready to assemble. You can enclose the oven with the material of your choice.  All you need is a chimney (we typically recommend stainless steel or, in some cases, a clay flue liner). 
5.  Oven kits are available as wood-fired or gas-fired so you can choose the option that fits best for your lifestlye.

Belforno Pizza Oven Kit Contents

  • Refractory oven components
  • Refractory floor components
  • Ceramic blanket insulation for the dome
  • Ceramic board insulation for the base
  • Belforno high-heat mortar
  • Belforno steel door
  • Metal pizza peel
  • Infrared thermometer

    Belforno PIzza Oven Kit used to build an outdoor brick oven

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