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Building your new pizza oven structure can be done in a few hours using the Chicago Brick Oven bundle but there are some guidelines that will make your work much easier and ensure your oven installation is done correctly.

The time-lapse below demonstrates an entire outdoor pizza oven installation:

Requirements for Clearance from Combustible Materials

When installing your Chicago Brick Oven wood burning oven (either outdoors or indoors), to avoid the possibility of a fire, you must adhere to the following requirements for the minimum clearance between your Oven and any combustible materials.

Clearance Around the Oven: The sides and back of the Chicago Brick Pizza Oven must be at least 10 inches away from combustible materials (See Aerial View below). The top of the Oven must have at least an 18-inch clearance and the bottom a 30-inch clearance from combustible materials (See Front View below).

Clearance Around the Door Opening: A minimum 30-inch clearance from combustible materials is required on each side of the Door opening and 36 inches from the front of the Door opening. (A Hearth extension may be required to meet these clearance requirements.)

Clearance From Wood Storage Area: There must be a 7-inch clearance between the bottom Insulation Boards of the Chicago Brick Oven and any wood storage areas that are under the Oven installation. To ensure the 7-inch clearance, it is recommended that you incorporate a noncombustible physical barrier or some other indicator of the distance within the wood storage area.

Refer to the User Manual included with your oven for greater detail on installing the CBO-500, CBO-750, and CBO-1000 brick pizza oven kits.

Chicago Brick Oven User Manual 

Check out the Chicago Brick Oven Series 500 bundle for your own backyard!

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