Join Me on My Dough-Making Adventure

Hi there! I'm Pam...

When I first got into wood-fired cooking, I struggled making pizza dough. So, rather than worry about how my homemade dough would turn out at pizza parties, I just bought pre-made dough at my local supermarket.  

I realized there are 1000s of recipes and techniques for making pizza dough.  And just as many when you start baking bread (ask me how I know).

I'd find a technique from an "expert" but it would contradict the next advice I found from another "expert". 

I was confused and had inconsistent results trying to make dough for pizza or bread.

Not anymore. And, I'd love to share with you what I've learned!


How-to Videos

Each month we'll highlight a new recipe. You will get an email letting you know the content has been added to the membership hub.

You will be able to watch and learn from the how-to videos created for that particular recipe. Then, you can experiment with the recipe throughout the month while leaning on the community for support.

These videos are made while I'm cooking the same recipe you will be using. I break down the techniques into manageable steps, making seemingly complex tasks achievable for everyone.

Whether you are cooking in an outdoor wood-fired oven or your indoor conventional oven,we will be using techniques in both!

Guest Chefs

Throughout the year, we invite other chefs into our community to teach us something new. Our guest chef's provide a step-by-step video for a recipe or technique they use.

It's like having a personalized lesson from a seasoned expert right in your kitchen. These techniques might range from perfecting the art of kneading to achieving the ideal dough consistency.

Watching these chefs in action allow you to master the basics. You'll grasp nuances, tips, and tricks that elevate your dough-making from ordinary to exceptional. With this level of guidance, your dough-making mastery is not just a goal; it's an exciting and achievable reality.


1. 🥖 Dough Doubt: Lacking confidence when you're not sure if your dough will rise, bake, or turn out right. The uncertainty can be downright frustrating.

2. 🤯 Too Many Recipes: Lost in a sea of recipes, each claiming to be "the one"? It's like trying to choose the right path in a labyrinth.

3. 🍕 Inconsistent Results: One day your pizza is a culinary masterpiece, the next it's a doughy disaster. It's a rollercoaster of taste and texture.

4. 🤷 Technique Tango: Confused by different techniques & various tips? It's easy to get caught up in a never-ending dance of dough-making styles.

5. 🤔 Lack of Feedback: Not sure if you're doing it right, but don't have anyone to look over your shoulder.

But guess what? There's a light at the end of the dough tunnel!

Dough-making can be dough-lightful.

Here's how our membership can help:

1. 💪 Confidence Booster: With a solid base of knowledge and skills, you'll have the confidence to experiment with different recipes and techniques.

2. 🍞 Structured Learning: Say goodbye to the recipe roulette! No more guessing games, just clear, step-by-step guidance.

3. 🎓 Master the Basics: We'll start with the fundamentals and build your skills from the ground up. You'll learn the science behind dough-making – it's like magic, but with flour and water!

4. 👩‍🍳 Community Support: Connect with a community of like-minded dough enthusiasts. Share your experiences, ask questions, and be inspired by others on their dough-making journey.