Hi there! I'm Pam...

When I first got into wood-fired cooking, I struggled making pizza dough. So, rather than worry about how my homemade dough would turn out at pizza parties, I just bought pre-made dough at my local supermarket.  

It was embarrassing to be an expert with pizza ovens but still unable to make homemade dough successfully.  I realized there are 100s (if not 1000s) of recipes and techniques for making pizza dough.  And there are just as many when you start baking bread (ask me how I know).

I would try one person’s technique but then switch to another that sounded better.  It was a confusing time, and I just wanted someone to tell me the one thing to do so I could produce consistently good dough.

Eventually, after tons of research, practice and paying for several courses, I am happy to say that my dough is consistently great now. Learning a solid base of knowledge and techniques around dough-making made all the difference.  I know others are going through the same frustrations and confusion.   

That’s why I want to inspire more home chefs to overcome their dough-making challenges with renewed enthusiasm. By empowering you with knowledge and skills in a structured format, you'll no longer feel limited by pre-made dough options and can experiment with different recipes and techniques. And, you'll progress WAY FASTER than I did! It's not as hard as you think!


More Baking, Less Googling

If you are curious and eager to understand the science and art behind making great dough,

you've found your people!

Learn different methods and recipes with us to improve your skills.


How-to Videos

Dough-making can involve intricate techniques that might be challenging to grasp through text alone. Videos break down these techniques into manageable steps, making seemingly complex tasks achievable for everyone.

Incorporating how-to videos alongside our recipes is our commitment to ensuring your success. Whether you are cooking in an outdoor wood-fired oven or your indoor electric oven, we will be using techniques in both!

We want to empower you not only with the recipe itself but also with the techniques and understanding required to create dough that steals the spotlight and leaves your family and friends craving for more.

Guest Chefs

We're excited to welcome other chef's into our learning space. Our guest chef's demonstrations are a pivotal aspect of your journey towards becoming a skilled dough master. Each technique demonstrated by our guest chef adds to your skill set.

It's like having a personalized lesson from a seasoned expert right in your kitchen. These techniques might range from perfecting the art of kneading to achieving the ideal dough consistency.

Watching a chef in action allows you to grasp nuances, tips, and tricks that elevate your dough-making from ordinary to exceptional. With this level of guidance, your dough-making mastery is not just a goal; it's an exciting and achievable reality.

Tools & Recommendations

Crafting artisanal pizzas and delectable homemade breads involves more than just following a recipe; it's about employing the right tools and techniques.

They include insights into ingredient sourcing, storage techniques, and even troubleshooting common challenges. These recommendations save you time and frustration, allowing you to focus on the joy of creating rather than navigating potential pitfalls.

Along with our videos, these tools will demonstrate techniques up close, ensuring that you're executing each step correctly. This clarity can be the difference between a good result and an exceptional one.

Your success is our success, and these resources are here to make sure you reach your culinary goals with confidence.

We'll Be Here To Support You ALL THE WAY

In Stay In The Dough™, you will embark on a journey that will have you crafting mouthwatering, restaurant-quality pizzas and breads that your family and friends can't resist. So if you want to transform your skills, knowledge, and confidence to turn simple ingredients into extraordinary culinary delights, then I invite you to say "yes". Yes to continuous improvement. Yes to more fun. Yes to delectable doughs.

I look forward to being your guide along the way!