Global Flavors Made Easy: Accessible Recipes from Around the World

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Although global recipes are available to us today and many of them have been with us for a long time, there are lesser-known and tasty dishes. When you are looking for birthday party ideas, you want to surprise your guests. Even if you don't have chef skills, you can borrow easy international recipes. Some of them are quite simple and ideal for everyday cooking. Others are more unusual, but you can easily cope with them.

1. Irish Spiced Beef

Legend has it, my Irish forebears carried this culinary secret with them to American shores. This recipe is a labor of love, requiring almost a week from inception to completion. Yet, it's this unhurried process that allows the meat to soften exquisitely and the flavors to intensify, creating a gastronomic experience that's rich in heritage and taste.

2. Chicken Tagine

Morocco's beloved dish, the tagine, offers a diverse palette of tastes, a staple you'll encounter frequently during our 'Best of Morocco' adventure. The dish comes in various forms and flavors, including chicken, lamb, beef, and even vegetarian options, each presenting a delightful mix of sweet and savory tastes. Start your culinary exploration with our chosen recipe—don't hesitate to experience more. This particular favorite combines the aromatic zest of saffron and ginger with the sharpness of lemons and the richness of olives, a perfect year-round indulgence.

3. Thai Chicken Spring Rolls

Unleash your culinary creativity with versatile rice paper rolls tailored to your taste. Opt for shrimp, smoked salmon, or tofu, or go purely plant-based with mango and avocado. But remember, the star is the homemade spicy peanut sauce – it's so good, you'll find reasons to drizzle it over all your favorite dishes.

To prevent this article from turning into a tutorial from a selection of ideas for cooking international food, we do not include recipes. But you can easily find it at the first link on Google. Just one piece of advice - when studying world cuisine for beginners, do not forget about safety. The easiest way to protect yourself is to use a no logging VPN, especially when connecting via a public Wi-Fi network. It could be VeePN or another decent VPN provider. This way you can safely explore the world through food.

4. Almond Tea Bread

From the heart of Scotland, my aunt carried with her the treasured recipe for tea bread. It quickly blossomed into our family's cherished holiday ritual, with each loaf freshly-baked to perfection. Brimming with juicy red cherries, every slice embodies tradition and taste.

5. Gazpacho

Did last night's cheesecake indulgence leave you wanting a lighter meal option? Look to Gazpacho for a revitalizing lunch. This iconic Andalusian chilled soup, often spotted on our Country Roads of Andalucia tour menus, is beloved for its refreshing and healthful qualities, ideal for basking in the summer heat.

For the best experience, hold out for tomato season when ingredients are at their peak of freshness. Gazpacho's charm lies in its simplicity—a no-cook recipe that promises vibrancy and flavor in just 20 minutes.

6. German Potato Dumplings

Savor the essence of a German feast with potato dumplings, known as Kartoffel Kloesse. This cherished dish is a treat for the palate. Top them off with a luscious browned butter sauce for an irresistible flavor.

7. Shakshuka

For a taste of the Mediterranean that echoes our travels through Israel & Jordan, Yotam Ottolenghi's recipes never fail to inspire. Shakshuka, the standout dish for a lively brunch, traces its roots to North Africa, introduced to Israel by Tunisian Jewish immigrants. This flavorful combination of simmering tomatoes and eggs has taken the global brunch scene by storm, earning its spot as a modern classic. With its aromatic spices and hearty ingredients, it's clear why Shakshuka's popularity shows no signs of waning.

8. Veggie Thai Green Curry

Feel free to stick closely to the recipe and create your own green curry paste, or opt for a more convenient and budget-friendly approach by selecting a pre-made paste. Both choices lead to a delicious meal, but one saves you time and effort. Decide based on what fits your schedule and your palate.


It is simply impossible to cover all the recipes available to us from all over the world. But here the goal is not so much to eat something new every day, but to delight yourself with new products when you are in such a mood. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be a complicated dish.