10 Ideas on How to Decorate An Outdoor Christmas Tree

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Inspiring Outdoor Xmas Tree Decoration Ideas to Try This Year

Watch “Home Alone” or “Love Actually”? Listen to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” or “Last Christmas”? Buy a warm cozy sweater or cute winter gloves as a present? There are many ways to get into the holiday spirit, and decorating a Christmas tree is one of them. In this case, you also need to choose — a white ball or a porcelain snowflake?

Traditional elements used for decorating a Christmas tree are lights, garlands, tinsel, and ornaments. Using all of them and adding a bit of your style makes a Christmas tree stunning. Whether you want to do it as a professional designer or are eager to create a more rustic farmhouse vibe, find ideas you’ll love in this article. Keep reading!

How to decorate the perfect Christmas tree

When Christmas is around the corner, family spirit is as important as the perfect placement of lights and toys on a tree. However, if you want your tree to look like it was decorated by professionals, you just need to understand how the elements work together. A few easy-to-follow tips will help you with that.

Tip #1: Prepare the tree

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree starts with placing. Choose a central location or a corner you can see from every angle of the yard. It may go without saying, but you need to fluff and shape all of the branches on the Christmas tree. The idea is to cover as much area as possible. For that, separate each branch, so they fan out. Don't be afraid to bend individual branches to fill in gaps. A properly shaped tree is the needed base for future decorations.

Moreover, make sure that the tree stands straight from top to bottom. You don’t want to decorate it completely and then realize that the top half of the tree is leaning crooked. 

Tip #2: Put the lights on

Always add the lights first. Once you’ve decorated a Christmas tree with baubles and garlands, it'll be way more difficult to add the lights. If it’s a 2ft Christmas tree, designers advise using 100 bulbs or 16.4ft of lights. For a 6ft tree, as a rule of proportion, it’s better to use 300 bulbs or 49ft of lights.

When talking about color, the lights shouldn’t clash with your decorations and baubles. If you have quite a big tree, instead of using small LED strings, consider globe-shaped bulbs. Before placing them, it’s recommended to switch the lights on to see a complete picture.

Tip #3: Add oversized decorations

To give your tree a designer look and make a real statement, add a couple of oversized and exaggerated decorations to the tree. In this case, your imagination is the only limit. If you have a Christrams tree of 6ft, 2 or 3 oversized items will be enough. In case it’s a 9ft tree, add 3 or 4 of them. Also, you need to ensure that oversized decorations stagger around the tree and are not placed directly above or directly beside one another.

Now, when you’re done with the fundamentals, it’s time to add fillers, ornaments, and ribbons. How do you make it all look stylish? Below, you’ll find ten Xmas tree decoration ideas.

10 ideas for decorating your Christmas tree with pictures, props, and sweets

Social media and stock content platforms like Pinterest and Depositphotos are great sources to get unusual ideas on how to decorate your tree. Just visit https://depositphotos.com, browse the festive images of christmas trees, and find your inspiration. But for now, explore the ideas for creating the best-decorated Xmas tree.

  1. Citrus and tin. Let’s start with something simple and hand-made. Painted pine cones, dried orange slices, galvanized tin bells and stars give the perfect rustic charm to your Christmas tree.

  2. Copper & cones. This is one of the most unusual Xmas tree decoration ideas. It mixes metallic ornaments with pinecones and burlap bows.

  3. Classic touches. As a rule, this phrase always has charming farmhouse tones. By classic touches, designers refer to red balls and plaid accents, stunning rattan star toppers, and dried citrus garlands.

  4. Vintage. This is all about antique toys that can be put on the Christmas tree or used as under-the-tree decorations, e.g., a toy railway station. Let them chug around your adorable tree for a vintage look.

  5. White & red. These colors are in style every season, so you can never go wrong with them. The main thing is to not exaggerate with huge red and white balls and bows. Your guests should see the green parts of a Christmas tree.

  6. Total white. All-white spruce is an eye-catching basis for pastel baubles, sparkling snowflakes, a sweet ice-skate topper, and putz house accents. Add a bit of color with lights, and your Christmas tree will look like it’s from the cover of Vogue.

  7. Navy & gold. There aren’t many things that designers adore more than poinsettias. Navy ones are the decoration to die for. Include them in your planner full of Christmas tree decoration ideas.

  8. Sweet and sugary. Sweeten up your Christmas tree with candy galore. Peppermint baubles, lollipop ornaments, and gingerbread house decorations spice up your colorful tree.

  9. Disco ball tree. Nothing else but disco balls. In fact, you can make your Christmas tree out of just them. Your guests will be more than amazed by the 90’s style and modern look.

  10.  Winter wonderland. What about this over-the-top tree featuring several layers of snow-covered decorations, metallic baubles, and sparkling poinsettias? It’s something new you can try this year!


Whatever Christmas tree decoration ideas you choose, it’s going to be a great Christmas tree if you add a bit of your touch to it. That is the secret to the perfect decorations. And it’s all about the holiday spirit.