5 Ideas for A Safe Halloween At Home

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Our 5 Favorite Ideas for A Safe & Tasty Halloween At Home

Halloween may look a little different this year, with a bit less trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, staying safe with drive thru haunted houses, and much smaller Halloween party gatherings.

But the fun is all still there with spooky costumes, fun games, scary movies, tasty treats, time with friends, and even more treats. Here are our Top 5 ideas for a safe, fun and yummy Halloween night.

1 - Host A Scary Movie Marathon

Why save the best for last, this is probably out favorite idea, so let’s get started with it! 

Family outdoors watching movie

We love this idea because there are so many options for putting this together that’s just the right fit for your family or group of friends.  Plus, you can also include the other 4 following ideas into this for a fully immersive Halloween experience.

Although you may not be able to go seek out all the ghoulish excitement of a typical Halloween by going out, nothing says you can’t bring it all to you! Pick your favorite movies from hellhorror.com or similar sites  and snacks, whether it’s for the young kids, the big kids or the adults, there is always an option to get your heart racing, or your belly giggling.

You could even make use of one of the best vpns for torrenting and download the movie(s) you are going to watch in advance so that you can watch without having to worry about the movie stopping and starting constantly as your internet dips in and out - this can totally kill the vibe and suspense of spooky films!  

Here is list of great Halloween movie suggestions categorized by age.

Table set with Halloween Charlie Brown Decorations

We recommend outside, under the stars, and next to youroutdoor fire pit to add that extra touch of spooky ambiance.

2 - Halloween Themed Treats by The Fire

Once you’re all set up outside for your movie night, it’s time to get festive with tasty Halloween treats. And what better treat to liven up your movie by the fire, than with s'mores! Everyone loves the warm gooey medley and there is just so many fun ways to enjoy them.

Plate of Halloween Cookies

A couple of our favorites includeHalloween S'mores cookies, which will surely be a win with any of the little ones.  Or a simple and fun twist on the old classic is simply switching out those boring marshmallows for Halloween Peep. Check out these fun Halloween Peep cupcakes!

Halloween cupcakes made with peeps on top

3 - Candy Graveyard Scavenger Hunt

It’s not quite Trick-or-Treating, but who doesn’t love finding treasure, especially when those treasures taste delicious! With some jack-o-lanterns and spooky tombstones placed strategically around the yard, you can easily create a fun Halloween themed scavenger hunt for guests of all ages.

Boy on a Halloween scavenger hunt in a pretend cemetary

For the older kids, make sure to include the items needed for the s’more’s recipes above, and they will love the interactive feel. OrCLICK HERE for fun ways to keep the little kids engaged with glow in the dark candy bags.

4 - Spooky Stories by The Campfire

Once the movie is over keep the Halloween theme going with spooky story telling. Turn down the lights, grab a cozy blanket, and gather around the fire pit to take turns telling your best ghost story.

Telling stories around a fire pit

For the easily spooked here are somekid-friendly bonfire stories. 

And for a 21+ and over crowd, grab a cocktail and share some moreseriously frightening tales

Telling scary Halloween stories around fire

5 - Halloween Treats in The Pizza Oven

Of course, we have to include our favorite Halloween treat perfect for cooking in an outdoor pizza oven. Outdoor ovens are for so much more than just pizzas, so make sure tocheck out our recipe blog with all sorts of other great pizza oven recipes

Peach cobbler and s'mores cooking in pizza oven

But because this is Halloween and the theme is sweet treats, make sure you finish off the night with a warm peach cobbler or a gooey S'mores pizza.

Happy Halloween from your friends at Patio & Pizza Outdoor Furnishings!