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Alfa Cupolino Pizza Oven Kit

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  • Available in 3 Sizes
  • Beautifully Handmade In Italy
  • BONUS Wood-Fired Recipe eBook!
  • Manufactured in Anagni Italy!
  • Perfect For Building In Or Custom Tiling
  • Ships in 4-6 weeks


Cupolino Ready-To-Finish Pizza Oven

Packed full of features into a shockingly tiny space, the Cupolino is the perfect DIY solution for backyard craftsmen, pizza lovers, and aspiring artisan chefs alike. Easy to assemble and modular in nature, the Cupolino can be adapted to a countless array of situations that range from patio installations, mobile options, or anything that you can dream up and fashion with your own hands!

Note: Due to COVID-19 and the popularity of the Alfa Cupolino pizza oven, these oven kits currently have a lead time as shown below. 

FRCUP-L60 – LEAD TIME 11-12 weeks

FRCUP-L70 – LEAD TIME 6-7 weeks

FRCUP-L80 – LEAD TIME ETA 3-5 days (for now)

PRE-ORDER TODAY to get in the order queue so get a Cupolino when they arrive!

The Cupolino pizza oven is composed of a perfectly engineered floor and dome that you can build in using the insulation and materials of your choice.

 Alfa Cupolino Pizza Oven Specs

  • Three Sizes:  V60 (composed of 2-pieces), V70 (composed of 3-pieces), V80 (composed of 3-pieces)
  • External Dimensions: 
    • 27.5"W x 33.4"D x 15.7"H (Model 60) 
    • 31.5"W x 35.4"D x 17.7"H (Model 70) 
    • 35.4"W x 40.9" x 19.7" (Model 80) 
  • Oven Mouth Height:  9.4"
  • Weight: 198 lbs, 286 lbs, 319lbs
  • Chimney Flue Diameter: 5.9" 
  • Pizza capacity: 2 (Model 60), 3 (Model 70), 4 (Model 80)
  • Heating Time: 45 minutes
  • Recommended Fuel: Wood
  • Max Oven Temperature: 1,000F +

Cupolino Internal Cooking Space

  • Cupolino 60 has an internal diameter of 60 cm / 23.6 inches
    The area available is 0.28 sq m / 3 sq ft
  • Cupolino 70 has an internal diameter of 70 cm / 27.5 inches
    The area available is 0.38 sq m / 4 sq ft
  • Cupolino 80 has an internal diameter of 80 cm / 31.5 inches
    The area available is 0.50 sq m / 5.4 sq ft

Cupolino Pizza Oven Kit Specification Guide

Cupolino Specification Guide

What makes the Alfa Cupolino so great? 

Surprisingly speedy heating times

For such a tiny oven, the Cupolino puts on an impressive show when it comes to its thermal chops; it heats up to cooking temperature in just 45 minutes, making it a fantastic choice for those who don’t want to sacrifice a speedy outdoor oven experience when searching for models that fit their space, budget, and style. Speaking of budget...

Fantastic value on a budget

With 3 different sizes for assembly options, the Cupolino is a prime choice for families that want to save money both on an outdoor oven and in installation costs by allowing them to choose how to set their Cupolino up. No matter whether the Cupolino is housed inside an ornate brick base or simply carted around on a wheeled barbecue base, it will churn out the same delicious pizza we all love to eat!

Multiple models available

This Alfa pizza oven kit is available in multiple size configurations for even more customization and personalization opportunities to suit your needs.  The chimney hole is 15cm (6") wide so you can attach the chimney of your choice using high temperature mortar or a chimney anchor.  This allows you to design the chimney in the height and configuration of choice.

Piece-by-piece design

Here at Patio and Pizza, we’ve noticed a lot of overlap in interest from our newly-made pizza chefs and those who spend their free time building all sorts of creative projects, whether they’re decks, swing sets, wrought metal art, or more.

The Cupolino is the oven designed for these creative, handy types; it comes in a modular, readily assembled design split into several pieces that can be incorporated into just about anything you’d like an Italian pizza oven attached to!

The Cupolino is ripe for experimentation and customization from everything as far as its mode and even what its chimney looks like.  Simply use the Cupolino as your starting point and then design the outer look with the materials of your choice.

Below are the basic installation instructions:

(1) lay insulation material over the oven base. Acceptable materials: insulating firebrick, calcium-silicate boards or foam glass. Minimum recommended thickness for this material is 2".  It is also possible to use vermiculite concrete ( 1 part Portland cement: 4 -5 parts coarse vermiculite) poured ahead to be fully cured before oven install. Minimum recommended thickness for this is 3".

(2) lay floor pieces (make sure to position them properly counting for the thickness of the dome and insulation around the floor). Floor pieces can be laid in either provided Refrax or in clay mortar (1 part powder clay to 3 parts sand)  Refrax is not very plastic, so would need to be mixed soft.

(3) set the oven dome on top making sure it is centered over the floor.

(4) the gap between floor and dome should either be left empty or can be filled with clay mortar. No other mortar can be used to fill that joint as the filler must be soft enough to compress when the floor expands.

(5) they recommend to always parge over the insulation blanket to make a tight enclosure. That would prevent any smoke leakage should mini cracks ever develop. For this, wrap the insulation blanket loosely with chicken or similar wire and parge over with standard masonry cement mix with a bit of acrylic addmix or a bit of tile thinset mortar mixed in.

(6) when doing the oven face, do not mortar bricks directly to the oven dome. Use some ceramic fiber blanket to provide space between facing brick and oven dome.

(7) once the oven face has bricks and, if there is space for extra insulation, you can use mineral wool insulation blanket or vermiculite over the parged oven.

(8) to attach a chimney, we recommend hi temp mortar mix. Otherwise, an anchor can be used as well. 

Comparison of Cupolino Pizza Ovens

Alfa Ovens Cupolino Pizza Oven Comparison

Cupolino Pizza Oven Kit Installation Instructions

Cupolino Wood Fired Oven Kit Installation Manual

Cupolino Pizza Oven Kit User Manual

Cupolino Wood Fired Oven Kit User Manual

 Purchase the Alfa Cupolino ready-to-finish kit today to build the wood-fired oven of your dreams!

Customer Reviews

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The Alfa 4 Pizze Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Thank you, Susan, for the wonderfully detailed review, pictures and kind words! Your Alfa 4 Pizze Wood Fired Pizza Oven looks absolutely beautiful and the pizza? Delicious! We here at Patio & Pizza love our customers and go over and beyond to help their dreams of owning a pizza oven or gazebo, come true! It looks as if we were successful with you and that makes us very happy! Enjoy!
Alfa Pizza oven
Thank you for the wonderful review Sam! We really appreciate it.
Great pizza oven !! Great company
Thank you for the 5-star review Peter! We are so excited for your new oven!
Thank you for the 5-star review Sufian! We really appreciate it.
Thank you for the great review, Ted! Yes, current events have resulted in unavoidable delays with some of our products being backordered which is also disappointing to us, because we want you to be able to enjoy your new products as soon as is possible. Please be assured that our wonderful Vendors as well as we ourselves, are working around the clock in order in order to make sure everyone receives their products in a timely manner! We are very happy to know that you are pleased with your Alfa 4 Pizza Wood Fired Pizza Oven and are eager to hear how much you enjoy using it for the first time! Thanks again!
Alfa Ciao
Thank you for the excellent review, Scott! We here at Patio & Pizza want our customers to have a positive experience with us and for their purchase to not only meet but to exceed their expectations! Accommodating last minute changes in order to make this happen is never a problem and that’s why we are here for you! Enjoy your Alfa Ciao Wood Fired Pizza Oven!
Alfa pizza oven
Thank you, Maia for the 5 star review! It is our goal to always provide our customers with a 5 star Patio & Pizza purchasing experience and we are thrilled to hear we have succeeded where you are concerned! Your new Alfa Allegro Wood Fired Pizza Oven found a great home with you and we are happy to hear you are enjoying it so much!

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  • can this oven be used on a steel top roll cart?

    Our V60 Alfa Cupolino Pizza Oven Kit may be used on a steel top roll cart as long as it can support its weight (198 lbs) and only if the top cart surface is wide enough to accomodate both the oven as well as the insulation and materials required to assemble it (external dimensions: 27.5"W x 33.4"D x 15.7"H).

  • What exactly does the 70 come with? Just the dome? Is the floor included? Is it possible to use a door on the oven side of the chimney?

    Each (FRCUP-L70) Alfa Cupolino Pizza Oven Kit arrives in 3 pieces; dome, floor and door. In regards to using a door on the oven side of the chimney, it may be a better idea to purchase a chimney which includes a flue damper in order to improve your ovens performance.

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