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Why do we love the Alfa Ovens brand?


The Alfa Forno lifestyle is about getting together around the fire, cooking good food in an Italian outdoor wood pizza oven while sharing laughter with family and friends.

Here are 5 reasons why Alfa is our favorite Italian oven brand...

1.  History and quality, balancing tradition and innovation - the Italian outdoor pizza oven is manufactured in the town of Anagni, a province of Frosinone, Italy so they bring a taste of Italy to the homes and outdoor kitchens around the world.  These ovens have been on wish lists for decades!

2.  Less fuel consumption - due to excellent ceramic fiber insulation and thick floor firebricks, the Alfa ovens heat quickly to save you time and wood (and money).   They are built with Forninox technology which combines the excellent physical and thermal properties of stainless steel and those of refractory bricks, the materials used to manufacture traditional wood-burning ovens.  This means you'll reach high temperatures in the dome while your oven floor stays hot during cooking.

3.  Wood or gas-powered ovens - choose between the traditional wood-fired ovens or go with a natural gas or propane oven for an easier heating process. The included pyrometer allows you to know when the temperature is right for pizzas, roasts, or bbq chicken.

4.  Sleek and modern designs - the Alfa pizza ovens have a modern feel which matches well with most interior and exterior spaces.

5.  Space requirements - the Alfa ovens range from smaller to larger to fit in any entertaining space.  Choose the size of cooking chamber and cooking floor to fit your needs.  You can also choose between countertop and freestanding models

Alfa Residential Pizza Oven Comparison


Alfa ONE Nano Wood or Gas-Fired 

Alfa Nano propane pizza oven

- Weight: 129 lbs

- Removable Door

- Dimensions: 29"W x 22″D x 19″H (w/o chimney)

- Cooking Space: 19.6″W x  15.7″D

- Oven door: 19.7″W x 8.1″H

- Color: Copper


Alfa Brio Gas/Wood Combo

 Alfa propane pizza oven

- Weight: 198 lbs

- Removable Door

- Dimensions: 39.4"W x 23.9″D x 22.5″H (w/o chimney)

- Cooking Space: 27.5″W x  19.7″D x  22.5″H

- Oven door: 6.9″W x 18.9″H

- Color: Antique Red


Stone pizza oven Gas

- Weight: 242 lbs (medium) 312 (large)

- Removable Door

- Cooking Space: 27.6”W x 15.7”D (medium) 31.5”W x 23.6”D (large)

- Oven door: 26.7″W x 8.6″H

- Color: Copper

Alfa Ciao 

Alfa Forni Pizza Ovens Ciao

- Weight: 198 lbs

- Removable Door

- Dimensions: 35.9"W x 25″D x 18.9″H (w/o chimney)

- Cooking Space: 27.6″W x  15.7″D x  18″H

- Oven door: 19.7″W x 8.1″H

- Color: Fire Yellow, Silver Gray


Alfa 5 Minuti

 Alfa Forni Pizza Oven 5 Minuti

- Weight: 160 lbs

- Removable Door

- Dimensions: 32.5"W x 32.3″D x 20.8″H (w/o chimney)

- Cooking Space: 23.6″W x  19.7″D x  20″H

- Oven door: 18″W x 9.8″H

- Color: Copper Red


Alfa Ovens Pizza Oven 4 Pizze

- Weight: 264 lbs

- Removable Door

- Dimensions: 39.3"W x 30.2″D x 26.7″H (w/o chimney)

- Cooking Space: 31.5″W x  23.6″D x  26″H

- Oven door: 26.7″W x 8.6″H

- Color: Copper Red

Any of the Alfa Forni pizza ovens will allow you to reach the perfect cooking temperature for the best pizza oven meals. They also have a great selection of oven accessories.

See the full collection of Alfa Outdoor Pizza Ovens below!  

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