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Alfa Ciao Wood Fired Oven

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Alfa Ciao Pizza Oven

Best-in-class portability, rapid heating, and stylish functionality all work in unison on the artisan-crafted Alfa Ciao pizza oven, the perfect outdoor wood-fired oven for just about any patio, tailgate, or even restaurant under the sun!

Created by the established brand Alfa, whose ovens such as the Pizze and 5 Minuti, the Ciao combines traditional methods and modern functionality in a cohesive unit that will always impress.

What makes the Ciao so great?

Surprisingly wieldy

The Ciao is a lightweight, easily maneuvered portable pizza oven for those in need of a flexible baking solution. Clocking in at just 198 pounds with its rolling base, the Ciao can be moved anywhere you’d like with minimal effort.

It’s perfect to take with you to:

  • Cookouts
  • Tailgate parties
  • The beach
  • Anywhere you’d like a freshly-baked pizza!

Lightning-fast cooking

The Ciao gets up to baking temperature in just 15 minutes and is capable of churning out up to 6 pizzas out every 15 minutes. If you’re looking for an oven that can handle heavy demands, whether it’s from a hungry family, a huge cookout, or even tables full of guests, then the Ciao is right for you!

Sleek design

Composed of trendy stainless steel paired with powder-coated interior parts, the Ciao is both a looker and a cooker. It makes the perfect finish to outdoor fixtures if ordered in the “top only” model, or complements its surroundings naturally on its equally refined rolling cart. Alfa prides themselves on maintaining the classic feel of the pizza oven while

Chock full of features

Included in the Ciao are practical features that you’ll start missing on other ovens, like the adjustable oven draft, built-in pyrometer, and interchangeable refractory cooking tiles on the oven floor. Using this small pizza oven is such a breeze, you’ll wonder how you ever got by with other ovens!

Alfa Ciao Oven Specifications

  • Capacity: 2 pizzas
  • Pizzas every 15 minutes: 6
  • Bread capacity: 4.4 pounds
  • Recommended fuel: Max 1.9 inches in diameter, trimmings
  • Average fuel consumption: 5.5 pounds/hour
  • Max oven temperature: 400 degrees Celsius / 752 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Smoke temperature: 395 degrees Celsius / 743 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Chimney dimensions: 5.9 inches
  • Cooking floor width: 27.6"W x 15.7"D
  • Cooking floor height: 18.9"H
  • Refractory tile thickness: 3cm
  • Oven mouth width: 19.7 inches
  • Weight (with base): 198 pounds
  • Weight (top only): 176 pounds 

Alfa Ciao Wood Fired Oven Top Specification Guide

Alfa Ciao Wood Fired Oven Specification Guide

Alfa Ciao Wood Fired Oven With Tray Specification Guide

Alfa Ciao Wood Fired Oven With Tray Specification Guide

Alfa Ciao Wood Fired Oven User Manual

Alfa Ciao Wood Fired Oven User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Beautiful, practical and easy to move

I was looking for a new wood-fired oven for the summer: beautiful, practical and easy to move. I got to watch a demonstration of the Opera oven and I am loving it. Now I can offer the much sought after “cooking show” to the customers, moving from time to time in the spotlight, and have seen the savings of wood (it consumes one third compared to the traditional oven) I decided to use it in the winter replacing the old refractory oven. The beauty is that not only the pizza maker uses it but the chef also likes to create new dishes.

Really satisfied with this product and its performances

At Authentica (my gourmet pizza parlour) I used an Alfa oven that has been retrofitted to cook pizza according to my needs. Since inaugurating it, a year ago, I have used the Alfa Quattro Pro oven and I’m really satisfied with this product and its performances.

Working really good

Hibiscus restaurant inside the luxury Tikal Futura in Ciudad de Guatemala choose our commercial pizza oven Quattro Pro top.

Pizza made even better

Trastevere, the heart of Rome, here is a El Munta a place where organic ingredients, flour selected and passion are melted and in the Opera oven become the real Italian Pizza. Pizzeria El-Munta – Trastevere – Roma

I look at this as a true outdoor oven

Though the name implies that this is a pizza oven, the Italian-made Alfa oven line does way more than produce pizza and calzones. I look at this as a true outdoor oven which would be the perfect vessel to make steaks, chicken or lamb in a cast-iron pan as well as turn out artisanal bread and desserts. The difference is that the Alfa burns wood which gives the food a natural smoked accent that elevates it to the next level. And unlike other wood burning pizza ovens, the Alfa does not take 1-2 hours to heat up, as its proprietary flue system combined with Italian refractory bricks lend to a quicker heat up. Note: Alfa also offers a hybrid gas/wood burning oven called the Stone oven for those who want the convenience of gas as well.

So simple and fun to use

So simple and fun to use, our family looks forward to using our oven every weekend! Achieve amazing results regardless of your cooking experience level.

The oven is working very good.

The oven is working very good, besides making pizza and calzone, I can make Panuozzo, I can bake Fish, I can use the oven as much as I can explore. Any way your oven pizza it’s very nice and also easy to clean it.

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