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Primo Collection

In 1996, George Samaras was ready to sell his ceramic grills. Samaras chose the name, “Primo”  which means “the best” in Italian.  Over the next several years, the Primo Kamado style grill grew in popularity as word spread about their quality and as the only ceramic grill made in the United States.

The introduction of the patented oval-shaped grill in 2002 established Primo as a major manufacturer in the ceramic grill market. Today, Primo is headquartered in a 92,000 sq. ft. facility in Tucker, Georgia where their ceramic grills are produced. Primo is available in more than 24 countries around the world

A Primo Ceramic Grill is subjected to repeated heating and cooling by the cooking process. While normal and expected, this causes the dome, base and metal hardware to go through numerous cycles of expansion and contraction. The frequency of the cycles and level of high heat varies greatly between users. As a result, one or more of the metal hardware components (bands, band nuts, hinge plate anchor nuts and hinge bolts) will loosen as compared to the factory settings. In some cases, the user may see the base band and/or hinge move when fully raising the dome.

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