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Why do we love the Earthstone brand?


If you're looking for an indoor pizza oven for your home or a commercial pizza oven for your restaurant, you came to the right brand.  Here's why...

1. Earthstone Ovens is a trustworthy brand that has been making modern high quality professional series pizza ovens since 1987

2. Earthstone Ovens has a strong reputation and exceptional service not only in the United States and Canada, but around the world

3. All of their commercial and indoor pizza ovens are manufactured in California with UL and ULC listed certifications - this means they will pass a home or commercial inspection

4. The ovens are designed to be used by professionals so their advanced materials and technology burn hotter and last longer

5. Earthstone Ovens offers an extensive selection of pizza ovens.  They range from small indoor pizza ovens to large residential outdoor pizza oven kits.  In addition, they manufacture professional industrial pizza ovens with wood, coal, and gas-fired options for restaurants

Watch this video to see how the Earthstone Ovens are built.

All Earthstone pizza ovens are UL, ULC or ETL listed with a five-year limited warranty so they can be used in a residence or commercial location. This is important because your oven will usually require an inspection when installing in a commercial location or inside your home.

The Earthstone brand offers two different oven styles:  modular & prefabricated

Modular - choose this option if you want a wood burning oven to build into your space.  Typically, the DIY ovens are less expensive than prefabricated ovens.  However, you'll need to build a stand or purchase one of the metal stands to hold the oven.

Prefabricated - choose this option if you need gas or want an oven that you can put into place when it arrives.  You can leave as-is or you can build around the oven to create a beautiful focal point in your kitchen space.

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