Buena Ventura PREMIUM Preto Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Quick Specs

🔥 Fuel Type:  Wood

🍕 Capacity:  (2) 12-inch Pizzas At A Time!

📦 Weight: 1200lbs

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Not all brick ovens are created equal... 

We know because we've been in business long enough to hear from customers years after they've made their first pizza oven purchase. When it comes to pizza ovens, there is a big difference between brick ovens that are handcrafted in Portugal and those that are assembled in a factory.

We can't share our expertise about this particular brick oven in 15 seconds but, if you have 2 minutes, keep reading...

Brick ovens that are handmade in Portugal are made using traditional brick-making techniques. The bricks used to build the ovens are carefully selected and kiln-fired to create a durable and long-lasting product.  The brick ovens assembled in factories, on the other hand, are often made from brick that is mass-produced in a more industrial setting.

While brick ovens assembled in factories may be less expensive, they are not necessarily of the same quality as brick ovens made by hand. When it comes to cooking pizzas, brick ovens made by hand in Portugal offer a superior cooking experience. The bricks used to build these ovens absorb heat evenly, providing a consistent cooking surface.

Whether you're looking for a reliable brick oven for your restaurant or just want to enjoy great home-cooked meals with your family, the Buena Ventura is sure to impress!

What makes the Buena Ventura Premium one of the best outdoor pizza ovens?

  • The wide mouth of the Buena Ventura makes it perfect for larger pizzas
  • You can cook 2-3 (12") pizzas at once!
  • The lower dome assures more direct heat reflection to the oven floor for better radiant heat  
  • The door of the Buena Ventura outdoor pizza oven opens down making it easier to put food into and take out of the oven
  • The door is made of aluminum which will not rust!
  • The oven is triple-insulated which means the outside of the oven is cool to the touch while the inside is blazing hot!
  • The oven’s exterior may be painted or tiled to match your specific color and/or design needs.
  • The patented dome shape of the Buena Ventura creates intense yet non-damaging heat which is perfect for pizzas, grilling, meats, and bread.
  • Can be built-in or standalone
  • Has high-quality ALUMINUM chimney flue decreasing any rust issues.  

Buena Ventura Preto Measurements

External Dimensions:  39" W   x   39" D   x   26" H
Internal Cooking Surface:  31-33" W x 31-33" D x 15" H
Chimney Outlet Diameter: 5.5" ø
Chimney Outlet Height: 6" H
Oven door:  19.7" W   x   10.6" H
Weight:  ~1,200 lbs

Note:  As these ovens are handmade, no two are exactly the same - the dimensions may not be exact but are close.

This may sound exaggerated but yes, you can fit multiple pizzas inside this oven, but realistically, here's how Patio & Pizza recommends you get the most use out of your space. We've scaled it down so you can get the picture.

All Authentic Pizza Ovens brick ovens are made with steel eyelets in each corner for hoisting into place. These can be easily cut off after it's put into position.

All our ovens REQUIRE "all-weather" protection from rain, snow, sleet, and fallen leaves, and protection from harsh elements when not in use. If you don't have a cover, you can purchase one of our brick pizza oven covers that will fit snugly over your brick oven and secure with a pull tie.  You are investing in a beautiful oven that is meant to last for a very long time, so please take care of it.

Some areas of the base of the oven may appear to be chipped when you first receive it but do not worry because it is perfectly normal. It is not damaged. The base is designed to protect the oven itself especially while in transit. The chipped part can easily be painted using the Ultrafire Repair Kit once the oven has been placed in position and it will look good as new!

Buena Ventura Benefits 

  • 6” long spout with flu/damper - a longer chimney with rain capcan be easily added
  • Dome and floor are completely built-in refractory bricks
  • Can be painted, tiled, or built-in -  just cure it first and use 'high heat' products
  • Retains heat, with the door closed, more than 3 hours
  • To simplify the oven's shipping and prevent damages, the Buena Ventura oven is delivered with a wood frame crate protection

Your Buena Ventura Oven will include:

  • 500° Celsius Thermometer (0-932°F) - know when your oven is the right temperature for cooking your entrees
  • Ultrafire Patch Kit - all of the ovens by Authentic Pizza Ovens are 100% insulated with ROCKWOOL and cracking will not affect your oven. Your oven will be delivered with a special Ultrafire product patch kit to address superficial cracks that may develop. However, it is normal for authentic handmade ovens to crack and racks do NOT affect the function of the oven and your pizzas will still be super!
  • Free Clay Baking Dish designed for high-heat cooking! Explore all of the possibilities for baking wood-fired recipes that are sure to win over friends and family members - from casseroles, fish or chicken dishes; to veggies such as potatoes & carrots wrapped in dough before baked-to perfection.

We have a VERY limited quantity of Hybrid-Ready Buena Ventura PREMIUM Preto Pizza Oven available right now. Please call to check on availability. The gas burner is NOT included.

Optional Accessories We Recommend:
(Click on the image to view the product description. Each Sold Separately)

Brazza Pizza Oven - How to Setup Your Brick Oven This quick FAQ will show you how to set up your Buena Ventura brick oven.

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Watch this video on how this Brick Oven is masterfully built (the video shows the Lisboa Mediterranean design front but the patented construction is the same for the Buena Ventura)

Buena Ventura PREMIUM Preto Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven Specification Guide

Read Authentic Pizza Ovens Warranty here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Rob M. (Mesa, US)

We love our new Buena Ventura Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven! The Patio & Pizza order, shipping and delivery process was seamless. From the time the order was placed it took about 10 days for the oven to make its way to Arizona, which gave us time to finalize the crane that set it in place. Our pizzas have been awesome, steaks are phenomenal and the fresh-made breads are so good!

Wow Rob! Your outdoor kitchen area looks beautiful! We love the choice of stone you went with for your counter/base and how it complements your Buena Ventura PREMIUM Preto Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven perfectly! Thank you SO MUCH for leaving us this amazing review and for including these fantastic photos! Please do not hesitate to ever reach out if there is anything we can assist you with in the future.

Thomas F. (Gadsden, US)
Pizza oven

We love our pizza oven we’re working on mastering a special pizza though. We want one with great flavor. Our brick fire pizza oven though it’s so cool we love it. Our first pizza party we cook 10 pizzas and under 45 minutes. We’re all personalized for each individual so we only cook them one at a time had a great time

Thank you for this wonderful review Thomas! We too think the Buena Ventura Black PREMIUM Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven is super cool! We know you will enjoy it for many pizza parties to come! Your setup looks amazing! Thank you SO MUCH for the photos!! We love reviews with photos!! Remember, if you ever need any help, we're always happy to assist! :)

David U. (Dayton, US)
Pizza Heaven

Customer service is fantastic, I’ve had many questions and inquiries and all the responses have been quick and informative. I feel like I’ve joined a club.

Regarding the pizza oven, I’m at week 5 and have been primarily focused on pizzas, it’s definitely an art and science, Ive burnt several, tried different flours (00 is the best) and have used YouTube and the pizza bible as my teachers.

Beyond pizzas, I’ve done a few crisps, salmon, and veggies and they’ve all turned out amazing. The key is good ingredients and patience. Oh I almost forgot, my pretzels turned out amazing!

Wow! Thank you so much for this AMAZING review about the Buena Ventura Red PREMIUM Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven, David! These photos are fantastic and your oven looks beautiful! Not to mention, that pizza looks delicious!

You didn't join a club, you joined a family! :-) You've been a fantastic customer and it's been such a pleasure helping you every chance we've been given. We look forward to having a long and lasting relationship with you!

Donna B. (Menifee, US)
Wood burning pizza oven.

We are so happy with our purchase. We just got into place and are starting to cure it. Can’t wait to use it for pizza bread and meat.

Thank you so much for this amazing 5 star review Donna! Your Buena Ventura Black PREMIUM Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven looks fantastic!! We LOVE when we get to see how our customers set their ovens up!! We can't wait to see what awesome things you cook in it!! Remember, we have an entire blog on things you can cook inside a pizza oven!

Erik B. (Ellington, US)
Great product. Even better service.

The customer service that I received from Morgan was exceptional! The oven is beautiful and I only have a couple of more curing burns before I get to fire up the pizzas.

You've been such a pleasure to work with Erik! We truly appreciate you taking the time to leave us this wonderful review. We know your Buena Ventura PREMIUM Preto Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven is such an exciting addition to your outdoor space and we can't wait to hear all about the delicious meals you whip up with it! Feel free to follow us on social media and make sure you look out for our Facebook group for pizza oven owners. You can find us on all social media platforms at @PatioandPizza.

Ross R.
Fantastic Oven!!

Better than promised or advertised,, Remember your first Christmas as a child when you were old enough to understand but young enough to believe?? Doesn't compare to the feeling you get when this artisan piece of craftsmanship arrives at your home. Completely thrilled!!

Wow! What an amazing review Ross! Thank you so much! We get so excited to see these types of reviews and reactions from the products we carry and support! It sounds like the Buena Ventura Black PREMIUM Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven was definitely the right oven for you! We would LOVE to see photos of you and your oven/setup! Feel free to come back to this review and add them, or tag us on social media @patioandpizza on both Facebook and Instagram! We look forward to serving you for any and all your pizza needs! Never hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can help with! :-)

Melissa L. (Lincolnton, US)

Buena Ventura Red PREMIUM Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Ask a Question
  • Does the Buena Ventura Black PREMIUM Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven have Saputo Stone?

    The Buena Ventura PREMIUM Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven only comes with refractory bricks.

  • Good morning, do you ship in Canada? And is this price is US? thank you

    Good morning! We do ship some of our products to Canada. Ovens made my Authentic Pizza Ovens are part of the products we can ship to Canada. Since we are a US based company, our prices are in US dollars.

  • Do you have any drawings, diagrams or measurements for how to build the Buena Ventura Black into an outdoor garden wall ? I'm currently in the planning stages for an outdoor walled garden and need to know how to integrate it into the wall. Thank you!

    The external dimensions for our Buena Ventura Black Premium Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven are as follows: width: 39in, depth: 39″, and height 26″. As for building the oven into an outdoor garden, that's the great thing about building your own outdoor paradise - you can place your oven in any manner you wish to and build around it! Here is an article we've written about building using an outdoor pizza oven kit which may also contain helpful information: https://www.patioandpizza.com/blogs/resources/building-diy-pizza-oven-kit

  • Is this the same as the Brazza Premium Pizza Oven

    The Buena Ventura oven is very similar to the Brazza brick oven.  Both are handmade by the same craftsmen in Portugal and both have the same premium door and flue system.  The main difference is their front face arches.  They are slightly different in appearance so it just depends on which style you like for your backyard pizza oven.

  • I am interested to purchase the Buena Ventura Black PREMIUM Brick Wood Fired Pizza Oven What are your suggestion about adding a chimney and cap?

    The chimney and cap are not really necessary but most of our customers would consider adding these accessories to make their cooking experience a lot more enjoyable. Without the chimney, the smoke from your oven will escape through the flue and will make your cooking area smokey. The chimney will help bring all the smoke up and farther away from your face and your cooking area. A cap will protect anything from getting inside your chimney.

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