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Chimney with Cap | Stainless Steel | Authentic Pizza Ovens

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Stainless Steel Chimney with Cap

This stainless steel chimney includes the pipe and cap.  This chimney is custom made at 5.5" diameter to fit all of the brick wood fire pizza ovens by Authentic Pizza Ovens (Brazza, Pizzaioli, Lisboa and the Famosi)

A chimney isn’t functionally required for a pizza oven, but chimneys with caps direct the smoke up and away from you and your cooking area.  As a bonus, the chimney cap keeps dew and rainwater out of your oven.  And, the beautiful chimney creates a really cool focal point for your brick oven.  

Multiple chimney pipes can be connected together to create a longer chimney.  

Chimney Features

  • Material: Stainless steel (can be painted with high-heat paint)
  • Single-walled Chimney with cap
  • Product Type: Chimney for Portuguese Brick Ovens
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use: Both
  • Heat Resistant: Yes
  • Measures 39.4” long x 5.5" wide

Order a chimney for your Authentic Pizza Oven brick oven today!

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We understand your love of fire and can help turn a boring backyard into an outdoor paradise focusing on friends, food, and fire! 

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  • What is thickness of wall and what type of stainless steel is It?

    Great question!  The chimney walls are .5mm and made of 306 stainless steel.   If you need a longer chimney,  you can put any number of the chimney segments together as the ends are male/female and fit together.

  • Do the stainless steel chimney pipe discolor because of the heat ? Does the double lined chimney pipe and cap keep more heat in the oven ?

    These stainless steel chimney pipes will not stain as a result of heat, however, there will be an accumulation of soot after cooking which, if left to build up can be difficult to remove and this type of buildup can also be a fire hazard. The easiest way to avoid this is to clean your chimney and oven after each use, after the oven has cooled down. For the chimney, the soot can be removed with a brush. We do not recommend you use any strong chemicals, such as oven cleaner to clean these ovens as it may damage the surface.

    Chimneys with caps are an excellent purchase because they not only direct and smoke up and away from you, your cooking area and the food you are cooking, but also because they also help to keep dew and rainwater out of your oven and finally, prevent staining around the oven’s mouth where the smoke escapes if there is no chimney.  A chimney cap will also prevent any burning embers from escaping your oven.

    The difference between a single walled chimney pipe and a double walled chimney pipe isn’t so much that it will keep more heat in the oven, instead, it is because a double layered pipe contains a layer of insulation between both layers of metal. The main benefit of this is that the outside of a double walled chimney pipe will be less hot, which is why double walled chimneys are used rather than single wall when an oven is installed inside or near any combustible surfaces (such as walls, or floors). If a single walled chimney were used in these cases there would be a significant fire hazard. I hope this helps to answer your questions!

  • While building a protective cover for the oven. How far apart from the stainless steel chimney pipe does your wood have to be

    All ovens have different clearances but here is a good reference for best practices: https://www.patioandpizza.com/blogs/resources/indoor-pizza-oven-installation

  • Because this is a singe wall chimney, can I put stucco on it as part of the finished oven?

    It's not advised to place stucco directly on a chimney pipe as doing so may cause moisture to gather within the pipe and/or under the stucco and this could cause damage to the pipe, stucco and/or oven. However, you can paint the exterior of the pipe using high heat paint.

  • Can the chimney be easily removed and reinstalled so the cover can be installed when not in use?

    Yes, the chimney just has a tight fit so to remove it you simply twist and pull the chimney up and off the flue.   Then, you put the cover over the oven.  We often put our chimney inside the oven when not in use.

  • Do you ship to Canada

    Yes, for our Authentic Pizza Ovens, we have a warehouse in Canada so can ship many products w/o the additional shipping and border charges.  If the product is not available in Canada, we can still ship to you from the US but there may be additional charges. If you can send your address along with the products you want to hello@patioandpizza.com, we can give you a quote.

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