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Pizza Oven Firewood Starter Pack


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Wood Size: 1.5" W (Small)

Pizza Oven Firewood 

At Paul’s Fireplace Wood, we select the finest aged red oak pizza oven wood to create the crispiest crust and most delectable flavors. Heavy and dense, red oak is ideal for achieving high temperature and even heat distribution in a wood-burning oven. When properly seasoned, slow-burning aged red oak produces the perfect amount of smoke to give your wood-fired pizza that pronounced smoky char.

Trends are showing an increased interest in baking bread in your wood-fired oven too. As the ovens are structurally the same, our pizza oven wood will work extremely well for baking fresh bread. Reminisce to the past, if you can, and imagine the joy and comfort of the smell of freshly baked bread.

Aged Red Oak Wood

Moisture content matters when choosing pizza oven wood. Too dry, and your wood burns inefficiently. Too moist, and your pizza oven spends more time drying the wood than it does producing heat for your pizza. At Paul’s, our aged red oak pizza wood is kiln-dried to the ideal moisture content for easy burning and hand-picked to guarantee you’re receiving the highest quality restaurant wood. 

Our aged red oak is sustainably harvested from DNR-approved Minnesota firewood. We split our pizza oven wood ourselves and hand-select the final pieces to ensure your order arrives clean, neat, and seasoned to perfection. 

Paul’s red oak pizza oven wood is cut 15–16 inches long, arrives in boxes measuring 11”x11”x17”, and weighs approximately 25 pounds. Available in small, medium, and large split, choose from three different sizes to suit your restaurant’s needs.

  • Small size pizza oven wood includes 40–50 logs split 1–1½ inches wide.

  • Medium size pizza oven wood includes 10–25 logs split 2–2½ inches wide.

  • Large size pizza oven wood includes 6–8 logs split 3–4 inches wide. 

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