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Fix your brick oven with the Ultrafire Repair Kit

Don't you just hate it when you get a little superficial crack in your brick pizza oven dome?  Even though it doesn't affect your oven's cooking performance, you might think it looks bad!  The Ultrafire Repair Kit will help repair your oven's cracks in no time.

Ultrafire brick oven repair kit is a silicone-based paint-like product made specifically for repairing the outside of refractory cement wood-fired ovens.  This is the same Ultrafire brick oven repair kit that comes standard with our Portuguese brick ovens.  Ultrafire should not be used on the inside of your oven.

Ultrafire's consistency is like a tacky thick paint. It will give your oven a cleaner, even look if you cover the entire oven rather than just the cracks. 

You can also tint the Ultrafire with a small amount of Epoxy UV Resin Coloring Dye Colorant Pigment before using if you want it to be a different color.  Or, paint the oven completely with Ultrafire and, once dried, paint over with the color that best meets your needs.

As shown in the following video, the Ultrafire paint should be put on the outside of your oven using a paintbrush when the oven is hot.  Tip:  when working around the brick face, it is easier to use a smaller brush with stiff, short bristles - this allows you to keep the Ultrafire paint off the brick face.

Quantity:  The Ultrafire patch kit comes in a half-quart quantity (note: the patch kit container is larger than a 1/2 quart but will settle to about a 1/2 full when shipped). 

The Ultrafire pizza oven patch kit comes from Portugal and has limited availability so purchase yours today in case your refractory cement oven develops hairline cracks!

Note:  If you don't use the entire contents in one application, please make sure to seal the lid on the container so that air doesn't get in and dry it out.  Sometimes ovens will continue to crack and then you may want to apply another coat.  Store any leftover Ultrafire in a cool storage space.

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Customer Reviews

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Christina k. (Brooklyn, US)
Pizza oven repair mortar

Was great and did a great job sealing the oven. Going to order another can or 2 and cover the whole thing after I remove all the tile

Thank you so much for the fantastic 5 star review Christina! We love seeing the transformation projects that come along with the UltraFire Pizza Oven Repair Kits!

Robert B. (Miami, US)
Great stuff!

My wood fired pizza oven had some severe deep cracks, especially in the area of the stove pipe. The outer dome is a plaster-based product. I was quite worried if it was repairable. I used Patio & Pizza Outdoor Furnishings' Ultrafire Pizza Oven Repair Kit on the cracks. I was surprised as to how well it worked. It is not, at least doesn't seem to be, a plaster-based product. It's more of an extremely thick paint-like product with elasticity for extreme heat expansion compensation. Over a few days, I applied it several times until the cracks fully filled-in, blended and matched the rest of the oven surface. I made some other minor repairs but you get the idea. Now that it's finished, I don't think anybody could tell there was ever a repair. Time to repaint the dome red. Great stuff!

Wow! Thank you so much for this fantastic and informative review Robert! Seeing our products like this in action really excites us! Your oven looks fantastic! I wouldn't be able to tell you ever repaired it! You really did a superb job! And so did the UltraFire Pizza Oven Repair Kit!

F. B. (Apollo Beach, US)

The folks at Patio & Pizza had exactly what I needed. My DIY pizza oven came out great, but little did I know about the need for a high heat resistant waterproof seal. The Ultrafire product sold by Patio & Pizza as well as their informative video was all I needed to ensure a long and productive life to my beautiful oven.

Thank you so much for this superb 5 star review F. Bowling!! Your oven looks FANTASTIC! (We seriously love it when our customers share photos with us!) We're happy to be able to provide you with the best information and strive to make sure we can help in any situation! We wish you many wonderful years with your pizza oven and look forward to seeing the amazing recipes you are putting out!

Robert S. (Beacon Falls, US)
Pizza oven repair kit

So far so good 2 cans covered my oven. It is a large oven. 50" x 50" With half a can left over. I will give it a second coat, then we will see how it holds up . I have been given many compliments on the new look. A big thumbs up so far

Thanks so much for the pictures and wonderful review, Robert! You've done a great job and it looks beautiful! Our Ultrafire Pizza Oven Repair Kit was created specifically for brick, or refractory brick wood burning ovens and it's a hugely popular item! We are thrilled that it worked so well for you!

Eric R. (Milford, US)
Repair crack filler

I ordered the repair kit, it was shipped immediately and arrived in a few days great customer service

Hello, Eric! Thank you so much for letting us know that your Ultrafire Pizza Oven Repair Kit arrived quickly and that you are happy with your purchase and also with us! Our goal each and every day is to provide all customers with a 5 star Patio & Pizza shopping experience and we are thrilled to hear we succeeded! Just a tip - if you are feeling creative and would like to change the look of your brick oven, you can tint the Ultrafire using a small amount of Epoxy UV Resin Coloring Dye Coloring Pigment in a color of your choice and then paint the outside of your oven with a paintbrush while it is hot. Thanks again for taking the time!

Liz (Toronto, CA)
Great service

Bought some UltraFire repair for my Portuguese outdoor oven. Free shipping, tracking and insurance all the way up to Canada in about 10 days. The UltraFire is easy to use and my oven is looking great.
Thank you! I’ll happily order from you again. Before and after pics below.

Thank you for those pictures Liz! We appreciate the 5-star review, your oven look amazing!

John B. (Mendon, US)
great stuff

the pizza oven crack repair stuff is magic!


Ask a Question
  • Any tips on tinting Ultrafire paint? I've tried a dozen of drops of resin pigment in less than half a quart and it's still basically white. Seems like it would need a LOT of pigment to change the color. Can you recommend a specific brand of pigment?

    Because there are currently so many different brands of Epoxy UV Resin Coloring Dye Colorant Pigment on the market, and each seems to act differently with Ultrafire's formula, we no longer have a specific brand we reccomend. However, what we do reccomend is that you first apply Ultrafire to your oven as is which will seal any cracks you may have and provide a base for the top coat and then after that's dry, apply a coat of any color of high heat tolerant paint you wish (there are many different colors available on the market and this would be easier than adding pigment to the Ultrafire).

  • Do you ship to Canada ?? If you don’t can you recommend something else that would do a similar job?

    Yes, we can ship the Ultrafire Pizza Oven Repair Kit to Canada however you will have to cover the associated shipping costs. If you only get this, the shipping will cost you more than the price of the item so we highly recommend you to check for alternative products sold locally. Unfortunately, we don't know any brands that carry a similar job as this.

  • Are there any wood fired pizza ovens that this product should not be used on for crack repairs? I realize, of course, Ultrafire should not be used on the inside of any oven. However, are there any external materials that ovens are made of that this should not be used on? Thanks for your time.

    Ultrafire Pizza Oven Repair Kit is a silicone based pain-like product which has been made specifically for repairing the outside of a refractory cement, brick or clay wood-fired oven. It should not be used inside the oven or on any surface that food will come in contact with.

  • Will the Ultrafire Pizza Oven Repair Kit protect my Portuguese brick oven from the elements, like if we get a pop-up shower while we are using it or I forget to cover it at night and it should rain?

    Our Ultrafire Pizza Oven Repair Kit is a great silicone-based paint-like product made specifically for repairing the outside of refractory cement wood-fired ovens (as in cracks). It is not intended to be used to protect brick ovens from the elements - and it is highly recommended that your oven be protected with a cover recommended by the manufacturer of your oven. We hope this helps to answer your question!

  • Is this product safe for sandstone cookware. Pampered chef to be exact. I have cookies sheets and pizza trays and many things that are sandstone. One of them cracked. Which one should I use to repair this that can take the heat?

    The Ultrafire repair kit is best used on the outside of brick pizza ovens.  We would not recommend using on any surface or dish that will be used for cooking food.

  • Does this fill in the cracks as well or do you fill cracks with something else before applying?

    The Ultrafire repair kit is used to fill in the cracks in your pizza oven.  Click here to watch a video on how Ultrafire is applied.

  • how much is shipping till northern ireland postcode bt636ja

    Unfortunately, we can't ship Ultrafire to Ireland or any other countries outside of the US and Canada.

  • what paint should i use for my brick oven pizza

    You can use any brand of high-heat paint.

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