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Top 4 Vegetarian Pizza Toppings

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Vegetarian Pizza Toppings

There’s always that one member of the family that won’t eat meat. Maybe it’s you; maybe it’s your pretentious cousin. They’re always asking: “Is this pizza vegetarian?” Whoever it is, the fact remains they’re at your pizza party, and there’s no way they’re going home with an empty stomach.

Rather than serving the vegetarians in your life a depressing cheese pizza, or a well-meaning but ultimately underwhelming mushroom concoction, why not go for something a little more exciting? These veggie toppings are versatile and delicious enough after a bake in your wood-fired oven that they’ll wow everybody’s taste buds, even if they’re carnivores at heart.

1.  Butternut squash

The humble squash has a lot to offer in the culinary world, and the same holds true on the top of a pizza pie. The Stronger Together Coop elaborates that some squash on your vegetarian pizza can impart delicious flavor notes that range from butterscotch, nuts, and potatoes.

Butternut squash can be prepared as a topping in a variety of different ways; grilled, the savory flavors of the squash shine through, and spices or seasonings can create rich flavors that strike every corner of the palate. Squash can even be pureed or prepared al dente to be used as a truly one-of-a-kind pizza sauce!

2.  Beet sauce

Beets, a prominent staple in Slavic cuisines, have a distinctive flavor and texture superpowers that make them the perfect meat-free candidate on a delicious pizza. Honest Cooking’s tangy beet sauce recipe utilizes the invigorating natural flavor of beets alongside touches of spice and sweetness, which can act as the perfect base for complementing ingredients on top of any pizza.

Try using varied cheeses, like feta, and spring greens and vegetables on top of a pizza cooked with this lush beet sauce. The combination possibilities are endless, and your family and guests will walk away with a renewed appreciation for your culinary chops!

3.  Jackfruit

One of the more intriguing items on the list, jackfruit are massive tree fruits native to southern India. The aptly-named Jackfruit Company excitedly describes the fruit as having a texture not unlike pulled pork, and points out that young jackfruit has a knack for absorbing the flavors that surround it.

Create a mouthwatering vegetarian barbeque pizza with your favorite barbeque sauce and roasted, shredded jackfruit on top of the pie, and spend the rest of the party convincing your vegetarian friends it wasn’t meat. Mature jackfruit develops tropical flavors, not unlike pineapple or banana, and can be the perfect centerpiece to a jungly pizza featuring other sweet flavors alongside spices. Jackfruit is also highly dense in nutrients while being low in calories, making them a healthy choice for your pizza!

4.  Fava beans

These beans carry a characteristic “green” flavor reminiscent of spring. They’re also avid shapeshifters; fava beans can top your pizza whole, either naked or seasoned, or they can morph into Saveur’s diverse list of dishes such as a fava pesto or ful medames, a delicate citrus-infused stew that serves as Egypt’s national dish.

Depending on how they’re cooked, fava beans can either maintain a firm texture that makes them a perfect topping next to softer ingredients or turned into delectable spreads and sauces on top of or underneath a vegetarian pizza.


Psst! If you’re also looking for a pizza dough recipe that steers clear of animal products, you might find our easy vegan dough recipe does the trick.

Do you have a favorite vegetarian wood-fired recipe? If so, please feel free to share it with us below!

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