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The Best Tomatoes for Homemade Pizza Sauce

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How to Make Pizza Sauce at Home

No matter how much care you take to curate toppings, make the dough, or perfectly bake your pizza, the workhorse of the pie will remain the sauce. If your pizza sauce is simply mediocre, it’ll show; on the other hand, if your pizza sauce is truly delicious of its own accord, your pizza will be given a lift in flavor unmatched by any combination of toppings.

If you’re ready to make your homemade pizza shine with a sauce you can make at home, then read on for our easy pizza sauce recipe!

What you’ll need for the pizza sauce

The right tomatoes for the job

Different climates, soil types, farming techniques, and the method by which tomatoes are picked can create substantial variations in quality when it comes to tomatoes. These fruit (yes, they are fruit!) are highly sensitive to their environment, which is why we love Bianco DiNapoli Crushed Tomatoes on our pizzas.

These delicious gems are grown in the fertile Yolo farmlands in California, hand-picked, and packed in their own juices with a touch of sea salt and basil right out of the can. It’s the only way to start your pizza sauce on the right foot! For one serving, use 21 ounces of crushed tomatoes.

Some nice spice

Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes come with a touch of basil already, but some more spices and seasonings are in order for a pizza sauce that packs a punch. Our core recommendations are oregano (1 tablespoon) dried minced garlic (1 ½ teaspoon) and paprika (1 teaspoon).

You have a lot of room to experiment with flavors here by using different spice blends. For example, you could turn up the heat in your pizza oven sauce by including chili, peppers, or other hot concoctions. Alternatively, a sweeter sauce could be achieved by using more sweet basil and pairing it with delicate and amiable herbs and spices like rosemary or even dill.

Making the sauce

This is the easiest part. Mix a can of tomato paste with your can of Bianco tomatoes in a container of your choice.  Next, mix in the spices of your choice and you’re ready to go! 

For the best-tasting pizza you’ll ever have, try making your sauce and using it on the same day. If that’s not possible, there’s no need to worry. This sauce will keep well when frozen (try freezing it into cubes for portion control) and thaw without compromising its delicious flavor.

Do you have a favorite “secret ingredient” or tweak that you made to your pizza sauce you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments, and as always, happy cooking!

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