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Pizza Toppings To Excite Your Imagination

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Everyone knows how to throw cheese and pepperoni on pizza dough and call it a homemade pizza.  But, now that you have your new pizza oven, let your creative juices flow and impress your friends with some new twists on traditional pizza!

Pizza Toppings on Large Pizza

Remember, there are no rules... Here are a few topping ideas to inspire you...


Breakfast Pizza

Who says the best pizzas come at night?  Use different types of sausage or bacon, eggs, Mozzarella (or Parmigiano) cheese,  and small tomatoes to start your day off right. 


Smoked Salmon & Dill Pizza

Pizzas aren't just for land-lovers!  For the Alaskan salmon flair, spread a thin layer of room temperature cream cheese or yogurt over your pizza base. Top with paper thin red onion rings and cook it off. Cover it with a pile of your favorite smoked salmon, capers, dill, and black pepper. Squeeze lemon juice all over the top.


Field Mushroom, Garlic & Rosemary Pizza

Glaze your pizza base with a little melted butter. Lay sliced mushrooms directly onto base and sprinkle a little red wine & black pepper. Add finely diced garlic & rosemary sprigs on top of mushrooms. Cover with grated parmesan and cook. Finish with a touch of chopped parsley for decoration.


Spinach, Blue Cheese, Smoked Chicken Pizza

Wilt some spinach and with a fork, mix half of the spinach into equal parts room temperature spreadable cream cheese and blue Castello. Spread this mix over the pizza base. Top pizza with remaining spinach and pile high with shaved smoked chicken. Crumble some more blue Castello and a little grated parmesan over the top and cook.


Smoked Turkey & Cranberry Pizza

Here's an idea for your Thanksgiving pizza party!  Mash a little cranberry sauce into cream cheese to form a nice pink paste. Cover pizza base with the paste. Top with lots of smoked turkey slices and then a little mozzarella and parmesan and cracked pepper. When the pizza is done, top with a drizzle of cranberry sauce and lots of coriander and pistachios.


So, get out there and get creative with your next pizza creations.  But, remember, all pizzas taste better when cooked in your outdoor wood burning oven!

2 Responses

Olivia Smart

Olivia Smart

May 01, 2023

I liked your idea to have a mushroom and rosemary pizza. I’ve been wanting to experiment more with pizza toppings, especially when we order them. I’ll have to consider these ideas and see if they inspire some potential pizza orders in the future.

Eve Mitchell

Eve Mitchell

August 25, 2022

I loved your idea about using smoked salmon on your pizza! I’ve never tried a pizza with fish on it, but it’d certainly be interesting! I’m hoping that I can visit a pizza restaurant this weekend to see what I can try.

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