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Designing the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

The best thing about designing an outdoor kitchen area is the complete lack of boundaries. You can build your outdoor kitchen near the house, but you can also set it up farther out in your backyard, surrounded by nothing but nature; the choice is yours.

Once you’ve chosen the location, the next thing to do is decide which outdoor kitchen and living area elements to include. Following are some considerations to keep in mind when designing an outdoor kitchen area.

Create a Focal Point with a  Kitchen Island

Did you long for a kitchen island indoors but lack the floor space? You can have your own kitchen island in your backyard when you include one in your outdoor living design. An outdoor kitchen island gives you ample space for food preparation, but it can also double as a sideboard serving area, a buffet table or a bar and seating area.

 Outdoor kitchen island built of blocks with a granite countertop

Here’s the thing; if you’re going to have an outdoor kitchen, the kitchen island is an absolute must!  Kitchen islands come in a variety of styles and sizes.  If you are a DIY'r that wants to build your own components, you could start with a kit like the DIY outdoor kitchen island kit, which you can utilize any way you like, including serving up to six guests, meal prep and even holding court on a backyard wine tasting event!  

Don’t Forget the Grill Station!

Of course, no outdoor kitchen area would be complete without a blazing outdoor BBQ grill station. Having the neighbors over for a backyard BBQ is one of the perks of being the first one on your block to install an outdoor kitchen, right?

The best thing about designing your very own outdoor kitchen is that you can choose between many different types of grills. Heck, even charcoal enthusiasts can opt for a charcoal grill that's perfect for your backyard BBQ festivities.

Fire Magic island with grill, side burner, and refrigerator

Of course, the smartest outdoor kitchen designer takes it one step further and installs a variety of cooking appliances. Why? For the simple reason that some foods taste great on a propane or gas grill while others taste better when wood-fired. You don’t even have to be a bona fide foodie to know that!  When you include both in your outdoor kitchen design, you get the best of both worlds!

Throw in an Outdoor Pizza Oven to Complete the Set

Most homeowners who love to cook have always dreamed of their own pizza oven, but few get to see that dream come true. Now that you’re designing your own outdoor kitchen, why not toss in an outdoor pizza oven? With your very own wood fired pizza oven, you can express your inner chef to your fullest! Make everything from stuffed crust pizzas to calzones to flatbread pizzas, all in the comfort of your own backyard!

Stainless Steel Pizza Oven sitting on block base in outdoor kitchen

But, is a pizza oven really worth it if you don't make a ton of pizza?  Of course!  While they are called "pizza ovens", they are really just outdoor ovens that use either wood or gas to fire them.  You can bake, grill, and roast in a pizza oven the same as indoors only it's way more fun outside!  Check out this blog post for tons more you can cook in your gas or wood-fired pizza oven.

If you’re not sure which pizza oven is the right one for your needs, why not take the ultimate pizza oven quiz? Here’s a hint, though. You’ll need to choose between brick and metal, and also consider where your pizza oven will fit into your overall outdoor kitchen design. But don’t worry – this quiz is the most fun you’ve ever had with a test!


Warm Up to Outdoor Living With an Outdoor Fireplace

Your outdoor kitchen area isn’t just for cooking, right? You’ll want to entertain friends and enjoy family time in front of a blazing, cozy fire; maybe even a Victorian fireplace!

Victorian fireplace built of stone on patio with fire burning

Instead of huddling up inside when the thermometer takes a dive, why not get year-round use out of your outdoor living area by including a fireplace in your design? An outdoor fireplace creates a focal point for conversation, laughter and bonding, even when you aren’t creating a meal. Of course, you can also cook over the open flame of your outdoor fireplace when the mood strikes.

When choosing your outdoor fireplace, keep an open mind. An outdoor fireplace has lots more options for you to choose from. You can even build your own outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven using a convenient DIY fireplace kit, which leaves the whole set up to your vivid imagination!

Fireplace with pizza oven by Round Grove Products


Take Shelter in Your Outdoor Kitchen

No matter where you live, you can understand the importance of incorporating shade elements into your outdoor kitchen design. If your roof doesn’t have a large overhang—and even if it does—consider adding a hardtop gazebo to the outdoor living area. This simple but valuable addition will prove its worth again and again.

Gazebo covering an outdoor kitchen island and patio furniture

Not only will a gazebo offer practical value; it also expands your decorating options. Design-minded homeowners often decorate the gazebo with flowering vines (either real or faux – we won’t tell!), corner-bound outdoor curtains and other decorative elements that make the gazebo part of the whole outdoor living experience.

Of course, the practical benefits cannot go unmentioned. Hardtop gazebos come with nylon mosquito netting so you and your guests can dine al fresco without being pestered. Multiple dimension options make this a realistic addition to your outdoor kitchen no matter how much space you have to work with!

A Place For Everyone in Your Outdoor Kitchen

The next big design element to consider in your outdoor kitchen is the seating. You’ll definitely want comfortable seating for everyone, because after all, that’s the whole point of relaxing outdoors, right? Your patio furniture should reflect the overall décor that you’re going for.

Tortoga Rio patio furniture sitting on the back patio

Are you looking for simple elegance? Then the Bayview collection of resin wicker is ideal. An all-weather material resists staining, cracking, water damage and wear and tear from UV rays. In short? It’s perfect!

Are you looking for classic wicker, such as a comfy rocking chair and matching side table? An easy to clean wicker set will make it easy for family and guests to feel right at home in your outdoor living space!

When choosing seating, make sure you have ample places for people to sit and rest, and make little areas where family and guests can talk or sneak in their favorite summertime reading.

Outdoor Living Space with Necessories Kits

Isn’t it time you indulge your love of the outdoors with a beautiful new outdoor kitchen and living area? These tips will help you design an outdoor space that will be used over and over again for years to come. And remember, if you have any questions about any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us! 


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