Wood Fireplaces

Wood burning fireplace by Superior in a cozy cabin living room

Create a magical ambiance with a traditional wood fireplace

Is there anything better than a wood fireplace for a cozy night watching television or just staring into the flames?  

Wood fireplaces are not only used for heating a room but also for the relaxing ambiance they create.   Electric and gas fireplaces are no match for wood fireplaces in the ambiance department because they can’t match the wood smell, crackling sounds, or authentic appearance of a natural fireplace.

Pros of Wood Fireplaces

  • No electricity needed
  • Plenty of warmth by gathering around the fire
  • Ability to cook over the fireplace if without electricity
  • The cracking sound of a wood fire is mesmerizing
  • Cons of Wood Fireplaces

  • Requires a chimney
  • Needs a steady supply of wood
  • Need to clean your fireplace periodically
  • Sparks and ash can jump out of the fireplace causing a hazard
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