Lume Largo Tudo PREMIUM Pizza Oven


Quick Specs

🔥 Fuel Type:  Wood

🍕 Capacity:  (2) 12-inch Pizzas At A Time!

📦 Weight: 1250lbs

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Level Up Your Pizza Oven Game!

Introducing our brand new oven from our Pizza Oven collections— the Lume Largo Tudo Premium Pizza Oven, the pinnacle of culinary craftsmanship! Imagine the mouthwatering aromas, the sizzle of bubbling cheese, and the perfect char on your homemade pizzas. With the Lume Largo Tudo, you can now create your gourmet pizzeria right in the comfort of your own backyard.

Step up your grilling game and become the ultimate pizza maestro with this state-of-the-art oven. Our team of expert artisans has carefully designed every detail to ensure a flawless cooking experience. The Lume Largo Tudo is not just an appliance; it is a work of art that will elevate your cooking skills to the next level.

Designed with true Italian style in mind, the Lume Largo Tudo closely resembles our best-selling PIZZAIOLI and BUENA VENTURA Premium Ovens. Crafted to perfection, this oven guarantees an authentic Italian-style pizza experience.

With its wider opening and lower dome, the Lume Largo Tudo ensures direct heat conduction to the oven floor, resulting in flawlessly baked pizzas in just 90 second! Say goodbye to soggy crusts and unevenly cooked toppings - the Lume Largo Tudo delivers perfection with every bite.

✓ Versatile Culinary Masterpiece: the Lume Largo is a wood-fired oven that transforms your cooking experience. Prepare succulent roasted chicken, perfectly grilled veggies, delectable casseroles, decadent desserts, freshly baked bread, and so much more – all in one oven! And, as a token of our appreciation, each oven comes with a complimentary Portuguese ceramic baking dish, perfect for experimenting with different dishes and flavors.

✓ Unmatched Quality: What sets the Lume Largo apart is its unmatched quality and authentic brick construction. Handmade in Portugal, each oven undergoes a triple-insulation process, ensuring that the exterior stays cool to the touch while the interior stays blazing hot. Its inner layer comprises of authentic fire brick and mortar, surrounded by our very own international patent Rockwool insulation, secured with metal batting, and fortified by an additional layer of refractory cement – guaranteeing durability and efficiency.

✓ Premium Hardware: The upgraded Lume Largo boasts premium hardware, including a black NON-RUST CAST ALUMINUM door, chimney cavity, and STAINLESS STEEL chimney. The door features a peep-through high-heat viewing window, providing a glimpse into your culinary creations.

Lume Largo Tudo Premium Oven Measurements:

External Dimensions: 39" W   x   39" D   x   26" H
Internal Cooking Surface: 33" W x 33" D x 15" H
Chimney Outlet Diameter: 5.5" ø
Chimney Outlet Height: 6" H
Oven door: 19.7" W   x   10.6" H
Weight: ~1,250lbs

Note: As these ovens are handmade, no two are exactly the same - the dimensions may not be exact but are close.

This may sound exaggerated but yes, you can fit multiple pizzas inside this oven, but realistically, here's how Patio & Pizza recommends you get the most use out of your space. We've scaled it down so you can get the picture.

What’s included in your oven?

  • 500° Celsius Thermometer (0-932°F)
  • Terracotta Baking Dish
  • Patch Kit - all of the ovens by Authentic Pizza Ovens are 100% insulated with ROCKWOOL and cracking will not affect your oven. Your oven will be delivered with a special Ultrafire product patch kit to address superficial cracks that may develop. However, it is normal for authentic handmade ovens to crack, and is considered seasoned and most desired in Europe! Cracks do NOT affect the function of the oven and your pizzas will still be marvelous!

We have a VERY limited quantity of Hybrid-Ready Lume Largo Tudo PREMIUM Pizza Oven available right now. Please call to check on availability. The gas burner is NOT included.

Optional Accessories We Recommend Getting:
(Click on the image to view the product description. Each Sold Separately)


We understand that convenience is paramount in today's fast-paced world. That's why the Lume Largo Tudo is designed to be user-friendly, making your cooking experience effortless and enjoyable. The oven's smart features ensure precise temperature control, allowing you to focus on unleashing your culinary creativity without any hassle.

Don't wait any longer. Take the leap and become the envy of every cookout. Upgrade to the Lume Largo Tudo today, and elevate your cooking experience to new heights!

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