American Outdoor Grill (AOG)

American Outdoor Grill Collection

The American Outdoor Grills (AOG) brand is perfect for enjoying outdoor, open-air cooking with family and friends for many years to come

AOG transforms the backyard entertaining area into a fine dining experience by bringing functionality and elegance to your outdoor kitchen at a reasonable price. 

American Outdoor Grills are manufactured in the City of Industry, CA by the RH Peterson Company.  The RH Peterson Co. has been the premiere manufacturer of quality gas products since 1949 so they know what they are doing!  Their other product lines include Fire Magic Grills, Real Fyre gas logs and American Fyre Designs.

American Outdoor Grills bring elegance to your outdoor kitchen, transforming the backyard barbecue into a fine dining experience. The rounded hood, contoured face and smooth satin finish create a sleek stylish appearance, while the large cooking surface and precise thermometer allow safe and easy meal preparations. AOG grills are constructed from the highest grade commercial stainless steel with long-lasting solid brass valves, making it possible for you to share the pleasures of open-air cooking with friends and family for decades to come.  

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