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How To Repair Cracks with ULTRAFIRE

  • 1 min read

Our Brick Pizza Ovens from Authentic Pizza Ovens will crack far less than typical brick ovens.  However, all brick ovens may develop  cracks - these will not affect cooking in any way (and your pizzas will still be marvelous!)

Often, if your pizza oven gets too hot too fast (before proper curing), you may see immediate cracks in the brick ovendome.  These are only cosmetic and won't affect your oven's performance.

However, for cosmetic reasons, we include the ULTRAFIRE patch kit in case you want to fill in any cracks.  It takes a very small amount of Ultrafire to cover a crack. Watch the video below to see how the Ultrafire refractory oven repair kit is applied.

The ULTRAFIRE should be put on your oven when the oven is hot using a paintbrush.  When working around the brick face, it is easier to use a smaller brush with stiff, short bristles to keep the Ultrafire substance off the brick face.

Once the oven cools and the Ultrafire dries, you can use high-heat paint over the Ultrafire and/or your entire oven.

As a summary, here are the basic steps for applying Ultrafire:

  1. Use a sturdy nylon type brush to dust off your oven from any debris and particles
  2. Heat your oven to at least 250C or 480F
  3. Using your paintbrush apply a generous amount of Ultrafire on to the visible cracks. (feel free to paint the entire oven)
  4. Once applied, let the fire cool down (Ultrafire should dry within an hour)
  5. Rinse the paintbrush and let air dry for next use

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