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Wooden Pergola Kits

Wooden Pergola Kits

Create a magical outdoor area with a wooden pergola

Create an outdoor living space where memories are made during warm summer days or cool winter evenings.  A wooden pergola will provide shade from the sun while giving you a structure for hanging lights and your outdoor tv for sports games or binge-watching!

Pros of Pergolas

  • Create a great atmosphere for outdoor entertaining
  • Cost-effective way to improve your property's charm
  • Great structure for adding lights, fans, and decorations
  • Adds shade and privacy to your outdoor area
  • Cons of Pergolas

  • Pergolas require yearly basic maintenance
  • Won't protect from rain unless you add pergola roof
  • If you sell your home, some buyers may not like pergolas
  • May need to watch for termites attracted to the wood
  • Pergolas constructed of wood are popular for patio cover construction because they match almost any backyard design and can be stained, painted, or used naturally.  They are also very affordable!  

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    How To Choose A Pergola

    The pergola kits in our wooden patio cover kit collection below come with everything you need including the lumber already cut to size, the required installation hardware and detailed assembly instructions for you or your contractor to follow. 

    Order your favorite wooden pergola kit below to start making everlasting memories with family and friends!

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