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The Top 5 Pizza Oven Accessories

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Here’s a fun challenge: Think of something more useless than a pizza oven with no cooking accessories. Cable customer service? The DMV?

Point is, a wood-fired pizza oven comes to life when you explore all of the different ways you can cook with one. The right outdoor pizza oven accessories can make wood-fired cooking the most versatile culinary method you’re skilled in, so here’s a list of some of our favorite accessories to get you started!

#1 Radial Mesh Barbeque Grill

One of the best parts about wood-fired cooking is how many different ways an oven can be used. What once was a so-called "pizza oven" can be turned into a super smokin' barbeque with our BBQ 500 Grill!


This long-handled, radial mesh design can handle temperatures up to 930 degrees, and is a rotary grill, allowing you to easily turn your food for even cooking on all sides. If you’re ready for the best wood-fired steak you've ever tasted, give the grill a shot!

#2 Barbeque Oven Gloves

Sometimes, things have to get messy. When that’s the case, you can trust ourArtisan Smoker Heat Resistant Gloves to protect your hands in temperatures up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit.

BBQ Gloves

These gloves are also 17 inches long, providing protection not just to your hands, but down the length of your wrists so you can cook, stoke, or rescue a pizza without worry. It’s a hallmark in any collection of pizza accessories.

#3 Electric Fire Starter

You’ve finally finished setting up your wood-fired pizza oven. The kids, neighbors, the in-laws, and your aunt Julia are in the backyard. They watch as you strike the first match to light your oven… and then it fizzles out.

Don’t be that guy. Instead, let a little technology make your rustic cooking a bit easier.

Our electric fire starter combines torch flame and a gentle blower to make starting the fire in your oven a breeze; no pun intended.

#4 Infrared Thermometer Gun

Most pizza recipes call for a certain temperature, and unless you possess some kind of thermal sixth sense, it’s a little difficult to tell how hot your pizza oven fire is burning. Enter the champion of pizza oven supplies: Ourinfrared thermometer gun.

Infrared Thermometer for Pizza Ovens

Using an infrared gun to determine temperature gives you the added benefits of safety, comfort, and accuracy. You don’t need to poke a thermometer into the blazing heat to determine the temperature of the floor or dome of the oven. and an infrared thermometer can give much more accurate readings than the oven thermometer.

#5 Aluminum Pizza Peel

A good pizza oven peel is a must for any blooming wood-fired chef. Without one, you risk disasters like burns, falling pizzas, or pizza stuck to your oven. Our most popular aluminum pizza peel features a 19-inch handle and a 14-gauge aluminum head, ensuring both that your hands won’t be burned in the fire and your peel can withstand the heat inside the oven.

Pizza Peel Aluminum

This peel also has a broad diameter of 12 inches, reducing the chance of an errant pizza taking a leap of faith onto the floor.

There you have it; our Top 5 Pizza Oven Tools to simplify your life and improve your wood-fired cooking skills.  Buy your favorite today!

Already have all the pizza oven tools above?  Check out our Pizza Oven Accessories Collection for even more exciting tools to use in your oven!

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