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Top 5 Reasons For Getting An Indoor Pizza Oven

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Keep the party in the kitchen with a brick pizza oven!

Let’s face it, everyone loves pizza – it’s easy, delicious and feeds a lot of people at once.  A fun experience when hosting any party, whether for the kids or the big game, setting out toppings so each guest can design their own personal pizza, and later take pleasure in devouring their culinary creation.

Now imagine if you had your very own gas or wood fired pizza oven in your home, and you were able to serve homemade pizza that tasted as good, or even better than your favorite pizza place. Now you can! With so many great prefabricated indoor pizza oven options, it' actually much simpler than you may think.

For more inspiration, here are Our Top 5 Reasons Why an Indoor Pizza Oven Is a Great Idea

1.  Everyone Loves Pizza

    We start with the most obvious, but its true - who doesn’t like a fresh warm, gooey, cheesy pizza?! If that is not reason enough keep reading….

    Pizza cooking in a wood fired pizza oven


    2.  Why Go Out When You Can Stay In

      Have you ever noticed how restaurants always advertise that their food tastes ‘so good just like it's homemade’? Well then, why ever go out?  While going out to eat is fun sometimes, with the recent Covid-19 crisis dining out is just a bit more challenging. 

      Making pizzas at home with indoor pizza oven

      On the bright side, with your own indoor pizza oven, you and your guests can eat much better pizza from your own kitchen.  Not only is it a safer than going out to eat, but it’s cheaper and easier as well.  Make a pie exactly the way you want it and dig in without all the hassle.


      3.  Not Just For Pizza Anymore

        It may be called a wood fired pizza oven, but it’s not just for baking pizza. In fact, there are endless options on what you can cook in a pizza oven. Unlike a conventional oven, a wood fired oven provides a combination of smoking, baking, and roasting that results in tantalizing, healthy and mouth-watering dishes that are filled with flavor.

        You can bake desserts, cook steaks, seafood, and even French onion soup. The options on what to cook are as wide as your imagination will go.  Check out all the great recipe ideas on our blog page that has easy and delicious recipe suggestions for every course. 

        Vegetables cooking in a wood fired brick oven

        We recommend Earthstone Ovens, as they offer an extensive line of modern high-quality wood-fired or gas-fired indoor certified ovens with over 15 models to choose from. Choose the right option for your home and common cooking style.


        4.  Level Up

          An indoor pizza oven is not only a great idea, but it's also a great investment! Read more here to learn how to properly install an indoor pizza oven to increase the real estate value of your home.  Don’t worry many indoor pizza oven models can be customized so whether your home décor is rustic, modern, traditional or eclectic, your gas pizza oven will greatly enhance the appearance of your indoor or outdoor kitchen.

          Indoor pizza oven in a kitchen

          Make sure to check out the Earthstone Ovens Model 60-PAGW, which is a great option that can be used as wood-fired, gas-fired, or the magical wood / gas combination which gives you the best of both worlds. The cooking area is 23” diameter, which can simultaneously cook two 8” pizzas, one 12” or 16” pizza, eight medium steaks or six large steaks.  Pizza Oven for the Win!!


          5.  New Income Opportunities

            Yes, you are still reading the same blog, but we wanted to switch gears just a bit here to point out that while these pizza ovens are a great addition to any kitchen, rest assured they are top quality and commercial grade. 

            Not only will a pizza oven work well and add value to your home, but they can add value to your business as well.  An indoor pizza oven is an easy upgrade for any local bistro, neighborhood café, or start up food truck, looking for new revenue streams. With readily available ingredients, pizzas are inexpensive, easy to make, and have a quick cooking time. A new pizza business is easy to start and has a healthy profit margin, particularly if you are offering "to-go" services.

            Pizza oven in food trailer

            For more on this click here for our recommendations on how to start a pizza food truck.

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