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You already know that cooking outdoors is fun and relaxing. You’ve seen our recipes in our e-book 7 Days of Wood-fired Cooking. And maybe you’ve even read our blog post, What Can You Cook in a Pizza Oven Besides Pizza? Spoiler alert: the answer is, anything you can cook in a regular oven!

But, what if you have a treasured family recipe that you know your family loves? How can you convert that into a wood-fired oven recipe? Simply follow the following easy steps!

Pizza Oven Temperatures

A wood-fired oven typically cooks at a higher temperature than a traditional oven. The benefit of this is that it allows the food to get a delicious crisp on it, locking in the smoky flavors that make wood-fired cooking so delicious.

To convert a conventional recipe into a wood-fired recipe, simply add 75-100 degrees to the original temperature.

Cooking Time

Because you are cooking at a much higher temperature, you don’t need to cook for as long. Converting a conventional recipe to wood-fired is as easy as dividing by three. Cook your food for about two thirds as long as you would in a conventional oven!

Armed with these facts, you can turn any recipe into a wood-fired recipe! Congratulations, you now have all the knowledge you need to begin your life as an outdoor chef.  

To learn more about proper temperatures for various types of food, check out the blog post "Pizza Oven Temperatures for Cooking" now.

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