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3 Reasons Why You Need A Commercial Pizza Oven

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A Commercial Pizza Oven Can Blaze Your Business to New Heights

 A commercial pizza oven adds great value to your business. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or looking to enhance your current menu offerings, adding a commercial pizza oven is an excellent investment.

If you currently own, manage or are planning to open a new pizzeria, tavern, grill, bakery, Mexican restaurant, farm fresh market or country club, a commercial pizza oven offers an enticing customer experience, while appealing to more than just their taste buds.

Commercial Wood-Fired Oven

What are the hot advantages that a commercial wood-fired/gas pizza oven can bring to your business?

1.  Let’s start with the obvious – delicious food, and we’re not talking about just pizza. A wood fired oven combines the all the cooking benefits of smoking, baking and roasting that results in delectable, healthy and mouth-watering dishes that are packed with flavor. From appetizers such as French onion soup, to main dishes such as steaks and seafood, to desserts such as berry cobblers and pies, a commercial wood fired pizza oven allows you to broaden your menu as wide as your chef’s imagination, thus attracting more customers to dine and plan events at your venue.

2.  Next is ambiance, which is so important when customers are deciding where to dine. Whether they would like a have a romantic dinner with their significant other, drinks, food and a good time with friends, or are celebrating a special occasion with a large group, the atmosphere of your establishment is a big deciding factor. That’s where a wood burning pizza oven comes in handy, as it ignites feelings of warmth, down-home comfort and relaxation.

3.  If your business features an open kitchen layout, having a gas or wood fired pizza oven adds to the aesthetic of your restaurant. Earthstone is a popular brand that offers modern high-quality wood and gas fired ovens for commercial use. All ovens come pre-assembled and can be adorned to match the style of your venue. From rustic to contemporary, or vintage to minimalistic, your commercial gas pizza oven will beautifully align with your restaurant’s décor and boost its overall appearance to your customers.

Commercial Pizza Oven | Earthstone Ovens

For commercial use, a popular Earthstone Ovens model we recommend is the Model 90-PAGW. It can be used as wood fired or gas fired, offering the best of both worlds. The cooking area is 35” diameter, which is ideal capacity for cooking three to four 8” pizzas, two to three 12” pizzas, one 16” pizza, eight medium steaks or six large steaks.

The Earthstone Ovens Model 90-PAGW model comes standard with factory finished stainless steel top with black bottom, digital temperature controller, gas burner recessed in the floor, ceramic fire logs, cast aluminum door, black granite shelf, stainless pizza peel, black perforated grill, and a 5-year limited warranty.

Shop for a new commercial gas/wood fired pizza oven now and watch your business sizzle.