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Brick or Stainless Steel Pizza Ovens

An authentic pizza oven is a fantastic addition to your home. While deciding that you want an outdoor pizza oven is a simple task, making the call on what kind will best suit your needs is much tougher.

The available varieties of outdoor pizza ovens may have you asking the question: How does a pizza oven work? Does the material make a difference? To help you make a good judgment call on the best type of oven, here is a breakdown of two common outdoor pizza oven types: Brick ovens, and stainless steel ovens.

Brick pizza ovens

Stays hot longer, but takes longer to get hot

The Brick Oven Pizzeria notes that since a brick pizza oven is less conductive, you’ll find that getting it up to cooking temperature takes a fair amount of time. This also means that a brick oven will hold its temperature longer, and be able to maintain much higher temperatures, however. Because of this, an outdoor brick pizza oven is a great choice to make if your cooking habits fall into two styles.

A brick oven will be useful if you have more prep time than cook time. You can stoke a roaring fire, get the oven up to temperature, and then worry less about making sure the fire is blazing while you are cooking.

You’ll also enjoy a brick pizza oven if you prefer slow cooking. A brick oven can maintain a lower temperature for a longer period of time, allowing you to make great wood-fired recipes that call for a slow bake.

Sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, but harder to move

A brick oven also has the advantage of a charming, rustic look. Masonry and traditional looks often suit yards and many homes very well as an architectural complement. 

Brick Oven - Famosi Pizza Oven

On the flipside, a brick oven is also very heavy and sometimes impossible to move because of its concrete base.  A brick oven is a good choice if you’re not worried about moving it later on. 

The Pizzaioli from Portugal is of one of our most popular artisan-inspired, handmade brick pizza ovens!

Stainless steel pizza ovens

Quicker heating, but quicker cooling

Pizza Today points out that a stainless steel pizza oven is a great conductor, so it will heat up very quickly. That said, it will also lose its heat very quickly if its fire isn’t maintained.

Those who need to whip up great pizza very quickly will appreciate a stainless steel oven. You can heat your oven up, throw the pizza on, and have it ready in a short amount of time. This is a great advantage, for example, if you have kids clamoring for dinner the second pizza is mentioned.

Greater portability, but more modern look

A stainless steel pizza oven is a portable pizza oven. You can move it around as need be, so you can either change its location in your yard in order to set up tables and chairs, or even throw it in the back of a truck so you can be the star of a cookout somewhere else.

Stainless steel oven - Maximus pizza oven 

Though a stainless steel oven is easier to move, it also doesn’t have the same rustic quirkiness of a brick oven. This makes it a better choice for someone whose home might not match the aesthetics of a brick oven, or for someone who needs to move their oven more often than they need to look at it.

You can find one of our awesome stainless steel pizza ovens here!

So, in conclusion, both brick and stainless steel pizza ovens are fun additions to the backyard; you just need to decide which one works best for your personal cooking style!

Feeling authentic?  Check out our authentic brick oven collection now to see how one could work in your backyard!

 Don't like to be tied down? See our stainless steel oven collection here to find the perfect oven for you!

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