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Add Outdoor Luxury to Your Home With A DIY Fireplace Kit

If your backyard seems to be lacking a key element, an outdoor fireplace might be the thing to build the perfect patio retreat.  

Having a beautiful living space outside is just one part of loving your home and adding your personal flair to it. When it comes to enjoying your outdoor space, there are many items and decorations that you can add to it to truly make it stand out; one of the best is a wood-fired or gas fireplace. 

If you entertain or you simply want to add style and luxury to your home, starting with a DIY outdoor fireplace kit gives you the most bang for your buck!   Thankfully, there are plenty of helpful DIY kits that empower you to build exactly the right kind of outdoor fireplace for your home and family!  This blog post will help you find the right kit for you.

Choosing the right DIY kit

Enclosed fireplaces can make ornate centerpieces to a patio, with some capable of cooking like roasting.  The availability of outdoor fireplace kits with pizza ovens allow you to create the ultimate entertaining space.These kits are available in both gas and wood-fired iterations to suit your taste.

Outdoor fireplace and pizza oven combination

Fireplace kits are available in several types of masonry in order to match the aesthetics of your home and outdoor spaces. Brick and other masonry designs usually follow a palette of reds, earth tones, and cool colors.

Examples include classic red brick, desert-influenced masonry (even stucco!) and gray or blue stone.  These choices, along with the hearth’s design, will help you pick out a fireplace that will look fantastic in your living space.

Constructing a sturdy fireplace

Since many fireplaces are heavy, Homesteading.com advises that you dig a foundation trench that goes below the frostline in your area. If you live in Arizona, this might not be a challenge, but it is important to dig deep enough. Once that is completed, most experts recommend using wood bracing, pea pebbles, and a favorite concrete mixture. In heavy-duty applications, rebar might also be a suitable idea.

Inside your kit should be necessary materials like masonry, instructions, and in most cases the required adhesive like mortar. Depending on the style of fireplace you get, you’ll either start with a prefabricated fireplace or by building the actual fireplace by placing brick according to the design instructions and slathering mortar between them. 

Ranking The Best Outdoor Fireplace Kits

We know that not every patio is the same and not all of our customers’ tastes are the same. That is why we ranked several varieties of outdoor fireplace kits that you will fall in love with.

1.  Most Elaborate Fireplace Kit

If you are looking for a large, elaborate fireplace kit, a great way to treat yourself is with the Necesories Grand Fireplace. The Grand Fireplace is truly one of a kind. This beauty will make quite an impression on your friends and family.

At more than eight feet high, and up to twelve feet wide (with wood boxes), the Grand Fireplace is the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor living room. Its appeal comes from its large profile, universal design, and aged appearance.

This fireplace comes complete with all the cut blocks, limestone tops, mortar, a wood-burning insert, log rack, 4' chimney, spark suppressor and spark curtain.

Building the Grand Fireplace takes about 8 total hours with the help of a few friends. You will enjoy the log rack and the hours of sitting by the fire and entertaining your guests.

Outdoor Living Kits with a Fireplace and Firepit

2.  Best Fireplace With Pizza Oven

If you want the very best entertaining experience, check out the Round Grove Fiesta Fireplace With Pizza Oven.  These DIY kits come with a brick wood-fired pizza oven on top of the fireplace.  

This amazing fireplace pizza oven combo was featured on This Old House in 2021.  The Round Grove fireplace/brick pizza oven combo unit blends the best of leading ready-to-finish, quality products and can easily be finished with your choice of stone or brick veneer to create a beautiful focal point.

Round Grove Products utilizes American-made materials to build their fireplace kits one by one in the US.  They not only feature heavy duty steel construction, but are resistant to corrosion, are non-combustible, and are built with inert materials so there is no rotting, swelling, or rusting.  Once delivered, you can finish off in days rather than building one yourself in months.

Pizza oven fireplace combo


3.  Most Economical Outdoor Fireplace Kit

One of the most popular fireplace kit for smaller areas is the Rockwood Compact Fireplace. This one is designed for a much more intimate entertaining area. This kit is perfect for nearly every patio and will add so much joy and relaxation to your home!

At more than five feet high, and over eight feet wide (with 2 wood boxes), these DIY outdoor fireplace kits are the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor living room. Its appeal comes from its large profile, universal design, and aged appearance. The Compact prefab outdoor fireplace kit is a great size for warming up your patio area.

Outdoor compact fireplace beside the lake

Adding a fireplace to your patio is just one way to add value to your home along with adding a new way to enjoy life and relax more. 

Can you just imagine roasting marshmallows with the family or having some hot chocolate by the fire, on a cold night? The possibilities are endless when it comes to having your own lavish fireplace.

If you have the itch for your own fireplace built without a hitch, find high-quality fireplace kits at budget-friendly prices in our full collection of outdoor fireplace kits now!

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