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Electric Fireplaces

Adding the flair and comfort of a fireplace to your home can be the finishing touch on a truly unique living space, but the messy ash, need for firewood, and the time you’ll need to build a fire aren’t for everyone.

If you’re looking for home fireplace options with half the hassle, an electric fireplace may be right for you! Here are some answers to common questions about electric fireplaces to help you decide on your next home improvement project.

What is an electric fireplace?

A modern upgrade

An electric fireplace uses heated coils and a blower fan to push warm air into a room at 100% efficiency, according to How Stuff Works. While an electric fireplace may not produce as much heat as a traditional one, they use very little energy to provide both charm and heat to any space they’re installed in. 

These fireplaces are both cheaper and cleaner than a wood-burning fireplace. Installing an electric fireplace only requires purchasing the unit and hiring a skilled contractor or electrician and lighting one only takes the flip of a switch instead of potentially dirty logs in your home and messy ash.

A safe alternative

An electric fireplace also has safety benefits. These include an electric fireplace’s heating method keeping it cool to the touch, so it’s safe around curious children and pets who might otherwise be burned if they touch the glass of a traditional fireplace, a benefit touted by Twin Star Homes.

Odorless gases like carbon monoxide are produced when anything is combusted, and dangerous levels of the gas can cause serious health issues or even death. Compact Appliance prudently mentions that an electric fireplace doesn’t emit any fumes, as opposed to a traditional or gas fireplace. That way, you can be sure you and your family are safe from harm!

What are the best electric fireplaces?

Choosing the right electric fireplace can be a painful process with so many great options on the market! Thankfully, we can offer a bit of advice.

The truly top-of-the-line Ambiance CLX 2 offers sleek, modern stylings designed for commercial settings and a powerful heating element that will make any room hot; both literally and figuratively!


For a smaller option, the equally minimalist and trendy application suited to homes, consider the Modern Flame Spectrum Series Electric Fireplace and its array of safety and visual options to make any room glow with vibrant, electric flame.

Electric Fireplace - Modern Flames Spectrum

Take a look at our collection of Electric Fireplaces for other options!

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