Pizza Oven Stand Blueprint


Base Height: 40-inch Instructions

Build a beautiful pizza oven stand for your oven

This blueprint contains instructions for building a rustic and sturdy base for your new pizza oven. It was exclusively designed at Patio & Pizza based on customer feedback and our experience in building our own pizza oven base.

In just a couple of hours, you can easily construct this block pizza oven stand, providing a reliable and durable area to store your wood while also sustaining the weight of your pizza oven without issue.

The instructions come in two sizes so it works great for backyard chefs of all heights!  

Pizza Oven Stand Specifications


40" High Cabinet

  • 40"W x 40"D x 40"H (total cabinet)
  • 24"W x 32"D x 36"H (wood opening)
  • 1,500 lbs (total block weight)


44" High Cabinet

  • 40"W x 40"D x 44"H (total cabinet)
  • 24"W x 32"D x 36"H (wood opening)
  • 1,600 lbs (total block weight)
  • The 40" height puts your oven door (depending on oven) at approximately 42-44 inches so it's great for shorter outdoor cooks
  • The 44" height puts your oven door (depending on oven) at approximately 46-48 inches so it's better for taller backyard bakers. 

  • Pizza Oven Stand Features

    Easy to build

    This pizza oven blueprint outlines everything you need, including block sizes, adhesive, and instructions.  

    Expand it at anytime

    This custom pizza oven stand uses the same blocks you can get from your local hardware store.  Therefore, you can easily expand your outdoor cooking and entertaining space to match your pizza oven base.

    This pizza oven base has plenty of room to easily store your wood in a nice stack so it's readily available when firing up your wood-fired pizza oven.  You can also add additional blocks on your own to design a great storage space.

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