Blaze 20-inch Cast Aluminum Kamado Grill


Blaze 20-inch Cast Aluminum Kamado Grill

Blaze introduces the industry’s first kamado grill made out of solid cast aluminum up to 1 1/4" thick! The unique all-aluminum design provides unparalleled durability, and the same outstanding temperature control and heat retention kamado grills are known for.

The non-porous grill body allows for the use of any charcoal or wood fuel, as well as any ignition method or material for the lighting of charcoal without worry of damaging the unit or absorption of materials into the grill housing. The Blaze kamado’s cast aluminum body, stainless steel cooking grids, hinge, and all other parts are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Overall Dimensions: 33 7/8"H x 21 7/8"W x 27 7/8"D

  • The entire body is constructed of cast aluminum, up to 1 1/4″ thick, for superior durability to last a lifetime
  • Cast molded exhaust cap for precise heat control without the usual risk of falling off or breaking
  • 20-inch diameter stainless steel hex shaped cooking surface provides exceptional heat retention and beautiful sear marks
  • Pre-installed lid hinge with lift assist allows for easy opening
  • Hinged cooking surface allows for the convenient addition of wood or charcoal without removing the cooking surface
  • Tongue and groove sealing of the lid to the grill body eliminates the commonly used gasket and subsequent replacement due to damage and wear
  • The innovative seal provides excellent heat retention with no seepage
  • Lifetime warranty

Standard Features

Cooking Grid
20-inch diameter stainless steel hex- shaped cooking surface provides exceptional heat retention and beautiful sear marks

Hinged Cooking Surface
Hinged cooking surface allows for the convenient addition of wood or charcoal without removing the grates.

Lift Assist
Pre-installed lid hinge with lift assist allows for easy burping and opening of the kamado.

Tongue and Groove Seal
Instead of the traditional gasket design, which often needs replacement because of wear and tear over time, Blaze chose an exceptional tongue-and-groove seal to help the lid last longer and better lock in smoke.

Molded Exhaust Cap
Cast-molded exhaust cap allows for precise heat control.

1-inch Thick Cast Aluminum
This design adds unparralleled durability.

Blaze Aluminum Kamado Grill Review 🔥

Additional Kamado Accessories
  • Blaze Kamado Side Shelf Kit with Hooks
    • Four easy-attach hooks for hanging cooking tools
    • Stainless steel construction is durable for outdoor conditions
    • Side shelves provide a convenient work area while grilling


  • Blaze Easy-Light Indirect Cooking System with Moisture-Enhancing Pan
    • Heavy-duty, 304-grade stainless steel construction for lasting durability
    • Charcoal basket lets you section off fuel for indirect heat, or for direct infrared cooking in tandem with the Blaze Kamado Rotisserie Kit
    • The lower basket chamber doubles as a chimney starter for use with charcoal lighters and other ignition methods
    • Stainless steel drip pan catches essential drippings for pan gravies and bastes, plus it can act as a water pan for added moisture when smoking

  • Rotisserie Kit with Waterproof Motor
    • Waterproof rotisserie motor is designed to thrive in the outdoor elements
    • Compatible with Blaze Easy-Light Indirect Cooking System and Moisture-Enhancing Pan
    • Adds versatility to your outdoor cooking setup by allowing you to slow-roast food over the coals


  • Blaze 4-in-1-Stainless Steel Cooking Plate
    • Solid, 304-grade stainless steel brings the longevity you need for years of enjoyable outdoor cooking
    • Provides a layer of heat deflection for low-and-slow cooking
    • Serves as a pizza stone to give you that perfect crust every time
    • Functions as a cooking plate that helps add a hint of smoke to your favorite sauces, stews, soups, and gumbos
    • Can be used as a griddle plate for great breakfast and full-crust searing

  • Kamado Island Sleeve with Drawer
    • 304 stainless steel construction provides ultimate durability in outdoor settings
    • Large drawer stores charcoal, tools, and accessories with ease
    • Allows you to build your kamado into an outdoor kitchen for a finished look


  • Stainless Steel Kamado Handles
    • Sturdy construction for a long lifespan in the outdoors
    • Offer a solid grip when moving your kamado
    • Feature insulated spacers that keep the handles from getting overly hot when the grill is in use


  • Blaze Kamado Cart
    • Specifically designed to house the Blaze Kamado grill
    • Stainless steel construction is durable in outdoor conditions
    • Heavy duty casters allow you to easily position the grill as needed
    • 13 3/4" H x 24" W x 13 3/4" D

  • Kamado Covers
    (SKU: 20KMBICV or 20KMCTCV)
    • Kamado Grill/Built In Cover or Kamado on Cart with Side Shelves Cover
    • Greatly extend the lifespan of your grill, making it a better investment over time
    • Vinyl cover is water-resistant to shield the grill from elements like dirt, dust, and rain
    • Designed with a soft felt backing that will not scratch the exterior of the grill when covered


Check out this video of the Kamado Grill placed in a Saltwater Durability Test


Blaze 20-inch Cast Aluminum Kamado Installation Manual

Blaze 20-inch Cast Aluminum Kamado installation=

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