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Bull Wood Fired Pizza Oven Lighting & Cooking Instructions

Great tips and tricks to successfully light your new outdoor wood burning oven and cook delicious authentic pizzas!

Pizza Oven Tips

Items needed to successfully light your oven

  • Fire Starter of some kind
  • 18” to 24” lengths of Hardwood maximum of 3” to 4” inches thick
  • Lighter  
  • Heat Protective Glove “Bull Pit Mitt”


How to Light Your Oven

  1. Move the Stainless Steel “Wood Caddy” to the left or right of the fire box
  2. Place the Fire Starter between the Caddy & the Fire box Wall
  3. Light the starter and let it get going
  4. Place the wood on top of the fire starter
  5. Let wood burn till it becomes glowing embers (no flame)
  6. Heat stones to 600 degrees (use inferred temperature gun to confirm)

Now you are ready to Cook a Pizza!


Tools Needed To Cook a Pizza

  • Long Handle Brass Bristle Brush (Clears stones of Ashes etc.)
  • Long Handle Perorated Peel (Used to insert the Pizza in the oven and remove it)
  • Long Handle Turning Peel (Used to turn Pizza while cooking)
  • Infrared Thermometer (used to check stone Temp)


How to Cook a Pizza

  1. Stone should be at 600 degrees
  2. Use long handle Brush to clean stone of ashes etc.
  3. Using heavy amount of flour on the long handle peel place the pizza in the oven
  4. Rotate the Pizza as it browns to cook evenly (use Turning peel)
  5. The timing for turns varies based on the size of the Pizza
  6. Remove with Long Handle Perforated Peel and ENJOY your pizza!

Put the stainless steel door back in place if you want to bring your oven back to the higher temperature after cooking.   Don't forget to use heat protective glove “Bull Pit Mitt” to handle the door handle because it is VERY HOT!  Always use CAUTION!

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