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Patio & Pizza Partner Referral Program

Become a Patio & Pizza Affiliate Partner and start making money today!

Are you a realtor, landscaper, or contractor?  Do you have your own website and audience?  Maybe you are part of a club or organization?  Perhaps you just like sharing the things you like with your friends and family on social media. 

We'd love to partner with you so you can start earning referral money from your audience with Patio & Pizza today.

We'll pay you a 5% commission from the total order value directly into your PayPal account for each person you refer who purchases with us.

Here's an example of how you can earn from Patio & Pizza:

Jordan purchased a Pizzaioli pizza oven from our store and thought that his friends would love having one in their backyard. 

Jordan signs up for our affiliate referral program and sends out an email to his friends telling them about the great pizza oven he just bought and the fantastic service he received from Patio & Pizza. 

Kathy and George are thrilled that Jordan emailed them and visited Patio & Pizza for themselves using the special link Jordan gave them in his email.

Kathy bought a great oven for the patio and George bought a commercial pizza oven for his catering business.  The total for both purchases was $5,777 each.

Jordan then earns 5% from both Kathy and George's purchases and gets paid $577.70;  not bad just for one email!

Ready to start earning?

Click on the link to become a Patio & Pizza affiliate partner and start earning today!

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